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  1. 1- alot of dungeons in the past have had there achievment released later (might of only been first dungeon on each tier and this is new tier) 4- It says 2x sanctum core chests on the "Howl of the Hound" quest rewards so i'm going to go with sanctum cores. My biggest worry is that it says required hm25 rather than recommended hm25. Hoping it's just a typo.
  2. Huh, idk why new wep can already be sealed at stages 3+6 honestly. They might be doing weapon seperate since it is 1 weapon you upgrade the entire time unlike accessories that you replace with a new one every tier.
  3. Since each charm has a 2-3 second cd using the bigger charms saves 8-12 seconds for every 5mill exp, for alot of this players it means that it saves them minutes of sitting spamming charms in exchange for a few gold. In theory it's nice, in reality most players just put there xp charms into there hot-bar and macro that button while they are afk once they have enough charms to gain a hongmoon level. Since they are afk it means they don't care anymore if it takes 20-30-40 minutes to use up all the charms meaning the 80% time save that you are basicly buying for a couple gold is now w
  4. Only class-specific accessories get sealed, otherwise they are simply account bound (but still cost sealing frags to mail). The only accessory added after IA that would get sealed is the solo-dungeon necklace that is not sealable. As far as i'm aware they have never had a raid-accessory transferable while it was still the best in slot. Once we get the next dungeon it has a better "raid" version of ring + earing. Once that is out they will probably start thinking of adding the option to seal the IA accessories at stage 10+ so you can mail them between your characters.
  5. @Exchallenger The only bug was the jewels costing 1 candy in the first place. They put them up for the wrong price (same price is the enlightended jewels / elements) and they corrected it to the "intended" over-expensive price. Thats what the other person was meaning when they said "If people abused the elements, and you're crying about not having been able to participate, are you then not crying about not also getting to abuse it?". But it's fine it's BnS forums where nobody has a clue what they are talking about and they just cry since they have nothing better to do. ^^
  6. The keys cost more this time since it gives alot more (includeing materials that are given to upgrade the gear from the chest on the new character but can also be used on a main or higher geared character).
  7. They only made 1 season of badges exchangeable (instead of making them tradeable) and everyone complained about how much they hated it since they were non-tradeable (only exchangeable) and it messed with the prices of all the other tokens.
  8. You mean the customers who claim "no abuse" while going out of there way to purposefully buy duped resources because there cheaper? How is that any different from in rl going out of your way to buy stolen goods because there cheaper. Would you then complain if they got confiscated and argue you don't care if you new you were buying stolen good you want your money back? No because you would know your still in the wrong. The only reason it got abused so much was because so many players went out of there way to fund them and pay them gold and encourage them to keep doing it so they can get cheap,
  9. End of the day they never ban anyone these days, no matter how much they hack or bug abuse. Thats why more and more players do it every day, by choosing to ignore it and worst-case you get a ban for 2 days then they unban you and you go straight back to it, meaning players feel encouraged and forced into cheating just to be on a level playing field. Even the players a while back using demon skills to kill everyone in open world and arena got unbanned in less than a week free to do whatever they wanted again. The only way to get punished by staff at this point is scamming with F10 gifting (prob
  10. The only players who buy sets of 1k gold are new players with no idea what they are doing, otherwise they would spend 560 ncoins (almost half the amount) for a brilliant sealing charm and sell it for 1.4k gold... I wonder why players don't very often spend 1k ncoins on 1k gold instead of 560 ncoins on 1.4k gold, it's almost like they don't want to scam themselfs.
  11. @ImoutoMaster Not just new players, the reason they keep nerfing things and made "easy mode" is because over half the player base will die in the majority of dungeons if they don't go out of there way to try make it as idiot proof as possible... Anything other than that they flame and cry pay-wall and say it's whale only content or only clearable if there is a whale to carry... Honestly, new players are more competent in this game than the majority of the player base you find in F8, simply because they try instead of just going there to leech. They want to play the game while most
  12. @Li Mingxia The fact someone had to explain to you in ST your not supposed to be 20m from the boss explains alot... Also both the ST and RT example are not death zones... ST is damage over time while in the area, RT is a high damage aoe that you can iframe. (Although no, I don't expect new players to know anything about how iframes or mechanics work since 90% of the player base doesn't have a clue either, it's a much easier to just leech and when that doesn't work cry "pay wall" on everything.)
  13. @Sahto Alot of players don't pay attention to the patch notes half the time (and that's there fault in imo) and only look at the patch previews, so if they didn't update the patch preview page then all those people would be complaining and making tickets on how the information is wrong and they should fix it. Some would say protecting the stupid is a good reason to update it, personally I don't see why people don't just wait on patch notes. As for the brilliant keys, it's a 60 second craft... why not just wait for official patch notes since you save nothing making them in advance...
  14. They also had dgs removed from SK + dungeon drops for over a month before those acc. were release and instead they have to pay gold + mats to transmute them. Don't see anyone bugging them to implement that older change.
  15. Although 99% sure it would just make them further limit the hmcoin section of store / boost the prices and would fail in general, the player suggested 1:1 ratio on the NPC. Players would spend all there gold on cosmetics, then continue to cry the game is p2w since they don't have enough gold to buy every outfit + there gear is way behind. Same way they can have access to 100% of the useable loot in an event and cry about the "dps check" being "p2w" because oh there storyline gear alt can't farm the cosmetics...
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