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  1. I've saw one of the fm clears, it was full-buffed, that said if they got a slight ping spike it would cost them around 1 second. That means it would be 50% longer and effectively negating around 1/3 of there stats. But your right, ping means nothing at the top times it's 100% stat related. Why they went for it at the start of season I really don't know.
  2. I didn't realise ET on it's own made up 50% of this games content, I must be playing a hacked version.
  3. They have enough gear to potentially solo tsm nm but im sure your right and a group of 6 with that gear would enrage in BC... how dare he play content.
  4. The et weapon effect is the exact same for stage 3, 4 and 5 meaning the only difference is raw stats at the top of the board just now. Also pre-stacking weapon / acc and escaping makes your computer just as big a factor since if it takes to long on the escape and you lose any of your procs then your time goes down outside of rng again making you wait 10 more minutes to try again. This is why i've never tried for a den time, I don't feel like spending 10 hours there. If it was a simple as that people would only need to do 1 clear at the end of the season and done, but I know alot of people who spend hours grinding for better times because suprise suprise, there clear time isn't the exact same every kill even with they stack the safe buffs and do the exact same rotation. That's why the ladder never ends in order of gear.
  5. When you can burst something down in 3 seconds what do you think is going to effect your time more, a 1% dmg increase or an extra split second delay on each skill? There was also gc9 weps competeing and knocking down ET weps at the end of the season... but sure it's all raw stat related.
  6. End of the day it's less about who is more max-max then who at the top of the ladder and more about technique, ping and rng procs.
  7. 2.5 seconds, 2.7 seconds, 10.9 seconds... yup im sure that thornbreaker 4 > thornbreaker 3 is the 8 second difference by giveing them 500% more burst... Nothing to do with the way they burst the boss #2 vs #3 #2 2058ap vs 2072 ap (so 14 lowers) has 16336 crit vs 16172 (so 164 more crit), 11346 crit dmg vs 11651 (so 315 less) 4246 mystic vs 4105 (so 141 more). Thronbreaker 4v3 has no change outside raw stats so that covered... so if it's 100% stat related why did 2 kill it 5x as fast as 3?
  8. Go check the ladders, if any of them are in order of gear / stats let me know because I would love to see that happen for the first time ever in BnS.
  9. Personally i'm not even aiming to max my aim, it has enough to do all content for now and prob the next wave as well so for now i'm focusing on alts since my current static raid-set is roll / priority and I want sell-raids to increase my gold each week. I don't care about this update simply because it doesn't wall me out of any content and the people with no idea what they are doing will continue having no idea what they are doing, buying everything from raids (funding me when I do sell raids) and not being able to get static raids because oh shocker, buying max gear doesn't make them good at mechanics... End of the day anything in F10 can be aquired with gold, just need to find a seller. The only reason to max a char is for the sense of accomplishment, and imo simply buying the stuff removes that...
  10. Unless your max gear it really doesn't matter since there is better things to spend your gold on... at the end of the day you could argue cosmetics in F10 is p2w since you can sell them (people gifting them for gold) so technically you can get max gear without having to do anything if you find enough customers... The stats they give compared to real gear, and more important having a clue what your doing in the game, is small... and the lower your gear and knowledge is the smaller the boost is...
  11. I can show you screenshot of my purchase history, grand total of 0. I see yours till avoiding the question, if it's really p2w then what are you losing by not buying it? What content / paywall is blocking you out and stopping you from playing the game?
  12. If they made them account bound the forums would be full of people crying that they can't do dc 5/5 each day on full char slots + wc on full char slots to send them all to there main char so it's unfair... They can't do anything without the forums being flooded with complaints. If it was p2w that would mean there is a pay wall locking you out of content... so tell me what content is impossable to do as a f2p player?
  13. I have 2, soon 3 chars who can farm every piece of content in the game... tell me again what this "p2w" bundle locks you out of?
  14. You could argue everything down to buying consumables is p2w then since you don't have to farm them you just buy them... All that means is there will be no items gear-related items or materials that are locked behind a pay wall with no way to farm them. Personally between 4 chars i'm up to I think 6 legendary left side gems with no purchased boxes... why? Because I do the daily challenge and the weekly challenge... I also get 5k+ gold / week easily so I could always pay someone to gift me the boxes like everybody does with NCoin bundles, but I would rather focus on prepping one of my alts for ET raids. ------------------------------ First we will get ancient stages on the raid wep, then later we will get them on the pvp wep. Just now on KR it goes up to 15 or 20 (can't remember) and it's rng upgrade that can fail and when it fails you drop multiple stages. You also lose more stages the higher it is. ---------------------- What changed on the hae mujin event? I saw alot of people crying about it being "p2w" and as far as I was aware it had the same dps check at KR.
  15. Still doesn't explain the people complaining about pet stones / ancient weapons coming to EU bc "oh player base is dying so they need more cash-grab here" as if those items were never added to KR, or mabye they just never want EU to get updates again idk.