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  1. but the costs are way too expensive crafting pentagonal gems compare to square. wont even get to touch one. GG
  2. its so hard to even see single dyad gem in trove, and the only options to craft dyad is the pentagonal one. Why cant Ncsoft keep crafting option for square? saw youtuber open freaking 3000 trove keys and not a single dyad appear.. madness
  3. and why GC weapon stage 1-6 way expensive??? transformation stone + premium stone x2 ?? are we back like TT first released? BTW in your google sheet, low tiers weapon from aransu till GC 6, those elements for upgrade are removed.. but why the heck am i still seeing it in real game? you guys were drunk while preparing these sheets?
  4. any other options to get these 2 boxes?? only from boss direct drops?? can you please consider putting those weap box at DYNAMIC quest or moon refugee merch? thanks
  5. I just tried this. Eventhough the rewards list is tempting, however out of 12 boxes, 3 of them ONLY gave soju and moonrise orb, nothing else. Other boxes are meh..radiance stone chest and some moonstones. well played !
  6. in view of upcoming server merge and many people have TT gears already, I suggest that your team can increase bosses HP in Soulstone Plains. currently boss die in 1 sec in ssp. can you imagine how many people will farm ssp for evolve stones to craft oil after server merge? will it die in 0.0000001 sec? dammit. we cant get enough points to be eligible for box.. kindly review this matter.. thanks a lot
  7. arent hexa gem cost reduced to 2 powders to buy? why is it still 4?
  8. I spammed DT like 5 times a day for nearly 1 week.. but this normal necklace didnt drop.. only ring ring and ring..cant upgrade my oath necklace to stage 10.. need that damn red crux.. any other way to get it? can i still upgrade it even when next patch come? i dont want it stuck stage 9 and be useless after so much resources invested
  9. Yeah. All classes are overpowered. Please rework them and let us fight 6v6 using same pillow. No one will get hurt and we can live in harmony.
  10. We always see sacred oils in event item's list. So here im suggesting that maybe Premium Transformation Stone can be included as rewards too. It will give chance for players that are upgrading gears to choose between oils or PTS. Both items are craftable, so why oil can be in reward's list but PTS are not? Thanks in advance.
  11. brilliant job. i have problems with ssp too.. i am cerulean and want to farm soulstones but other ceruleans whales got friends in crimson. I think they collaborate together which means crimson (their friend) will target/kill/disturb anybody who want to farm prestige points. They will just let whales who is already rich farm ssp freely and maybe share profits together.. by the time i fight with crimson, mobs that carried lots of points already dead.. im so pissed with them and no idea what to do..
  12. Sooo ungrateful is what i can say.. these accessories are so easy to get now and you still want them for free? oh god.. long time ago, people spam dungeons more than 100 times to get them. We put efforts and work hard for them because their drop rate is horrible and different dungeons need different tokens. Now their drop rate is so good and you can see them frequently. No money to bid? Impossible cz nowadays it dont even reach 100g each.. Still no money? Free tokens are given from daily dash and some quest. You also can farm them easily as ec/dt/nf/ns gave same tokens.. remember this is an mm
  13. for really low dungeons, i chose to go through normal map. But, for NF,NS upwards these fresh people are too problematic. I did help them several times, explain mechanism for each boss like step on flowers for rocnar etc. You know what, these people remained silent, no response and still dont want to do mechanic eventho their dps were low.. If they are new and dunno shits, just follow what people have told. At first i thought they dont understand english, but at the end they DID speak english and even want acc for free.. Its not like i dont wanna help them. Their attitude is what pissed m
  14. Hi. I have an old alt with full pinnacle accessories. Now im buffing him up and already got Skybreak spire earring. Problem is, i cant upgrade it further past stage 3 because no lucent earring. I tried to recruit/lfp for awakened necropolis and its so hard to find people.. Its like a dead dungeon. However, i still managed to run it several times but drop rate sux.. I cant obtained it from storyline as i finished them long time ago.. Please provide an alternative for this like buying it with soulstone insignia / mushin or whatever. Necro dungeon really is dead Thanks.
  15. 28 keys so far and none crit ! bought 20 keys (max per day with hmcoin) and another 8 using ncoin and you know what, not a single crit.. now my bar is 37/40. Need to wait tomorrow to buy another keys with hmcoin just for a single crit when the bar is full.. really dont know if i should invest more into this trove
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