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  1. New gem mail price is ridiculous

    Ah thanks for the update. And apparently the normal Gilded Pentagonals are also 3 gold to mail before discounts, as well as the Square obsidian and garnet incase anyone was wondering. So 24 gold for all of them Q_Q
  2. "Dyad Gilded Pentagonal Gems can be transferred to another character on the same account for 5 gold." How the heck do you go from 81 silver to mail Dyad Gilded Square Gems to 5 gold with the new ones :\? That's crazy!!! This is going to kill people's alts. And how much are normal Pentagonal Gems gonna cost to mail??
  3. $50 ncoin on amazon missing forever

    It's still not there T_T
  4. $50 ncoin on amazon missing forever

    Thank you! :D
  5. I'm not really sure how long this has been going on, but it needs to be fixed. I know that the $20 ncoin card on amazon had been gone for months along with the $50, but the $20 one recently came. Currently amazon is the best way for me to buy ncoin and all of the options should be there. Ncsoft also only lets you buy 2 at a time on Amazon so it is even more annoying when you need a certain combination. Please fix it!
  6. Second set of weekly challenge? I just did the weeklies and mine still says 0/3 -_- I guess they must have screwed something up today if yours reset. So I did the weekly challenge for nothing and I can't even get the rewards!!!!
  7. Market Place Limit Visual Bug

    This is a visual bug that was introduced from way back in the day but that I just never bothered to report. Since it still hasn't been fix and I'm feeling a bit less lazy today, I thought I would report it. Premium members can sell 15 items (up from 10) but the denominator still says 10 even though you can actually sell 15. Not a super huge deal, but just sorta glaring to me. Image included below
  8. Useless Daily Dash Space

    Totally agree!
  9. Useless Daily Dash Space

    Does anyone else find themselves landing on the start space a lot in the daily dash? I know it's "rng" but the fact that the spot isn't worth anything and I land on it all the time sorta bothers me. It could at least be 15 or 20 bags instead of the 10 you would get for crossing it anyway imo.
  10. Pet Tags Gone

    Did support tell you that? Where did you hear that?
  11. Gilded Triangular Obsidian not account bound

    Oh, I agree that it was intended to be that way and it was on purpose Q_Q If I didn't, I would have posted in the bug report section of the forum.
  12. Try to get video evidence of it if it happens again. It could be that with the low fps it just looks like it happened, or maybe you saw the dummies body vanishing and sinking into the ground and thought it was a box. Not sure.
  13. I honestly can't believe that this new gem isn't account bound... it's the same thing they did to garnet Q_Q
  14. Pet Tags Gone

    The pet tags are missing from the transmutation window after the latest patch.
  15. Warden Dragon bracelet

    The stage 10 divine dragon bracelet for warden has no difference in its multipliers from the stage 9 bracelet. Not sure if it's just a visual bug or not.