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  1. @CgaibWe also learned back then there is both soft-cap and hard-cap to channel size. The soft cap is when it stops letting players join "normally" but you can still "taxi" people in using parties until you hit the hard-cap. Same happened in hunters refuge, within seconds the soft-cap was reached and people were using party invites from inside to taxi people in making it impossible to enter without an invite since the channel was being pushed to the hard-cap. Also didn't most people farm there tokens in advance since you got extra tokens for the daily quests during the previous even
  2. The dungeon does give event currency however as far as i'm aware it is a permenant addition, not an event dungeon. Thats why it also has weekly and season rewards.
  3. @CupidstarMost players also don't do all dungeons so in most cases players did recieve more than they lost (sort of). The daily spins also can't realisticly be added. The main thing they missed imo was the twisted seperent reset stonse (however if you do 3/3 daily then you get alot more reset stones than you can ever use so not a big issue.) There is also no way for them to put things in F10 on a per character basis, since anything recieved from F10 can be claimed on any character rather than only being claimable on the character who clicked purchase. That means that everyone is si
  4. I agree to the point that it will be a fixed thing for everyone (it will be in F10 so single bundle for all and those not effected will most likely also be able to claim it). They might do a 3 or 7 day premium (iirc they have put premium up before but idk if they will for this) but most likely it will be some event currency, 5/5 dc rewards (or main parts) and some enchanted tickets (2-4) if I had to guess. Imo should be 6 enchanted tickets + 1 village ticket + the items from 3/5/7 dc. and idk what but they should throw in smth else I guess for the missed dailies (mabye an extra mat
  5. @Cupidstar Oh and as for your "they have never broken something like" this comments iirc they has been 1 or 2 previous cases where after a patch some people were locked out and they had to do emergency maint. to fix it on both of those cases. (one was tied to bugged / broken season rewards and I think there was a second but can't remember the cause of that one)
  6. Then why are you only demanding compensation for 1 char along with 1 week premium for 1 day off? Also scrolling back in the thread seems you were argueing with others about not being able to clear higher dungeons bc people ask for to much ap (yet pretty sure you demanding compensation for content you don't clear aswell because oh you missed those rewards you would of never got).
  7. @CupidstarDaily login rewards and daily dash spins you can collect using any character, so asking for those is just being silly...
  8. How long would guess it would take a new joining player to get full BM / TC gear? Mabye they should just give away full IA or smth at end of storyline to speed it up so they can max out before next raid release? While they at it mabye they should give you true brightwill or true thunderflux soul so again you have a chance to max before the next tier comes out?
  9. @ImoutoMasterI was refering to the fact the character with that name (they could have re-rolled) is a hongmoon 17 character. Iirc if you do the current storyline + the orange / blue quests to get the rest of the starter gear you finish at hm16. (There is call to arms gear on the character so it's not fully storyline geared, however based on the fact it is hongmoon 17 tells you that the character hasn't played much at all.) Also a bug is something that isn't doing what it is supposed to, so if you want to make the arguement of it should reset on the ledge (even though it is within t
  10. Storyline level character on a 5 year old acc who just wants to compare everything to the bamboo bug regardless of how different they are... yea I call that just another bored forum troll who doesn't even play the game.
  11. So your saying that in my example, even though the boss would have the exact hp that they intended, the boss would still be classed as "bugged" since they intended for it to be killable but players wouldn't have enough dps to kill it?
  12. A bug is when something isn't functioning the way it is supposed to / the way it is intended. The difference being that the boss has the correct reset-range so it is working 100% as intended, they simply didn't realise that the ledge was within that range. If they made a new boss and set it's hp to a point they thought was fair / killable and it turned out players didn't have enough dps to kill the boss does that mean the boss is bugged since they intended for us to kill it but we can't? No because it is the hp they intended they just didn't realise it was to high. (the same as the
  13. @swordin6v6 does have unlimited stam and there is technically no area that requires you to have more stamina to reach. If you sprint directly up a wall, jump off just before you run out of stamina and slow-glide (no sprinting) you stamina recharges faster than you lose hight. You could always use this to climb any wall-runable object regardless of size. @wootwootsWhen you are sprinting you jump higher, if you use this to jump directly over a mob it will agro then reset since it can't travel directly upwards to target you. This means that as long as you have stamina you can skip eve
  14. @blooash23Nothing about the boss is actually bugged, they simply over-extended his reset-range so it's more of an un-intended mechanic. On the other hand the most common bug abused in this is game using revivals charms on party-wipe to avoid reseting the boss and to continue the fight (an exploit they specifically had to add a mechanic to new dungeon to try and prevent however you can still manipulate it to do charm runs, it's just not as easy as Halycon Hill for example). But i'm sure you've never got a dungeon clear as you or a party member has self-ressed straight after a wipe then used a p
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