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  1. As someone else said I'm talking about the upcoming "sweetheart coins" But even in the anniversary event. 12 is more than twice as many as sacred vials cost. It's clear NC doesn't understand what synthesis stones are used for. At some of the higher stages you need 40-70 Synthesis stones for a single upgrade attempt. That means you would have to do the event for a month for a SINGLE attempt to upgrade one accessory. The cost is regardless to the point the 2 per week limit is the bigger issue. It should be 40 per week or they should just put regular fusion stones in. NC thinks they
  2. Yo I know you guys don't really have any control over the events we get and this is just wasted breath. But can you stop putting synthesis stones in as rewards if you don't understand how they work. Putting 1 synth stone for 80 candy coins or w/e is an absolute joke. It takes 20-80 synthesis stones for a single upgrade attempt depending on your ancient level. It's literally useless to get 2 a week from an event regular fusion stones would be better.
  3. Korean heart has always been pay to win like this. It's brand new though so give it some time to see if they put it in any events. At current prices it's like $800+ to upgrade your heart so it's worth it.
  4. No. This is an MMO. If you can't find time to join raids and/or you don't want to do raids you don't get new raid gear. Plus the new story will give you ET gear anyway. Not all content needs to be soloable.
  5. Relax it's a big patch I'd rather them hopefully take their time with it than mess a bunch of stuff up. Good luck ncwest staff take my energy.
  6. You don't need it. For most classes its just a marginal upgrade and for every class the upcoming mythic necklace in November replaces it. Just use aggressor necklace which you can get from running normal modes. Its equivalent or better than spirit walker until at least stage 6 or stage 9 for most classes. It's plenty good enough. Upcoming gear from mythic dungeon is supposed to be significantly easier to obtain. If you can't handle not having everything people who have played actively for years have then just quit playing now cause you're never going to enjoy this game. Mythic dungeon
  7. Fyi you don't need to check transmute to see. Immutable items are character bound and not salvagable. If it was the full versions they'd be bound to account and would show gem fragments for salvaging. Same as regular gems.
  8. It is more complicated than that. As much as I dislike the communication from NCWest they're also completely at the mercy of NC home office decisions. We got dumped on the primary NCSoft CEO's wife and are stuck in what appears to be some ego dumped mess. The employees are at the mercy of the management and the system as a whole which just seems to be absolutely awful.
  9. I'm used to it but it doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to call it out. I know this community is incredibly toxic and it is probably a no win situation for community managers like Hime but I also have no sympathy for them at this point because of how awful the communication is and how poorly they treat their playerbase.
  10. Yeah, it is obviously an assumption but I think with history of behavior of the company it is a completely reasonable one to make. Especially since the mutable versions still exist and work(can get them with ToO coins). At this point since it's been 3 weeks the only correct thing for them to do is put a 0 hmcoin bundle with one each of the full mutable versions in f10 and issue an apology. But they wont do that cause they almost never pick the path that is fair to the players.
  11. I only found out cause I was typing a reply to it and got a 404 when I hit submit.
  12. That's even worse then. They can still communicate. "We had to do an emergency maintenance because of an exploit/major issue"
  13. Korea doesn't get this trash call to arms event. They have better raw catchup mechanics in soul boost and story rewards(story gives basically what this call to arms gave). Also last call to arms event the gems were the full mutable versions I believe.(could be wrong on this cause I skipped the last one but it's what I heard). So this is a new change if that's true.
  14. That's not a theory it is exactly what happened. And instead of just making it right by giving players the normal mutable versions that work and an apology they leave them broken for weeks because they are both greedy and incompetent.
  15. Trove gets accidentally left in so you guys perform an emergency maint, don't announce it, and delete the forum thread about it? Can you guys act like a professional company for once and communicate with your player base. What, you don't want the community aware that you can do extra maintenance because then there's no justification for the stuff you've left broken for 3 weeks since UE4 launch?
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