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  1. Normal and Hard keep same as are now, Easy mode just reduce HP with like 20-30% and all good, Easy mode doesn't kill you is brain dps and stay close to boss.
  2. Idk at this point is already LAME to make such a topic, no offense, but how many times they announce about events, how many times people post in forum about previous event END SUDDENLY ? When you guys learn, stop SAVING, use everything, consume everything before each damn event. You post in forum, that mean you probably read other topics, a guy( from the above btw ) LITERALLY make a topic about this and told you to use everything before maintenance, yet here we are ? You don't deserve to be defended, i'm really happy this happen to people like you. Take it like an hard advice,
  3. Also i leave this here, good luck to ur 300 runs to be able to buy the chest, but probably 500-600 runs to have enough scales to upgrade. Not a repetitive task 😄 No problem UE4 will fix this when they release in 2021, big IF 😄 Imagine same xyxyxyxy dungeon/content days/weeks/months to buy 3 items, bns definitely a TRUE FORCED JOB, not a game where you have fun. @Hime
  4. Guess what ? indeed i wait for full patch and guess what again ? There are no other information from what they post in the 1st article, and guess again, there was no information to any of my question, Booooooom
  5. @Hime oi, in the last article there have a lot of stuff missing about the new dungeon. 1- Achievment 100 runs or 300 runs to buy the chest from NPC ? 2- There's nothing about Cores ? Do we get new tier of cores or do we use Sanctum core ? 3- In article easy mode dynamic have 1x fragment scale, the hard mode dynamic doesn't have ? 4-The daily hard mode quest "Howl of the Hound " it will change to have top 4 dungeons or remove HH and add thornwind ? and about cores which one this quest will have ? sanctum cores or the new cores if there will be any ?
  6. BRUH straight to CUT THE 🐃💩, 4 weeks old and have so many knowledge about game, you decide to buy 2700 trove keys aka 27x55$ =1485$ as a 4 weeks old player ? Bruh Bruhhhh Bruhhhhhh come on, we are not idiots here, trust me, nobody defend Ncsoft . Also TIPS for 4 weeks old player that your "clan" didn't gave you > - with that money you could buy 3-4 you know what exactly
  7. Stop looking for excuses and go PLAY the damn game and see ur self . PS : you need to open only 11 stage in 28 days, go to school and learn math and see your self, even the laziest player in game could finish to open before event end. PS to PS : you don't need msp,doll or ns or whatever you write above, watch the picture above analyze 10 times ( no joking) . PS to PS to PS : stop being lazy and cry for 2 clicks stuff in game and start to actually play the game . random PS : while i'm doing my alts i pick 3 dungeon and lfp and trust me i'm getting ur RAVEN 3 no gems ,no story finis
  8. To open all stages you need 4400 remnants which you need 9days if you go full ham out of 28 days event duration. For a new player is still easy to get everything in these 28days, just LFP and you good, also we know why you cry here, right ? Is not about new players(this is a pathetic reason to put in front ) it is about your self to do this event in a easy way. About rewards, yes is kinda low and stupid to think about it for a players who play 2-3 chars,these are useless. Also some of you crying here about rewards are still these players that have *********** raven 3 alts with no story f
  9. @Hime Olla 🖐️ I have a question about the Trove that will come : It will be there any changes about the 3 stars rate ? The previous Trove we all know that 3 Stars was from RARE to non-existing and this is true, no trolling, just facts, you know, we know, everyone know . So any changes about this 3 stars,list items, gems that probably are not existing ?? I did use 300 keys but after all the lost and total disappointment about the lost,i'm really not interested anymore unless there are some changes ?!?
  10. You get 3 vials per each character you do 15x quests easy/normal or hard ( aka 15 days ) If you have 12 characters and you do on all of them 15 quests ( 15 days - 1 quest per day) you get 36 vials in total
  11. If you guys use Search button for your problem before opening new topic, you could find answer to your question.
  12. @Hime The one missing week from event it is bad for materials because we lose and GOOD because is less 1 week of this hardcore cancer event . Now my suggestion to make things easier and people be calm : 1- All the chocolate hearts need to be doubled from everywhere : -Daily Challenge x2 - Daily quests from Dreamsong Theater to House of Idols -Login D
  13. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1b5WeUgdC0thOJP_uX3O_tJAvyKKeTaqKroOrU26Jzx4/edit#slide=id.ga24147a2b7_0_309 It is a long guide but better than nothing .
