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  1. Player from F2

    I did not report him for spam. He was using a F2 [moderated] profile picture in game, so I've reported him using a ticket.
  2. Player from F2

    Hi, I was able to check someone's profile few days ago. Now when I type the profile, the player is not showing up. I've never blocked this player (I've just reported them). Was wondering when you are ban, even for few days, do you disappear from the F2 ? Why can't I look for his profile again ? I'm pretty sure I type the pseudo correctly, because I took a screenshot of it.
  3. Unity

    I know they do sweetheart. I was talking adding them to Trove*
  4. Unity

    I agree with you, however you don't need to prove anything to anyone, remember it's just a game (and a very hungry one). People who spend £5k on every Trove, there is only two option: or they are fre@king rich IRL, or they are just pathetic, bank account in the red, or eat pasta most of the time... Trust me I've seen some goodies like that... Nothing to be proud of. I've also seen on Reddit a dude spent his last saving for the current Trove in order to get the Kimono Costume... Pathetic. Concerning the Unity, I am a returning player since about 2 months so I have no idea of when they implanted this system, but one day they will add Legendary Stones anyway and you will have to spend much more for it. And if they don't plan on add them soon, you have more time to gather Heroic Stone...
  5. Someone posted a suggestion for a Class Ticket Change recently, in the forum (but for another language). But a GM answered that they won't do it (now and never). It's a shame, but after all it's all about money, remember guys~
  6. low ap

    Salut, je te comprend pour les Gemmes, je pigeais pas comment des pecno qui cash shop comme des porcs et qui font la course aux AP, retiraient leurs Gemmes pour les Dailies. En fait, les mecs qui sont stuffés endgame et qui n'ont aucune Gemmes équipées, c'est parce qu'elles sont transférées sur leur reroll. Pour les langues, je crois qu'ils étaient en train de voir pour diviser le canal Faction par langue, mais bon je pense pas que ça va se faire de toute façon.
  7. SF growing problem

    Okay, mmhh no.
  8. I am not using fishing script, I didnt know it's existence, but thanks for letting me know.
  9. I will have to agree with Grimoir. I find this topic a bit ridiculous, I mean, who care seriously ? Somehow it is related to the use of the macro. I though of it because as you said: This sound exactly like when someone use macro or not to me. So the question is... Someone not using macro will struggle more than someone playing fair. So yes the quote is right. But someone using fish script to fish.... Do you really think people care ? I would have prefered your topic based on all the scripts, bots, etc... And macro.
  10. Complainers

    Yes you're right, I think megawhale would be 2k indeed. And indeed I totally forgot about the Gems transfered to Rerolls (i don't have any that's why).
  11. "Apply on me SSD required"

    So you are a Soul Fighter high level, isn't it ? If I had your stuff, I would wear a faction Outfit all the time, go to SoulStone Plain and kill EVERYONE, women, children, pets, EVERY FCKING ONE. And enjoying the Region Chat. Get the Double Agent & Dragon Blood title, or Endgame Boss title in ToI :P
  12. Broken Trove Logic

    Same for me, I wanted some stuff from this Trove, but I knew I was going to waste my money, I knew it. Instead of listening my brain, I've listened my... well I don't really know? £50 flushed down for some Mats (that can be easily farmed), Cosmetics (they are not that great), and 2 Hexa Obsidian Gems. I've probably got 3 or 4 time a * * * Crit. I want to die.
  13. Complainers

    Someone in F8 reprimanded the whole group for not using the 3 seconds timer (before starting the first Boss in ST). Funny thing is, I only see mega whales (1.8K+) complaining for this kind of bullshiit. Ah and wtf is going on, whales with TT/ET gear going in Dailies F8 with all their Gems removed. You are reetarded af.
  14. please put patchnotes in-game

    Why would you want to read a patchnote in a middle of a Raid/Dungeon anyway
  15. 3rd Spec Release order?

    Oh well... I'm playing Soul Fighter since 2016. At the old time this class was invisible for the devs before. It got a little bit better now, but still. I've already reconcilied myself that I'm gonna have a 3rd Spec for Christmas anyway.