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  1. They also had dgs removed from SK + dungeon drops for over a month before those acc. were release and instead they have to pay gold + mats to transmute them. Don't see anyone bugging them to implement that older change.
  2. March Hongmoon Store Update

    Although 99% sure it would just make them further limit the hmcoin section of store / boost the prices and would fail in general, the player suggested 1:1 ratio on the NPC. Players would spend all there gold on cosmetics, then continue to cry the game is p2w since they don't have enough gold to buy every outfit + there gear is way behind. Same way they can have access to 100% of the useable loot in an event and cry about the "dps check" being "p2w" because oh there storyline gear alt can't farm the cosmetics...
  3. Games undergoing maintenance

    Launcher and client are different in the same way the client and server are different. Will agree with the last point however, if it doesn't hurt there pockets then they really don't care what you do.
  4. Games undergoing maintenance

    Yes but the rule you quoted is for modifying client, server or website. The rule saying nothing about the way you launch the game and is therefor void.
  5. Games undergoing maintenance

    Running bns buddy itself is not modifying the client, server or website therefor running bns buddy itself is not breaking the rules. You can hack and mod the game without buddy and while using the normal launcher so if your arguement is "it can be used to run a modified version of the game" then the official launcher can do the same thing...
  6. Fake Maintenance

    The majority of the player base uses bns buddy and nobody has ever been banned specifically for using it, they have also never said your not allowed to use it.
  7. Games undergoing maintenance

    BnS buddy is not against the rules, so nobody is breaking the rules by being online right now.
  8. Fake Maintenance

    If you go to tab 4 in bns buddy setting, disable maintenence check and re-launch buddy you can login. They turned the login servers back on but left the maintenence set as on so the game refuses to launch after does a maintenence check and being told the server is still under maintenence.
  9. Availability of Blood Roses

    There will be a raid event to make them easier to get when new raid comes out. It was in the same letter that said when the new raid comes out.
  10. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    Only heard half of it but main thing that killed F9 was sealing charms since you can buy the tradeable item with ncoins and get roughly 3:1 ncoins - gold. Why would anyone sell ncoins for less at that point?
  11. Makes it impossable to get in without abusing it since like you said, the player count will always be over the soft-cap.
  12. The region is full

    Also for anyone wondering, seems the invite thing only works with alliance and not with normal party just now*
  13. The region is full

    Apparently the invite bug to get people in when it's full still works aswell, if so once it's full you have 0 chance of getting in without the bug since it will constantly be "over full" like when you taxi someone into a full channel... so even if people die you don't get in since "full" and they will just invite-bug back into the instance.
  14. The cheaters don't need bnsbuddy to do it so that wont make a difference.
  15. I was doing demon yesterday and know people who did demon today with no ban, also if that was the case all 12 people of every raid would be banned. I am curious how many of the people who got ban were also using the fishing bot that seems to be really popular.