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  1. I think the most infuriating thing in such a situation is this "We truly understand your frustration" Yea no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you understand our frustration, every **** blind bat sees that we are frustrated, but lets not pretend that we care.
  2. Kann ich bestätigen, mir haben sie mal mein gesamtes Gear (inklusive Pet + Seele) auf meinen Assassinen übertragen + mein Bagua zerlegt und auf meinem Assa dann in den Wings wiedergegeben. Dazu teilweise noch "Character Bound" outfits mehrmals von einem auf den anderen Charakter übertragen (Outfits hab ich bestimmt 50-60 stück hin und herschieben lassen). Ich habe damals ne menge gecashed. Eventuell hatte das ja auch nen Hintergrund ? xD
  3. Da bringt eine Person es genau auf den Punkt. Es ist schön und gut das du 8-12h (WENNS GUT LÄUFT) für ein Item grindest, wofür du dann nochmal 3 Monate grindest um es zu maxen (bei seele können es dann gerne auch mal 6-7 monate werden oder mehr). Allerdings ist der gain den du daraus ziehst absolut lächerlich.
  4. Tu jedem hier einen gefallen und hör auf sonen unsinn zu reden. Du bist grade mal vor nem Jahr dieses Spiel beigretreten und weißt garnicht wie bergab dieses spiel ging. Leute bannen weil sie sich gedanken bezüglich des Games machen das nicht auf die Meinung der Spieler hört ? Bitte ebenfalls die Rechtschreibung etwas verbessern so das man einen Satz auch mal ohne neu anzusetzen lesen kann. "cashen belebt das spiel , ist ja kein Muss" bitte ... geh einfach.
  5. Lets be honest. They know that these kind of things ruin the Community and make it go extinct in a quite fast pace. They just dont care because the Western Market wasnt supposed to stay alive longer than this. The Main Money lies in the Asian region because the ethics there are below the ground in terms of gambling / """SUPRISE MECHANICS""" or simple Pay to Win.
  6. The playerbase has been distrustful since the first Trove """Event""". But this company and its business choices make me experience a whole new level of low effort money milking and ignorance. To your Topic : i fully agree with you, i dont think there is any playtesting being done, and IF they playtest ANYTHING in this game, its probably from noone that actually plays the game for more than 10 minutes a month.
  7. Sorry if this sounded wrong, with "you" i didnt specify it to you directly, but the "NCSoft-Teams" as a whole. Thats true, but this change is literally like a water droplet on a 500°C hot stove, you wont notice it, it vaporizes before it reaches the surface.
  8. You do realise that this is nothing that helps us ? With all the respect that i can scratch together at the moment, please open your eyes and play the game more than just on streams, its hilarious how less the NCSoft-Team understands its own game.
  9. theres more than enough to blame NCSoft for, especially for those scam/loot boxes.
  10. I honestly dont think that NC is this stupid and doesnt realize that the game is fading away faster than snow on a hot stove with monetization like this. I just think that they completed their BnS journey and want it to die, because at this point it seems pretty obvious that there are no plans on actually "rescuing" the game if thats even possible (which i doubt heavily). We can all agree on one thing, the time where they decided to put in Lootboxes + Trove was the moment the game decided its fate and sadly it went the p2w way. Bad developers, bad community managers , lacking commu
  11. I can very well understand what you said, and you should know aswell. I even quote exactly what you said and you said that im one of those whales that can do the event. After finding out that you were more wrong than right you just assume i didnt understand what you said. Nice small trick when it comes to charisma, which you obviously dont know to use correctly. The time you wasted shitposting here you could've actually contributed something to your bad gear and start working on it. And yes, i do enjoy this event. Thanks :)
  12. For your information, im unable to do this event myself, so im actually excluded from the event. Stop acting like a little * and grow up.
  13. This argument is so **** dumb, classes get balanced around their buffs, there are classes that deal without sb solo more dmg that a warlock WITH SB. Can this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing meme Die finally ? The reason why this is so insanely hard is as you already said the ridiclious amount of DPS that you need. But thats not all, the boss has similiar defense to General Shuna and therefor negates a lot of damage from that alone.
  14. Cant be that skilled and geared when i do this dungeon everyday successfully with randoms in f8 to be completely honest. How is it hard to avoid these attacks that are slower than a Warlock with -80% movement speed reduction ???. You can even get 5 Dragonbloods, how can you be "too challenged" by this ?
  15. Right, thats why you play the game and aquire this gear. Stop crying about a p2w event when its clearly not. You can be 100% f2p with TT gear and do this content no problem.
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