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  1. So I recently enchanted my soul after I got the 50 fusions stones required to make the 5 enchantment stones needed. And I then saw that I would have to from then on use 5 more enchantment stones when I want to do a normal upgrade for my soul now. Those systems should be separate. It shouldn't make it harder to level the item. I think using the 5 once is fine, and then using more potentially with fusion stones just on the enchantment side would be okay, but it shouldn't make it harder to just level the item like normal.
  2. I mean, I wouldn't use the word "working" to describe doing it every time. That makes it useless. It's not working and needs to be fixed. Defeats the whole point Q_Q. I have a character on the 2nd page that I want to stay on the 1st page.
  3. When I try to change the order of my characters in the login screen, I can move them and then lock them in place, but after I relog or change characters again, it just goes back to the old order. Am I the only one experiencing that?
  4. I actually saw them here https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-divine-break-items-and-systems-preview/ This is also the only other place where you can see the new soul and pet psyches mentioned as well (They aren't on the trove page either). So I don't follow the logic of mentioning all of the big 4 (soul, heart, pet talisman) in the system preview, listing none of them in that patch notes, and then including half of them in trove... it's bad communication
  5. I haven't been able to find the new heart or new talisman psyches either.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to do this yet? I tried talking to the NPC infront of skybreak spire, but didn't see any options.
  7. Why make the first statement about the bundle that is limited to 2 and then admit that there is an unlimited bundle that gives 3 extra items for 1 less ncoin ._.????? They are dirty and it's not the first time that they have done it. There is no logical justification for it. You act like they are paying you or something. just saying.
  8. So I didn't say anything the last time when you guys were putting gem powders and fragments in the market for prices that were higher than the overstuffed bag deals, but you guys are literally doing the same thing today with the pet gem boxes today :\ You are selling them in the daily deals for 1200 ncoins when you can get a bundle that has even more in it for 1199 ncoins in the featured items. Why do this? Is it just to rip off new players that don't know any better? It's disgusting!!! You are ruining the game by being so blatantly deceitful! :\ It makes me not want to spend any money on
  9. Awakened cosmic 1 to 5 now cost 5 oils when it didn't cost any before :\ That's just making it harder for newer players. Not surprised at this point though.
  10. Seems like one of the times it fails is right before the server reset. I've had it fail at other times too though. You can also see someone else in the chat complaining about the problem at the time. https://imgur.com/a/8dfC6JH
  11. I have been having the exact same problem with the "Fishing failed." messages popping up when I fish and afk sometimes since the patch... Has me leaving on my computer for no reason Q_Q
  12. Ah thanks for the update. And apparently the normal Gilded Pentagonals are also 3 gold to mail before discounts, as well as the Square obsidian and garnet incase anyone was wondering. So 24 gold for all of them Q_Q
  13. "Dyad Gilded Pentagonal Gems can be transferred to another character on the same account for 5 gold." How the heck do you go from 81 silver to mail Dyad Gilded Square Gems to 5 gold with the new ones :\? That's crazy!!! This is going to kill people's alts. And how much are normal Pentagonal Gems gonna cost to mail??
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