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  1. Yeah, I have so many dragon pouches on characters that don't need them (unless they eventually allow us to expand the vault) and can't send them to characters that do need them.
  2. TBH I did buy the pay to win stuff since I am truly a lousy player (60 year old disabled makes it hard for me to react quickly and play well) so I am sorry for perpetuating their business model, but I guess never getting that rhapsody outfit was the last straw, trying everyday for 1 NCoin at a time. Be that as it may I still run around Celestial Basin & other places enjoying the environment but I would like to do it in various cool outfits & weapon skins but my gaming resolution is no more $ for RNG. While it looks good on my characters I would sell or trade my
  3. I'll admit in the past I did spend real money on expanding Trove slots, but when all was said & done it would have been cheaper to just F10 to buy Weapon gems then transmute them into the one two colored gem I did get from trove. I learned my lesson and am basically living in the Primewealds to get my KFM enough gems to be even a little powerful, as I used the most recent C2A on my Gunner. It's all good, I learned and there are plenty of current whales (I consider myself an ex-whale now) that will keep the game alive financially. B&S is a stunningly
  4. Hey NC, if you really want my $100.00 to buy 8000 Ncoin so I can buy the 7999 Ncoin pet gems bundle(s) how about not making the gems random? I understand that free things from chests like Mushin's Tower might be random to keep people playing but if I spend $100 I want something specific for my cash. I am a lousy player and need all the help I can get, but random is not going to cut it. I have thrown away so many duplicate gems from Primeweald it makes me sad, but I get that – auto combat with no effort on my part results in random. Already too much stuff is
  5. Since I got my new PC I have run this dungeon 10 times a day for over a week, at least 5 times a week for the last three months and many many times before on my old PC (easily over 100 times on the old one) and it never dropped. If it ever drops I will update this thread and I hope you, or anyone else would do the same. I do remember it before when it said you get get it in Dreadtide Arena. I occasionally run it on my KFM and the chest in the main room still has the glowing green thing over it so she can open the chest. The chest never has the green thing when I
  6. After this fiasco I do not trust that somehow my last C2A boxes would not disappear or become unusable, others have said things have become useless or disappeared even though the items were slated to be used through November. I am sure I could go to support IF this did happen (they have recently helped me and I was very happy with results) but since I paid for them I don't want to risk it and have to be hassled to get them to fix what they broke.
  7. I am afraid to even try to use the lamps in case they somehow mess up (like removing them early) the 2 C2A boxes I have left. I don't think it is supposed to share a CD but it has been this way since I got the 60 lamps on the first day.
  8. If the 5 in your 290/5 is the 5 hour cool down then it will not work for me since my lamps share a cool down with the C2A chests. I am 4 hours from my C2A chest cool down ending but have two more to go, so for the next 36 hours I cannot do a single lamp and I have read others mentioning they share a cool down with some other charms (which may have been fixed) If the 5 in your 290/5 is not the cool down please ignore my math 🙂
  9. 5 hours? I wish! For some of us it is 18 hours, sharing a cool down with C2A chests.
  10. But it will cost them money. In another thread I mentioned since I came back I have spent $1,000 on outfits, catch up Gems, & way to many Trove keys. I will spend no more until issues are addressed and addressed quickly, and then maybe not, staying until my PAID sub is up and them will decide.
  11. Me too. I only have this mornings 18 hour cool down and two more to go. I feel bad for you. I think (if they don't wreck the chests I have left) I can do my first lamp probably sometime Sunday. I do not have a lot of gold and bought a thousand or more bait (150 or so gold - a lot to me) to use the Anglers Pearls to exchange for cloth and now that option is gone.
  12. Only if they fix the shared cooldown with the C2A chest. I still haven't got to use a lamp since I am still opening C2A chests. I just opened a chest and have two more to go, so 18 hour cooldown x 3 = leave me almost two and a half days until I can open my first lamp since I want to open all the chests in case they somehow screw that up.
  13. The thing not removed but should have been is the shared cooldown of the lamps
  14. I guess I have to wait until I open all of my C2A (4 boxes) then do the lamps? I hope the lamps will revert to their 5 hour timer so I can use them since it appears I have to wait 72 hours (18 hours for each C2A box with shared CD timers) before I can access the first lamp. To me C2A is more important but it would be cool to see what the lamps offer up. I hope they fix this.
  15. Yes. Opened a C2A box shortly before getting the lamps. Thank you. So I guess I will be getting to use the lamps every 18 hours until all my C2A boxes are done.
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