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Blade & Soul on NVIDIA GeForce NOW


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We’ve partnered with NVIDIA to bring Blade & Soul to GeForce NOW, a premier cloud-based gaming streaming service delivering real-time gameplay straight from the cloud to your computer!


Take advantage of NVIDIA Geforce NOW’s top grade servers and hardware to play Blade & Soul at its peak fidelity without putting the strain on your computer. To play Blade & Soul on Geforce NOW, all you need is a GFN account by signing up. If you already have an account, just add Blade & Soul to your library.


Learn more about NVIDIA GeForce NOW and check out Blade & Soul on the hottest cloud platform!


NVIDIA GeForce NOW: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/

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Obviously i will not play on geforce ,so i try to log and see ,here are the results ,no joking or try to be bad with game ,are real facts :

1- loading game took GeF - 4min17s  / BnsBuddy- 35s 
2-FPS running around  GeF-10-63max number i could see  / BnsBuddy 120++   
3- Loading screen  GeF  1min42seconds   / BnsBuddy 21seconds 
4- GeF - crash going in F8 , crashing going in mushin,crashing using any teleport 
5- the afk timer check is to low , i think is 30min before u get log off , i watch few video on youtube and went come back i was kicked out .
Maybe because is now at the start until it stabilizes ,who know ,just saying what times i go for now few minutes ago .

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some thoughts from long time GFN guy, after playing 12hours today (on the 1080c rig):

- I started with 32bit client and it crashed within 2 min (at F8 lobby)

- so I swapped to 64bit - stable as hell, 0 crashes

- yes, initial loading screen is long (for 64 bit client anyway)

- I didn't clock loading times but they seem fine, I was usually first/early to load in dungeons

- fps outside running around in busy areas is usually 40-60fps (all settings/effects max, no AA, 60fps limit because is stream is capped at 60)

- fps in dungeons at bossfights, 6 people: 20-50, some stuttering, mostly responsive (all settings/effects max, no AA)

- fps in MSP/silversteel laboratory with 'optimized for combat' on - really bad, crazy stuttering, unresponsive buttons, often unable to react to mechanics ;(

- lag/latency - really good, couldn't tell a difference, in-game MS meter around 100ms in combat, stable, 0 lag (EU) - your mileage may vary

- GeforceNOW machines are not famous for their CPUs, from what I understand they use Intel CC150 right now, hopefully upgrades coming soon (there's some complaints about its single core performance)

- also hopefully NCSoft/nvidia can look into some optimizations (is the korean nvidia 3D profile applied? and tbh at this point they should just implement some of the bnsbuddy features into official launcher)

- or maybe just make 32bit client not crash all the time ;/ I'm actually gonna test it tomorrow see how it does fps-wise

- I will be playing BnS exclusively via GFN but really disappointed with poor raids fps

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I was testing it and it is very good for people with more than 200 ms and with a good internet more than 10 mb like me who pay for programs that supposedly reduce the ping better they pay a subcrition in GFN

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hi hi, i paid 1 month, im colombian, normally i play with around 200 ms, and the experience the Geforce Now is giving me is the best ever in ms, now about graphics, its still bad, raids r still so hard to run and 6 man high lvl dungeons are really hard to do too with the fps issues, between 15 to 40 mostly, also, outlaw island, circle of sundering and den of the ancientes got problems with fps after the difficulty update there, so yeah, it would be amazing if geforce can upgrade the machines they use.


i will probably keep paying just for the experience with the ms xD 

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My account main account KitsuneRose has been locked due to the logins I made on Gforce Now. I emailed support I emailed everything still no response... You have no idea how much work I put in to all of my characters to lose them and it's not even my fault it's Gforces making me log in everytime with a different ip address. I invested enough money into this game just to have my account locked for no reason and get no response for it.... I'm on chest 10 for the armoy event I'm so close to finishing..... But my account got locked TwT plz someone fix this I'm not looking forward to buying any keys f10. Please get my account unlocked because I've waited so long to support to say something and no response.

