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  1. Pet collection system - hell no!

    The pets in the collection we got are around 100g on market, you can get more than that every day that you do your dailies / solo content. Meaning you can buy the collection off market easily. Seems if they don't have you everything for free then it's p2w these days.
  2. Pet collection system - hell no!

    The only way it would be a "p2w" only system is if they removed all hmcoin tokens, removed F9, took them all off trove + merchant and made them all non-tradeable instantly when you got them. Otherwise there is always a way to get every pet with gold...
  3. Fire Gunner Unload Setup

    Eon + limitless both proc triple threat the same amounst since both use that badge, the difference is that Eon lowers Firecall (c) cd by 1 second everytime you use unload and Limitless lowers your V cd by 1 second each time you proc triple threat. I was tired last time I checked gunner badges and for some stupid reason I hought both lowered V cd when Eon lowers the C cd. Thats the main thing that confused me before. As for tombstone move 2 thats the old tombstone move, it got changed a long time ago. It now gives 5 explosive rounds when you activate it and gives you a 2 second iframe. That is all it does now.
  4. Fire Gunner Unload Setup

    Why would you specifically use move 2? Move 2 you get 5 explosive rounds + 2 seconds iframe, move 1 has same cd and gives 5 explosive rounds + 5 more each time you reload over the next 8 seconds. You don't get the 2 second iframe, but you get alot more unloads. If you want to specifically use unload and not bullet storm, then don't press 4 while tab is active? (I guess it could become awkward if multiple gunners) Also, as far as I can tell the only difference between Limitless and Eon is that with Limitless, triple threat / 3 lowers your v cd by 1 second and with Eon unload lowers it by 1 second. Since you will use alot more unloads than you will use triple threats, doesn't that make Eon better / equal in every way with limitless having no advantages or did I miss something?
  5. Please don't do it again :O (Secret Safes)

    True, that will help with individual deaths but not party wipes. There is also the bottle-neck of no resets + 1/12 people in the group can get there mat each week that the group clears. The accessories + there upgrades (including badge) are likely to be the main increase in mat prices imo, not the secret safes.
  6. Please don't do it again :O (Secret Safes)

    Last trove was on the same patch as new aransu stages were released, so it's logical prices go up as people upgrade to the new stages of aransu. This trove is also on the same patch as TT 3+4 being released, however I doubt many people will be clearing TT 4 and getting there wep mat in first few weeks so it should not be as big an impact... that said there are badge upgrades being released, new accessory upgrades being released ect. that will all cost materials and alot of players will want to max those as soon as possable to stay at the top-end of the gear chain. So yes, prices will most likely rise, at the start of the patch atleast... but that doesn't mean the secret safe is the reason for it. If you go back to before sacred orbs when stingers were in the game, the trove released on the same patch as a weapon upgrade and thousands of stingers flooded into the game but the price went up by almost 3x because people wanted to upgrade. There was no raw gold items in that trove, but there was a new upgrade that required mats. Like it has already been said a couple times... "Supply and demand". You have a large group of players doing new upgrades that cost alot of materials and yes demand is going to shoot up, higher than the trove supplies them at the very start, however the prices will decrease again once those players have maxed there gear.
  7. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    Not read everything so someone else might have already pointed this out but 2 questions... 1) Why was the research not done till monday? 2) If you found out monday, why wait till tuesday night to inform people?
  8. looking for friend

    I feel bad for newer players, they have no idea what they are walking into...
  9. Question about charge backs...

    How sure are you about this?
  10. Question about charge backs...

    I am asking specifically about accounts that were gifted things... alot of people will be thinking of chargebacks and how many people haveing been paying other to gift them things recently between trove and RNG outfit boxes?
  11. If someone was to do a charge back, but some of the things they had done included gifting something to your account, what would happen? P.S. If this is in the wrong place I apologise, I really don't use the forums...
  12. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Would be intresting to find out the amount of players who get banned shortly for charge-backs.
  13. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    It just hit me that if they aren't bsing and telling the truth, they are saying "oh hey, we have no idea how the economy is so instead of DELAYING it while we decided what to do, we thought we would flood the game with more gold even though we keep talking about cash sinks... yea that sounds like a good idea" There has to be over 50k radiants, mabye over 100k radiants in the game as items right now, that means tommorrow the people who keep saying they want to find new "cash sinks" are going to be adding 500k-1mill+ gold into the game. That is there way of "balanceing" the game and keeping gems "steady"... flooding the game with more gold that it doesn't need and removeing all gem materials that will end up in F10...
  14. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Thats just looking at market stats, no way to track in-game manual trades.
  15. New Merchant of Wonders

    I think the only reason soguns got in was so they could claim it's aimed at all players.