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  1. We have fixed the game performance, no stuttering, no fps drop but hey we still use ...worst servers for this game, we cant create a 2nd server to invite people to perform stress testing and load testing right? 😉
  2. You will delay also the release of UE4? I mean you delayed your stream already twice and we (the players) will start doubt about your UE4 release date.
  3. Hmm, @HimeI don't understand something, why is so hard to add outfits offers but is so easy to add pet gem bundles and raid bundles? hmm
  4. Hello! Looks like the Dive Team/Maritime Patrol/Endless Summer outfits expired and there is not any new offer. @Hime , do you know if there will be any new offer for the next 2 weeks?
  5. Hello! @Hime Can you tell us please why the Grandmaster Pack do not contains all the offers from other packs? Is a bit weird to not have additional slot voucher. Also, can you give us more information about the title? Right now it is in the game with just green aspect, shouldn't be something more special? Close to a Challenge Mode title? Since the UE4 has been announced, it will come with Dual Wield and Forest of Echoes in the same time? What about the trove? it will still come in September or it will come later?
  6. Hello! @Hime Can you tell me please when the Favor's Fortune expire? and can you confirm spellbound crates are expiring on 25 and not later? I know those dates were fked up multiple times and I want to know for sure the dates for it.
  7. No, UE4 should come on September 8, based on what are they saying in patchnotes but since this game is from NC, I wont be surprissed to be delayed.
  8. Hello! I consider the next event is completely useless, what are those rewards? You have to do 7 dailies to be able to farm the 1 outfit ticket and 1 accessories ticket and 1 oil and pet pack. Based on what are you saying in this event a player have to play everyday and by doing 7 dailies can get max 168 tokens. If I want to get all the rewards I have to play on multiple characters to do this event to be able to do this event but let's say this is not the biggest problem, there were multiple events like this to burn out people. "Is funny this is your way to
  9. Hello @Hime & NCSoft. Can you please stop lying in your patch notes? Is so annoying, you announce in the patch notes those boxes will be available until 4th August and guess what, your beautiful patch removed them and add gem chests. If you are starting to lie to everyone even in patch notes, well, I guess everyone will start leaving this game. Hidden nerfs - we accepted, crap events - we accepted, we have accepted a lot of stuff but if you start lying and with patch notes...no thank, literally.
  10. I don't mind having an emergency maintenance how much time is announced, so please NCSoft staff can you announce and provide more details?
  11. @Hime IGN: Specified in the ticket Server: Jinsoyun Ticket#: #23597728
  12. Hey @Liinxy, If the those items are coming to NPC, can you suggest to add and pale stalker outfits? since they are in same MushinTower? I think there are people which want that outfit too.
  13. Naksun hat it's an example how is in game now, I'm sure there are people which would like to see Junghado's hat at NPC
  14. Even if is too easy, they can modify with any value, that was an example. I'm sure there are players which want that hat but never lucky to get it.
  15. Hello, After farming few hundreds runs of Mushin Tower floor 7 and i still didn't saw that hat dropping. I would suggest to add it to merchants something like: Bodyguard outfit - ex: 300 warrior tokens Swordsman Hat - ex: 700 warrior tokens Same as Naksun from Mushin Tower floor 15 .. The drop rate for that hat is too low and the boss is kinda useless...1 elysian orb per 25-50 runs is too low and most of the people wont farm there. Or you can just increase a bit the drop rate of the hat. Thanks
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