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  1. That's really good to hear. Thank you so much for correcting it in a way that's beneficial to the players. 😻
  2. I'd assume that was from the original ebon event before it was permanent. Probably can't use it no. Similar to after Den rework you can't use old Alpha Emblems despite same name.
  3. Sent in a ticket but I also lost my expansion + bonus counter. Looking forward to a quick resolution! 😄
  4. The % values for Fortunes Favor are already known essentially. The main items on the board have such a low chance they can only be gotten if they're the only item left. So you *have* to clear the entire board. I do agree though. It's absolute garbage they have RNG systems for everything without saying the rates. I like how some European countries made that rightfully illegal and instead of showing their rates they just quit selling the items in those regions. What a trash company. Every NC employee should be ashamed of themselves and their company as a whole.
  5. Where in my post did I say I bought it??? I said higher geared players pushing for high challenge mode slots will feel obligated to buy it but I personally didn't. This specific thing is just way over the line of acceptable. I could easily drop the $350 for it and not be affected financially but this is just gross and not something I want in the game(even as a whale). I refuse to buy this but support said to post feedback on the forums so I did.
  6. Cost for clearing whole board twice 650 Coins 25,600 NCOIN -> $320 Rewards for clearing whole board twice 6 Pets 20 Pet Packs -> 6,200 gold value(technically less since bound version) 600~1200 Gold(out of rng chests) Accessories chests with no value for any player actually clearing this board 12 Legendary Gem Hammers(literally zero value) Clearing the whole board twice to get the pet collection gives you 6 pets and about ~7k gold worth of pet packs/raw gold. 7k gold is worth ~2,359 NCOIN(from f9 which is a horrible rate) So that m
  7. Salvo has been patched for weeks. But yes the classes are *somewhat* more balanced without xmls/patches. But still not fully.
  8. You literally said "Nice joke, sorry. A player who knows how to play and skill his BM will do almost the same damage as a player who knows how to play and skill his BD." BD's do almost double BM's damage. Also most bonus damage etc comes from items and you can see items in F2. The BM is higher geared across the board by a lot and is higher HM level than the BD/Astro I included. Also, summoner gets 3rd spec soon and is just as strong maybe stronger than BD. You'll be fine. Yes Summoner was on the weak side though. Look man, I apologize for being rude but you clearly don't have
  9. ?????????????????????????? All of that except compounding is reflected in your F2 stats. Also a max geared long time BM would have way more collection/compounding than astro which is a new class. The pictures are right in front of you you can look at their stats. And you can too compare astro to BM. So what if the Astro gets a small parse boost from their own buff. An astro is the only person that's guaranteed to always have an astro buff, BM might be in a party with no buffs and/or doing solo content. That's the dumbest argument I've ever heard. There's no point discussing with
  10. Here's a picture of different parses so you can see the difference One of the highest geared BMs in server 23m. Meanwhile pretty significantly less geared Astro/BD doing 25-29m dps. The highest BM parse I've seen on a full max account is 25m. I've seen several bds 30-45m. I've seen astros and archers over 30m. I've seen SF 27m(not even full max, could probably get 29-30m full max), I've seen Sin's 28m+. Personally I think BM is in a good spot, it's good burst, decent damage, and a great tank. But to say it's the "one of the top dps we have" is just factually wrong. It's middling pu
  11. That's not true at all lol. Bm is just super easy to play so any pepega can simple mode 3rd spec and get a solid rotation so the damage is more consistently higher. BD, Astro, FM, Archer, Sin all stronger than BM if played correctly. BD, astro, and 3rd spec fm especially so with BD almost double its damage.
  12. You're delusional if you think BM dps is anywhere near BD. BD > Astro > 3rd spec FM > Archer > everything else BM is fine but they are not anywhere near the top. Max max max gear BD parses 45m+ Astro, Fm, Archer max gear can all parse 30m+ Max max max gear BM parses 25m
  13. NC doesn't care. They hate their players and will just keep milking as long as people pay. Once people finally have enough they'll just shut the server down. Don't expect the cash shop to get better. It will get worse and the game will be gone in 1-2 years.
  14. Click on the quest in the quest journal - hit track quest - and wind stride to that area. Silversteel and Temple of Succession you can't do. That's the full raids and does not have a solo version. The other one will have an npc that gives you a solo version though. Orange quests are raid quests - once a raid is two raids old they usually make a solo version for it. You're a long way off from being able to do Temple of Succession(ET) and Silversteel is currently the hardest content in the game(until new raid comes out in March). You also can't join raids from party finder, as it's a
  15. FYI the timing for her jump after the tornado disappears depends on the tornado. There's two of them. Short fat tornado is 2 seconds. Tall skinny tornado is 4 seconds.
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