  14. Best way to catch up as ( above medium gear) wait for the event Call to arms , which give you medium gear Aka 2nd last tier of accesories Weapon TB3 ( last one had this so probably this time will be same or maybe stage 6 ) TT accesory awaken st1 Soul,heart,pet,talisman And many other things . Call to arms event is not hard ,don't listen if some trolls say it is. I start new account last event and i could do all the stages easily . The next Call of arms should be in March if they keep the pattern which was so far every 6 months.
  15. If you say , i wish we get that mode and screenshot this msg ,not far from that people will cry after . EU/NA is not KR where there they play 90% hard mode ,while here they cry for normal mode it wipe , i can say 10000% from now that if that mode come to us 70% of players will do only that because of lazyness of playing the game and learning mechanics . This is just a FACT not words on paper . Good luck pew pew pew ,charm,pew pew pew players .
  16. Nope, easy mode ,the kr easy mode will just ruin more the game , you don't think in long time or about the consequences after that . If i'm not wrong the easy mode just complete your quests , no rewards at all , no gold, no materials chest,no drop etc. After obviously everyone will just run the easy mode to complete the quests ,but after that will be no more rewards ,no materials etc and you will be forced to do the other modes or buy from F5 , how do you buy from F5 if you don't have gold ? Also no rewards will just increase the price in F5 since the demand is higher than the supply .
  17. This is so 🐃💩 my friend , you make around 50-60g(if people bid 10g per fragment) per run in HARD MODE if you have 30 fragments + in drop and the bracelet it self is not that high gold share also is not dropping 1 per 10 runs , LOOOOOL , i'm really curious you total NS runs and tell me how many are NM and HM . To make 30k+ you need to have 400 runs of NS and i can put my hand in fire you barely have 120 runs there ,everyone hate this dungeon. This dungeon is stupid bad as time and rewarding, normal mode wipe, to clear with random daily run it take 15-20min for sure ( these are facts ,don't
  18. Working as intended , you have trove for fusion , what you waiting for ? swipe please ,make them happy is the month of gifts
  19. Keep waiting my friend, they will never come out when they scam people like that ,they stay silent like they always did . Bamboo- silent until people forgot Halloween -silent until people forgot Trove - silent until people will forget . Better keep your money for Christmas and buy some presents for your family ,rather than give to this scamming company .
  20. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BD77AUbMnAaY88c5dQ9XwSZ_SWRAdIW8qBnkXfuIJsM/edit#slide=id.p Enjoy. Also you have many pov videos of each role in the guide above. Page 52. Just read the guide to have an idea ,after just watch videos of each pov to understand faster.
  21. This guy not good at math , great for you for selling your gold for LITERALLY nothing . Any math before or you just excited you can sell gold ? You know people do some math , what items are in F10 and F5 ,convert price of selling gold/recive hmcoins with F5 gold price , if is worth or not ?? Just a quick math 3x vials in F10 are 800hmcoins , to get 800hm coins at rate or 1:0,30 right now in game you need to sell 2,962.96 gold for 3 vials, for that gold how many oils you buy from F5 or faction ?? 5 sacred oils Now for your enthusiasm give me some example of items you buy from F1
  22. @Hime few question about this event since from article from news there's nothing about this . 1---Dragons express : Does have Sacred Vials, Pet Packs, Divination Psyche,Pristine Oil, Sparkling Stone Chests ? There's nothing about this in news article ?!?! Like every event we had since release of the game ? ?!?!! 2--- If you recieve Frozen Gift Box/Holiday Gift Boxes from a person , can i gift to someone else ,does this method count for the rewards countdown ?!? 3--- Holiday Gift Boxes from F10-hoogmoon store is there any option to buy it individually ( the PRICE IF is ) or
  23. Frozen Gift Box is ACCOUNT limit
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