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  1. idk man i've so many ez mode parties disband because there were not enough dps on some bosses, just sad. Easy should be so easy that even 4 new players not knowing their rotation or the boss mechs at all should finish the dungeon, because trust me that's how everyone is out there right now, which is fine imo.
  2. Yea, 3rd Spec uses either Stoic (Absolution+ Accolade - fusion of old badges) OR Exhiliration (Pink badge + Newest TOI badge), but Old Pink fusion should be able to switch to Stoic atleast no problems, it's not interfering with Newest TOI badge in any means and the price of getting a Pink Badge is really low compared to fusing a badge again.. I would like to get both badges but the price is quite high considering you have to start from zero just to switch spec with this "change badge event".
  3. Just another post so devs can SEE that assassin's are pretty much messed up as we are unable to exchange our Wildborn/War Soul Badges (Pink-Fused), while if u had a older badge(pretty much no one) you can get a free 3rd Spec Badge (as normal), but assassin's this time can't even though these pink fused badges are now from a past season and pretty much obsolete for us assassins trying to switch to 3rd spec.
  4. Some years ago they disabled so you couldn't upload custom images to F2, is this happening again? Since the 2 sites i know for making custom pics don't work https://bns-profile.surge.sh/ and https://f4rnham.github.io/BnS_pictures/, or just coincidence they both not working?
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