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6v6 pair matching system based on weapon stage


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Tittle says it all, I know that 6v6 pair system actually is intended to feed whales, to motivate them to continue playing (and also shopping), but I think players that are not a whale yet deserve the chance of win items to upgrade his equipment and have the possibility to be competitive (I’m talking of moonstones, that actually only obtains there, and shopping, of course :giggle:).


So, if B&S team does not want to waste their time making a well-made ranking system, also they can group free LFPs (people that don’t group themselves) based on their weapon upgrade patch, balefuls/seraphs together, ravens together, aransu together... etc it will be great.


I’m premium active player, and I have really bad time trying to get material for my upgrades, everyone in the lobby wants raven+ weapon to do dungs that drops material to upgrade raven+ very similar to the situation of recent graduated students, no find job because they don’t have job experience :V


I don’t know why but this season can be resumed as:

·         No “easier gold”, now the “raven+ wapon dungeons” are the only give us good gold

·         No “easier orbs” drop, sacred orbs and regular orbs can be obtained only in the dungs that you can’t do because you can’t upgrade your equipment (Im actually dropping it in tower 16-20, but common guys, really?) remember when it can be dropped in frozen lair?

·         No “easier moonstones” remember when it could be droped in yety?

·         Shopping it all, well at least this game is not P2W :playdumb:.

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I recently forgot to change my Raven 3 for my Dragonforge 1 weapon and still scored 3 kills in Beluga.  Imagine all my opponents would have been forced to have Raven 3 too...


The weapon is a small part of your actual 6v6 gear, this would be much too easy to exploit. But even with a complicated gear score, what's the point? Easier to just stat normalise 6v6 like 1v1 or 3v3 then.


Rather, we need some solution for people who derank for farming. Maybe upgrade rewards for gold+. Offer a gold rank daily with double rewards? I doubt anyone has time to derank to farm BP then uprank for daily gold rank quest every day...

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I think one of the big problems that exist now are the players who enter the 6v6 to cultivate and the players who really like it 6v6. A player who has 500 games on the battlefield can never be or group with players who enter to complete the quest of participation and draw some moonstone. It is more than clear that the player who comes to cultivate moonstone will in many cases perpetrate the player who is trying to climb in solo Q, and many times seen people in my team as in the other team with dragon +9 and the rest baleful is impossible to reel something like that when the enemy team has all weapons for pvp.

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11 hours ago, Shuchin said:

The weapon is a small part of your actual 6v6 gear, this would be much too easy to exploit. But even with a complicated gear score, what's the point? Easier to just stat normalise 6v6 like 1v1 or 3v3 then.

Some form of normalization would be in order to tone down the one-shots a bit. But... fully equalized gear? How do you plan to compensate it for us who have farmed dragon forge 9 and max pvp accessories?


11 hours ago, Shuchin said:


Rather, we need some solution for people who derank for farming. Maybe upgrade rewards for gold+. Offer a gold rank daily with double rewards? I doubt anyone has time to derank to farm BP then uprank for daily gold rank quest every day...

No one who actually has high BG gear intentionally deranks for BP farming. Top pvp gear usually means there's no keys to use battlepoints on anymore, thus there is no need for the supposedly easy wins. Besides, low rank games are just awful and I personally find those a lot harder to carry than at least semi-competent games where I can trust my teammates to be even somewhat useful. There is some wintrading on the top levels I believe, but mostly when you encounter fully geared pvp heroes in low silver/bronze games, it's just a bad streak of crashes/losses. I'm top10'ish always in beluga/wwv but had massive trouble getting beyond 1400 in nova this and last season because of the matchmaking and nova imbalances and constant crashes. Not my fault I gotta stomp bronze matches then, nothing I can do about it.


Why people aren't ranking up is because of massive point losses from losing games and the constant crashing. The lack of people who actively 6v6 isn't helping either; most of the time it's only the same group of high level players in every match; it ends up being a meaningless point trade back and forth where no one's gaining any rating.


If you want to segregate us high rank players from casual players, you first need to get people to actually play battlegrounds actively (let us buy battleground box keys with battlepoints) and secondly you need to let high gear+skill players actually climb the ladder by not penalizing losses so harshly and by finally fixing those motherf**king crashes. I really like the game mode, but recently I've been sitting in the queue for 20-40 minutes even during populated hours when my low-rank clanmates have found 2-3 matches in the meanwhile. It's just impossible to even try to get much higher than 1600 like that.

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My statement about gear equalization was not a suggestion I advocate myself. Rather, I meant that segregation by gear is a poor solution. For several problems actually. But in the context of my statement, I meant that if you want to give players with less gear resources better chances, a stat equalized mode like arena would be much more effective.


As for the deranking I completely agree with you. Most high gear people at low rank are just there because of luck or crashes. Currently I am 1580 in Nova and 1340 in Beluga, so I totally feel you. But there do seem to be some people that derank on purpose in the "medium" gear range. For example people farming for their full NovaCore, and that makes for bad experiences. <_<


Personally, I have two gripes about current 6v6: PvE vs CC balance and class balance. Which are closely connected anyway.


1) Currently the PvE to CC balance is tilted too much to PvE. A lot of techniques are hopeless overkill at the moment, taking skill depth out of the experience.


E.g. I cannot even run a blue-buff double-tremor comet strike combo on a target right now, because the full combo would do ~1 million damage, if I could ever finish it. :S

Single standard aerials kill people, even without blue buff - that kind of thing. Basically what people collectively call one-shots, even if that is not always technically correct.

The recent pet boost went in the right direction, but I would prefer if they added another solid 30k HP per full PvP soul shield set as well.


2) Class balance in 6v6, in my view, is unbalanced not so much about who wins an encounter, but rather in what classes can make a strong impact. For example, I recently had one of those Bronze rank Beluga matches where the enemy had a real low-skill gunner with Dragonforge pistols. I killed him both times we ran into each other 1 on 1, but then he just avoided me. In the end my team lost the match with the gunner having 15 kills and me 7. Some classes can just dominate the field much better, even if they are not superior 1 on 1.


I have to concede though that this problem becomes less in the higher ranking matches, where my team mates do not drop like flies. Usually I seem to be much better value as a KFM in a team that knows what it's doing.

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Actually the tremor of the kfm is broken, the tremor with the blue buf plus the activation of the badge of vt, hits 180k to 320k something that has to be fixed without going any better the buf and you change to the kfm in this patch benefited now it hits 45k to 80 k with king fist
I have not seen things more horrible than a kfm oneshoot at all with only tremor blocking and evande all and the worst part that their resist make the pvp weapon enable them to reset their skills every 5s kfm is seen pulling tremor from the allied base until the enemy base something that would undoubtedly have to be fixed.

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How about something alot more simpler.




Ofc, Ranked matches would place fighters in there ranked spots.

Unranked can be gearscored from bis invantory or just not.

Both can still offer blood points so the farmers can farm.

That would give them and others the choice of preserving rank and farming.

It would also give the casual the choice of doing ther daily bgs and earning blood points.

Sorry casuals, but there will be a flood of powerful farmers but at least you wouldnt have

to worry about your rank.

Maybe, offer another pvp gear teir, Unranked pvp gear that can be eazier to get for less blood points.

In this case, it can be used as a way to seperate the whales from the casuals. Doesnt WoW have 2 tiers of everything ? well what ever.

I just cant stand loseing rank points on a dc. I also cant stand losers giving up. GO DOWN FIGHTING !

Just few ideas i hope someone can like or build from .

See ya in 6s >)

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