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  1. I'm confused, are you argueing a 4 week event (like this one) is supposed to give 4 vials (even though it does)?
  2. Cost Reduction Sheet

    Everyone was complaining tuesday night about the prices on the sheet and they said they would get it looked into. Ofcourse the sheet wasn't updated in time, it's a suprise the patch for changed in time. Also, mats always go up after changes due to the simple fact that people are always stupid enough to pay the extortionate prices. Give it a couple days and it will drop back down again. (Yes they jumped more than normal, but that's what happens when people are using a 1 minute craft instead of 24hour craft to try and milk people on the new patch... they buy alot more raw materials...) Craft costs I haven't looked into to much, I noticed the craft sizes changed but they also changed all craft times to 1 minute, making it alot closer to a transmute. I would expect a cost increase when some crafts are having days removed from there craft.
  3. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    I have no idea why everyone crying "mechs removed" when nobody ever did them anyway... it either died to dps-wave or everyone rage quit and looked for another run. Shocker, you can still do the mechs to speed up the run like people pointed out but they are to lazy... This atleast helps newer players (sadly it also reinforces the plebs who just want to leech everything on alts... but it also helps newer players)
  4. @FlCosminEven if you wait till the event ends, your complaining about getting up to 20 oils (depending if you play on other chars) for doing nothing basicly. Your doing the exact same as you would if there was no "event" so your getting up to 20 oils for free... Your right that is a horrible trade off.
  5. You have only ever been able to get 4-5 oils / event / character. It has always been that way. Before people complained about having an odd number of currency, now people flame worst event since they try to make it balance with the number of oils you can get so you wont have left overs. Some people are never happy.
  6. So your normal gold farming doesn't include any of the dungeons that give event currency (that most people already do daily without event) and doesn't include weeklies? Also @Grimoir Using alts you can still farm 40 vials this event (45 if your on before maint. on the last day) so the whole limitation thing doesn't change much.
  7. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    So your saying 0 mech faceroll mode isn't "easy" ? Also KR did not get "easy" mode, they got "beginner" mode that has basicly no hp and gives you virtually no loot. Would you prefer they lowered the hp and you got nothing but the quest for running the dungeon?
  8. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    @ImoutoMaster If I ever joined a game and on a fresh character I could LFP all content in the game, I would just leave again. Why would anyone waste time gearing up when they can beat everything in story gear? Sadly thats what this game is turning into because of all the people crying for nerfs and to be honest, Zuzuzuzuzu is correct. The majority of the people complaining don't care about new players, they just want to keep leeching on alts because they feel like they are entitled to everything for free. It's pathetic. They cry the game is dead and the game is boring, then they cry as soon as there is any content there storyline only geared alts can't complete.
  9. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    I expect new players to do CC about as much as I expect them to do ET, or should they nerf that to the ground aswell so fresh players can instantly get there full end-game gear?
  10. Agreed, the only response they can ever give at the time to complaints is "we will pass it onto the developers" and that's why the changes are always late. The only people who should be surprised by this is players who are new to the game / who don't really play the game.
  11. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    The only thing stopping lower geared players from clearing it together (especially since like you said, everything is free face-roll at this point) is that fact that they refused to do it if they don't have a high geared dps-carry in the group. They removed all ways to wipe, so even low-geared players can faceroll clear the daily challenge at this point... so the only things that is stopping them is themselfs.
  12. I joined trap runs that have had multiples wipes before leaving those runs without being locked on that character more than once, so you didn't get locked for "going in to trade, then leaving and joining on another char to do the run".
  13. Heavans Mandate MOML Issue Especially in LFP.

    It doesn't work in dungeons in order to prevent people from abusing it (setting it later on in the dungeon / setting it at the start and hoping people don't notice since alot of people wouldn't notice, and then they would get flamed to disable it because it's bs). I've saw HM21 bidding on loot after someone else orbed, some people just really don't care what others think of them and take what they want. If they lock the loot + orb to PL only in HM it blocks anyone from doing frag-free bid runs (all pay 1 frag to make the orb) and it means that you can't even give away the loot you don't want. Also, for CS would it lock both bosses or just first boss since people do the same thing there? If it only locks second, people will complain that it should work for first aswell and if it locks first it will stop anyone from using LFP meaning people who can't solo it will be screwed out of the daily quest most days. Then there is always the chance of someone posting MOML in CS and just leaving after they take the loot from the first boss (same as some people do just now). ------- End of the day it's a player-run system where the staff really have no control over it. There is no answer for them, if they try to implement anything to enforce MOML it will screw some people over in the process and then they will just get targeted for that instead. Personally I generally just solo it to avoid dealing with others, but if I see a lower gear posting "moml" I will sometimes join depending if I want feathers or not (wont join if I want them) and alot of the time I also ask them if they want the loot or if they are just trying to get the quest since some new players use the orb not for the loot, but just to get people to join for the quest. In those cases I generally just duo it with them with me doing moml since all they want is the quest gold and they lose most of there quest gold if they are using orbs instead of selling the fragments.
  14. They started lowering the vials from the events around the same time they reduced the vial costs on a lot of the soul stages. Pretty sure that's your "why".
  15. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    You realise thats more likely an answer to people spinning on both regions for extra hmcoins + people spinning dash on groups of accounts for hmcoins to spend on each of those acc's when things like pts end up in F10.