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  1. I started to think that you are thick headed :) I didnt say you cant do it . I said you will see how boring it gets. But yes you are not able to understand my point. Your two dimensional synapsis' are something else. I am sure you can enjoy this event.
  2. Maybe I am not clear enough. Though, even if I try to explain now you will be like this. I can dodge the attacks, okay ? I can even dodge pvp gold rank player attacks. But it is boring to dps such a high hp and try to be careful for unnecessary rewards. So I dont think of clamining anything from b.m. anymore. And more importantly I said that the link I share includes what I exactly think. Why did you all stuck with slow attacks like come on. Cant you see the point ? You can check that link that guy is definitely not talking trash.
  3. Arrogant people like you look confident but with such events including you, we all know that this one soon, will bore and bother everyone. "Some events must be challenging too" "You can have your gear like this..." my foot. It is not challenging for me and I am well geared but it still sucks. Games should make you feel enjoyed and relaxed. Not focusing the whole 5 mins or more to a garbage boss for such unworthy rewards. This is just a single reason. You can see many : https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/244744-legends-reborn-event-is-diabolical/
  4. It is not only about being successful. Too much effort for such a reward and there are many other things. Why would I bother 5 mins ? Plus I am not exactly saying it is too challenged. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/244744-legends-reborn-event-is-diabolical/ i noticed this member has explained what I want to say
  5. This is exactly what I am talking about. They say this event is for well geared players but even well geared players are failing many times..
  6. I have read some. I am here maybe because I didnt see what I expect ?
  7. Does ncsoft really want us to dps 1.800.000.000 hp or was there any mechanic for Burning Mausoleum ? Because that hp is kind of beyond using skills. What I mean is NOT "We shall not need great skills for events." Even I have seen 1600+ ap parties WITH EVENT WEAPON finishing it after 5 mins. Do you know how much focus you need to avoid hits which only need to damage you once and make you spend your one dragon blood or die, in that 5 minutes. And it is a well skilled and geared party I am talking about. What about Sacred Longgui Stage 4 and higher levels ? 233.000.000 hp for stage 4 , in 1 minu
  8. Yes game has been made easier but actually there are good reasons to complain. Even for whales this event is a cancer. Especially Stage 4+ of Sacred Longgui and Burning Mausoleum. I still wonder what they were thinking when they wanted us to dps 1.800.000.000 hp or was there any mech that we dont know yet.
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