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  1. I was talking about people who got 3 / 7 day bans specifically for botting eva. People who left there bots running for days on end and who got thousands of elysan orbs and sacred orbs from BOTTING eva. They kept all those materials. One of them made around 30-40k gold in exchange for a 3day ban. The one who got the 7day ban did bot it alot more, idk how much materials they got though. Both were mainly doing it for the xp not the gold, that was just a bonus ontop.
  2. Might share a cd with c2a chest, did you open that earlier today?
  3. You don't get the gold but you do still get the material chest every run. I know someone who got 1.5k chests in 2 nights. Think of how many chests the people who botted it non-stop for over a week got, with the chests giving tradeable sacred orbs and elysian orbs.
  4. Without going to specific, there was an exploit that made the bamboo event look small. That was fixed during the maint.
  5. Np, it catches alot of people off guard. I delayed mythical 1 thinking it was always the same cost myself (same as friend who warned me to wait to save stones). Thats only reason I noticed it is to "balance" cost / keep it the same regardless of when you start going mythical. From what I can tell it's the stages where you get more stats from the mythical upgrade, so if going to next tier of the item doesn't boost the mythical stats then you wont need to pay more enchantment stones.
  6. It only costs enchantment stones to breakthroo to the next stage if when you go mythical 1 on the new stage it would cost more. (Soul starts off at 5 enchantment stones to go mythical 1, but on higher stages it costs 10. That means if you went +1 on the lower stage they charged 5 more for the breakthroo so that overall it is the same cost)
  7. @AjikaiTheWhiteSwordsmanThey don't intend or expect players to buy every item in the shop, the same way when you order food or go to a restaurant they don't expect or plan for you to order every item on the menu...
  8. @CgaibWe also learned back then there is both soft-cap and hard-cap to channel size. The soft cap is when it stops letting players join "normally" but you can still "taxi" people in using parties until you hit the hard-cap. Same happened in hunters refuge, within seconds the soft-cap was reached and people were using party invites from inside to taxi people in making it impossible to enter without an invite since the channel was being pushed to the hard-cap. Also didn't most people farm there tokens in advance since you got extra tokens for the daily quests during the previous even
  9. The dungeon does give event currency however as far as i'm aware it is a permenant addition, not an event dungeon. Thats why it also has weekly and season rewards.
  10. @CupidstarMost players also don't do all dungeons so in most cases players did recieve more than they lost (sort of). The daily spins also can't realisticly be added. The main thing they missed imo was the twisted seperent reset stonse (however if you do 3/3 daily then you get alot more reset stones than you can ever use so not a big issue.) There is also no way for them to put things in F10 on a per character basis, since anything recieved from F10 can be claimed on any character rather than only being claimable on the character who clicked purchase. That means that everyone is si
  11. I agree to the point that it will be a fixed thing for everyone (it will be in F10 so single bundle for all and those not effected will most likely also be able to claim it). They might do a 3 or 7 day premium (iirc they have put premium up before but idk if they will for this) but most likely it will be some event currency, 5/5 dc rewards (or main parts) and some enchanted tickets (2-4) if I had to guess. Imo should be 6 enchanted tickets + 1 village ticket + the items from 3/5/7 dc. and idk what but they should throw in smth else I guess for the missed dailies (mabye an extra mat
  12. @Cupidstar Oh and as for your "they have never broken something like" this comments iirc they has been 1 or 2 previous cases where after a patch some people were locked out and they had to do emergency maint. to fix it on both of those cases. (one was tied to bugged / broken season rewards and I think there was a second but can't remember the cause of that one)
  13. Then why are you only demanding compensation for 1 char along with 1 week premium for 1 day off? Also scrolling back in the thread seems you were argueing with others about not being able to clear higher dungeons bc people ask for to much ap (yet pretty sure you demanding compensation for content you don't clear aswell because oh you missed those rewards you would of never got).
  14. @CupidstarDaily login rewards and daily dash spins you can collect using any character, so asking for those is just being silly...
  15. How long would guess it would take a new joining player to get full BM / TC gear? Mabye they should just give away full IA or smth at end of storyline to speed it up so they can max out before next raid release? While they at it mabye they should give you true brightwill or true thunderflux soul so again you have a chance to max before the next tier comes out?
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