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  1. Oh, your words confirm that you are really a puppet ... You could just ignore me ... Or ignore posts related to that ... However ... You insist that I stop fighting for this service ... It must be sad to be a person like you ... who accepts everything, like a frightened rabbit.
  2. There are many important things ... However, this is the closest to being solved easily.... I fight, I run after what I think is right ... People have the option to view any post on this forum, or no view ... If they have viewed my posts for so long, to the point of being bothered by it ... I think they have a problem ... =D
  3. Is this bothering you? Weird..... You should probably be a puppet of companies ...
  4. We don't want robots to respond We want sincere answers If so, admit that the game will not be fixed on the geforcenow platform
  5. Please NCSOFT! We need this game to be fixed!
  6. I submitted another ticket yesterday And that's their response =/
  7. I am following each day of this supposed "Maintenance" =/
  8. I understand you One day I looked for Nvidia support to fix a problem in MarketPlace And the guy in the support said that the game was no longer on the geforcenow platform So I showed them a screenshot proving that the game was there ... So the support replied: "Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea that the game was still here"
  9. Hello, NCSoft ... I started playing Blade and Soul NA in its Betas Phases ... And then I stopped playing in 2018, due to the poor functioning that was on my PC ... In October 2020, BnS arrived on the GeforceNow platform ... I was very happy, even I managed to equip my character with the event "Call to Arms" ... Since then I was dedicating myself to this game ... I didn't miss any event day, so I could strengthen my main character further... However, on the 8th of this month, the game entered a totally meaningless Maintenance on the GeforceNow Platform ... A Maintenance that is lasting
  10. I haven't done the events for 3 days = / And what worries me is that Watch Dogs has been in this maintenance for over 5 months ...
  11. All of your answers seem to come from a player who uses a credit card for everything ... And this sounds kind of Hypocritical, as you said the phrase: " A game is mean to be played"
  12. When I saw this topic, I thought it was a direct message from NCSoft I'm disappointed
  13. I couldn't think of anything better than that ... I hope NCSoft reads this
  14. The Market (F5) problem was solved in this way: 1. Close the GeForce NOW client if it's active. 2. Open the Windows Run command by pressing Windows + R together. 3. Now copy and paste the following command within the bracket as is (%LocalAppData%\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForceNOW). 4. Delete the entire "CefCache" folder. 5.Uninstall GFN and reinstall GFN
  15. I'm here to support We shouldn't let this post die until we get an answer from NCSoft This is the best mmorpg I've ever played I've tried to look for other mmo to try to forget this ... And I can't But I can't let NCSoft take advantage of my Feelings ...
  16. The Absence of the Market bothers me a lot =/
  17. This is true... Sorry... I imagined that the mission should be within the daily challenges ... I haven't played in a long time ... Thank you for clearing that up
  18. Hi... I talked to Support about it And they suggested that I post this on the forum ... So... I'm an old player But I had stopped playing, due to problems with my PC. I went back to playing right after B&S arrived at GeforceNow ... I was very happy with it But I have a problem ... The Call to Arms event started in September, so I'm a little late ... And to make my situation worse, one of the important materials of the event, called "Extraordinary Training Remnant" is difficult to obtain, as it is found in two dungeons, Naryu Sanctum and Halcyon Hills ... But only one
  19. It would be very interesting if Gon could become Gunslinger too.
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