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  1. dragon forge cancel focus or chi 100% chance

    I am full pvp dragon +9 and it is not the case you can not comment if you do not play the class if you have a lot of experience in 6v6 with gunner are in your right to say, I am reporting an error that I am seeing in the last weeks after being applied the patch, second the gunner's lbm only has utility to recharge the hook in 6v6 does not have another good utility, when the dragon of the enemy cancels the chi you can not recharge your chi for more than a thousand times the lmb to recharge it, but that is not relevant to the skills mentioned above the gunner automatically activate the effect of the dragon of the enemy with 100% chance.
  2. I told them what happened to me, when the server was restored that same day I entered the server just started to see the event, spent an hour killing mobs and boss gave a good drop from legendary hammer to legendary jewel and other things at that time I was playing after an hour spent spent about 3 hours and they gave almost nothing the mobs or the boss I left a quantity of naryu tablet from 3 to 11 a completely useless material, then I said I diminished the drop of the boss accordingly I left the game and now I take a break or vacation from it, I only enter for 6v6, I have aransu 6 and intermediate equipment. sorry for my english
  3. This is a problem that I have been detecting since these last 2 patches in 6v6 when I attack a used enemy Twin Barrels or Haze Bomb automatically cancels my focus or chi completely at 100% chance every time I use these skills starting a battle I stay completely without focus or chi something extremely frustrating, it is not supposed to work so effectively, I would like you to put this to the test. Not only is this but also try to change the target to another enemy and completely turned me to cancel the focus or chi, and leaves me at a complete disadvantage against any enemy to have the effect of the dragon with so much chance against my skills, please check it
  4. +1 as we have seen the company acting lately 200% nerf
  5. should add to yeohoran (outlaw island) that can drop Silver Scales or rather update the drop of materials, also remove the drop of the dungeon (sealed forgin orb and xanos disc) something that at this point is not needed but silver scale is a very required item and the drop rate is very low. Sorry for my english
  6. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    I agree that the vt badge had to be nerf, it was very frustrating when I was a gunner used my shield and another gunner came with an awakened potion and unloaded all its explosion making my shield completely useless, so I do not agree with the nerf to the rest of the skills were a bit far. But this is justified, they take out a new class obviously extremely op if you have seen korea stream you would see that the warrior is very strong both on the battlefield and in the arena, it is all about a nerf business to the popular class so that the new take attention The only advice I can give you since the system wants it that way, is that you change classes to fm using your unlimited multiblaze or the most op of my point of view a summoner with a vine whip kills with critics of 380k easy
  7. New Battle Royale + AFK animations

    I think that we were waiting for all of us who like PvP, something of an open world with a lot of PvP and equalized, it is even more entertaining with the blade and soul combat system mixed with the touch of fornite. I think the majority of 6v6 was tired with the system of a single shot, and believe that you're good for just getting a button. I look forward to this game mode.
  8. KR PATCH NOTE???rumored changes GS

    the gunner is completely useless when they apply that patch so it will be time to go preparing the change of class to fm or sm
  9. I think the best solution for this is to make a commercial stone and the other does not: the non-commercial version without failure but that requests the same materials. the commercial version as it is now with the same materials. this would reduce the cost of what goes on in the market and at the same time the progress of equipment will not be delayed.sorry for my english
  10. In fact the HM lvl is very important as long as it is well accompanied by its respective pvp equipment. By the way, this is always: I'll explain so that they understand First a hm 22 has 350 k of hp, 380k with candy a hm 16 has between 220k from hp to 260k, 280 with candy a hm 14 has between 180 to 220 k of hp 240k with candy this influences if you have several belt and pet according to the stat. Here is the problem the explosive damage that soul makes the pet and the vt badge. A sin with a pump and pvp equipment can activate and use your skills kit and kill you with a bomb and a critic from 180k to 220. A summomer activating its passive + the vt badge can hit you between 250 to 380k of critic. A kfm with his tremor can hit a hit of 180 to 240k. All classes have an explosive burst if you think that hm lvl is not important are wrong. Having 20 extra hp's can save your life. Why did ncsoft put restrictions on exp scrolls? simple answer the megalodons of hm 22 would be hm 25 now I do not agree with this since I am hm 13 because I change to another class for my ping. Ncsoft should have changed the rng boxes so that the critical def comes out more frequently. The explosive damage in 6v6 is too much.
  11. BD PvP Enhance Daze X

    if it would also be good to buff the bullet storm that when marked with crossfire has the effect of stun
  12. I do not know if this will help or not but the only solution I could find is lowering the resolution 1600x900, I have a PC gamer that can run games in 4k without problems, then I thought because blade and soul using ur3 throws so many problems in 64 bits , after that I looked and was running the game in (directx 9) when I would have to be running in 11 or 12 lol. Then I really thought dx9 should not support a resolution higher than 1600x900 for something this dx11 and dx12 these should be doing an overload to memory that's why it explodes and crashes. Try all the forms and guides that are in the forum but nothing worked, just try to play with that resolution and stop having the amount of crash in 6v6 usually throw me between 3 crash or 1 dc. Test you and confirm me to see if it only worked for me.Sorry for my english