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did anyone try the 2060 machines recently? I think they're running ok now.

On 10/11/2020 at 8:32 PM, Kitsune Rose said:

My account main account KitsuneRose has been locked due to the logins I made on Gforce Now. I emailed support I emailed everything still no response...

did you get it sorted out then?

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For all of you thinking that maybe if you just buy a powerful enough computer, you could run B&S well:




1) 3 min to load the game - I didn't count seconds. I just looked at my cell phone when I hit the "Start Game" button on the launcher.


2) Another 1 minute to get through the loading screen to actually get into the game from the character select, so... about 4 minutes to actually start the game.


3) FPS with characters turned on: 10 frames per second. Here are the screen shots to prove it. FPS in top left central area.




4) FPS with characters turned off: 18 frames per second. Here are the screen shots to prove it. FPS in top left central area.




This is on GeForce's own super powerful computers. This is proof that literally no matter how powerful your computer is, you CANNOT get B&S to run well no matter what.

NCsoft... will you acknowledge that the game is optimized poorly due to programing, and it is YOUR fault, and NCsoft needs to fix it now?









Ok so I signed up for this GFN thing to test it out. For those of you who don't know how it works exactly:

Have you ever contacted a customer support company about your computer, and the tech support guy gets you to let him remote control your PC from his location using a program like Remote PC or something so that he can fix it as if he was there? Ok...


Now imagine doing that in reverse. In this case, GeForce Nvidia builds a super hyper powerful gaming machine that they have at one of their locations. In fact, they have a whole bunch of them. You sign up to this service and then log in. What this does is lets YOU remote control one of Nvidia's really powerful gaming computers. This means that their machine will play Blade & Soul for you. This takes all the strain of running the game off of your computer, theoretically letting you play a super demanding game in terms of resource requirements at max settings even if you are on a pretty bad computer. Instead, the only thing your computer needs to be able to do is stream a 1080p video feed from Nvidia's computer to your monitor. Pretty neat concept.


That is how this works. What that means is... this allowed me to test how well B&S runs on a SUPER powerful machine. Basically, if you bought the best gaming computer imaginable... how well would B&S run on it? Well the results are above. The answer is very poorly.


Once I was in the game: I set it to 1920x1080 resolution (1080p). I also set it to a cap of 60 fps because 60 is enough. 60 is fine. I also set vertical sync to yes because I don't want any screen tearing of course. Then I went to MSP, and fought the sacred longui for the remnants for this current event since they just recently refreshed MSP, and the current event wants those remnants.





Should you buy a super powerful gaming computer to get Blade and Soul to run well? No because it won't fix your problem. Blade and Soul will not run well on ANYTHING no matter how much money you throw at it. Only NCsoft can fix Blade and Soul. Even if Blade and Soul gets upgraded to UE4, that might or might not make it run any better. We haven't seen solid proof an upgrade to Unreal Engine 4 will improve performance yet, and UE4 was announced what? 2 years ago? I wouldn't hold my breath on that if I were you. It might not happen at all... ever.


Should you sign up for this service? Seems like an ok service actually. Is it going to play B&S well for you? No, but that's not GeForce's fault. That is NCsoft's fault. If your computer is really really quite bad, then it might play B&S at least somewhat better for you though. Would it work well for games other than B&S if, for example, you are on the road a lot, and have a not-so-great-laptop that you use to play games in hotels at night? Yeah, it is probably a super good service for someone in some kind of situation like that. Oh, but boy does it chew monthly data if you have some kind of data cap!




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The Market (F5) problem was solved in this way:

1. Close the GeForce NOW client if it's active.
2. Open the Windows Run command by pressing Windows + R together.
3. Now copy and paste the following command within the bracket as is (%LocalAppData%\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForceNOW).
4. Delete the entire "CefCache" folder.
5.Uninstall GFN and reinstall GFN

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