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  1. $50 ncoin on amazon missing forever

    Thank you! :D
  2. I'm not really sure how long this has been going on, but it needs to be fixed. I know that the $20 ncoin card on amazon had been gone for months along with the $50, but the $20 one recently came. Currently amazon is the best way for me to buy ncoin and all of the options should be there. Ncsoft also only lets you buy 2 at a time on Amazon so it is even more annoying when you need a certain combination. Please fix it!
  3. Second set of weekly challenge? I just did the weeklies and mine still says 0/3 -_- I guess they must have screwed something up today if yours reset. So I did the weekly challenge for nothing and I can't even get the rewards!!!!
  4. Market Place Limit Visual Bug

    This is a visual bug that was introduced from way back in the day but that I just never bothered to report. Since it still hasn't been fix and I'm feeling a bit less lazy today, I thought I would report it. Premium members can sell 15 items (up from 10) but the denominator still says 10 even though you can actually sell 15. Not a super huge deal, but just sorta glaring to me. Image included below
  5. Useless Daily Dash Space

    Does anyone else find themselves landing on the start space a lot in the daily dash? I know it's "rng" but the fact that the spot isn't worth anything and I land on it all the time sorta bothers me. It could at least be 15 or 20 bags instead of the 10 you would get for crossing it anyway imo.
  6. Useless Daily Dash Space

    Totally agree!
  7. Pet Tags Gone

    Did support tell you that? Where did you hear that?
  8. Pet Tags Gone

    The pet tags are missing from the transmutation window after the latest patch.
  9. Gilded Triangular Obsidian not account bound

    Oh, I agree that it was intended to be that way and it was on purpose Q_Q If I didn't, I would have posted in the bug report section of the forum.
  10. I honestly can't believe that this new gem isn't account bound... it's the same thing they did to garnet Q_Q
  11. Try to get video evidence of it if it happens again. It could be that with the low fps it just looks like it happened, or maybe you saw the dummies body vanishing and sinking into the ground and thought it was a box. Not sure.
  12. Warden Dragon bracelet

    The stage 10 divine dragon bracelet for warden has no difference in its multipliers from the stage 9 bracelet. Not sure if it's just a visual bug or not.
  13. By dat logic, no gem is like any other gem @_@
  14. Warlock VT Badge Bug

    I know I've seen people post about how the personal buff for wingstorm is bugged before but I thought I'd make a new post and provide some video evidence of it since it seems like it still hasn't even been acknowledged as a bug yet. As you can see in the video, the badge only works on a manual cast, which pretty much makes the personal effect useless. This currently effects both frost and shadow.
  15. SHADOW DES simplified combat bug (+wl badge bonus)

    Oh I see, that must be what happened. I tried out simple mode today and noticed that sometimes galeforce wouldn't be awakened for some reason. So I can confirm this bug as well.

    Ok, I tried it out myself and yea, the VT badge effect only works for wingstorm when you don't instant cast it. Please fix it Q_Q
  17. Gilded Triangular Garnet bug?

    So I put in a ticket and got a reply and apparently it was intended to be this way. I definitely find it to be super discouraging. I had been doing Koldrak on 2 characters each time it popped up to get to gilded faster and apparently it will be stuck on only one character when I get there.
  18. Gilded Triangular Garnet bug?

    So when Garnets first came out I noticed that the Gilded Triangular Garnet was not an account bound gem like all the other gems but you couldn't actually make it yet so I just assumed it was a visual bug, but now that the new raid is out they are still not account bound. Was it actually intended to be this way or is it a bug that they just haven't noticed yet? Not sure how these gems work in the other versions of bns.
  19. The Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood Now Live! patch notes on March 21, 2018 said the following You can now use Dragonblood and Golden Dragonblood in the following Normal Mode dungeons: Sogun’s Lament (increased to 2 Dragonblood) Ebondrake Citadel Desolate Tomb Naryu Foundry Naryu Sanctum Irontech Forge Ebondrake Lair Starstone Mines Hollow’s Heart Drowning Deeps You can now use Golden Dragonblood in the following Hard Mode dungeons: Ebondrake Citadel Naryu Sanctum Irontech Forge Ebondrake Lair Starstone Mines Hollow’s Heart Drowning Deeps I notice that these dungeons still don't seem to have any dragon coils in them to even get a dragon blood in normal mode. Naryu Sanctum definitely doesn't. I haven't actually checked the other ones yet.
  20. No Dragon Coils in updated normal dungeons

    Ahhh I see, I didn't realize that there was an item that could give you a regular dragon blood. Just thought items were only for golden.
  21. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    I agree with everything you said 100% but would also like to add that the coin portion of the event also really sucks (imo). It doesn't really feel like you are getting much more for completing the DC. I actually always do my DC on 4 characters but just seeing this "event" sorta discouraged me. The music boxes themselves don't really offer anything that I can use (maybe just the 4 basic materials). Sure you get the event coins but then you go and look at the event tab and it's the same story. You can use the coins for outfits and after that it's just solar energies, void fragments, and ascendance stones. Normally you could farm coins for oils or pet pods. And then you know, trying to stay positive I tell myself "maybe I can use the solar energy to get something good out of this event." And for me is still all rather disappointing. The gems are there like they have always been, but I think the only good thing I'd get would be a badge for an alt with the solar energy but I don't really need that either.
  22. What they should do is make achievements account bound so that all runs by your characters count toward it. Achievements are all account bound in most other MMO's. That would make it a lot easier.
  23. Ok, now I can definitely confirm that doing the NS runs after the fact still counted toward the achievement and I still received it.
  24. ok so I just made a new level 50 character with the vouchers and I sent over the thanks giving stuff and I did still get credit for the food. Just have to see if I get the achievement after I do NS 5 times.