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  1. BG 6VS6 Crashing

    This has been a known crash for a year and it's client-based (=not fixable by the players). Everything points a memory leak when reviving without a loading screen, as it also happens in basin if you die. I do not know a single player who doesn't occasionally crash in 6v6 when/after reviving. Some things you can try to do and hope they actually do something; 32bit reportedly crashes slightly less than 64bit. Also try and wait a bit after dying before reviving and do not move immediately after reviving. Been trying all of the above, none of it does much though. Until Ncwest fix the issue, that's all you can do though. As said, they've known about it for a year, so "rolling out a quick patch" is a lot asked. They could just copypaste the way revive charms or cat res work to 6v6 reviving and just add in the revive coordinates to the spawn point, or just put the reviving behind a load screen (not optimal, but better than crashing). But what can you do, there are more important things to fix than absolutely game breaking bugs! Like a male voice-actor on a female character.
  2. Some extra things: If and when you need moonstone crystals, just spam naksun. For all other non-tradable mats, basin is the place (+starstone mines boxes if you can get into a multirun group). Use XP food in basin and note that the more you have peaches stacked, the higher tier quests you get. For your gear I'd suggest staying at around 20-25k peaches to not get the worst "kill 70 temple guardians" quests while still avoiding most of the worthless quests. Yeti/Lair solo is still worth to do daily. If you feel like gambling, you can solo necro too in hopes for the hm skill book. Still good money from that. If you don't have a clan that does BT or another group ready where you can get your skybreak spire accessories for free, note that they are incredibly cheap in carry raids too now. Expect to pay 200-250g each for earth. Might go even lower if you find a spot from a raid that's finding buyers on the last possible minute. Pay attention to faction chat and Khanda vihar region chat if you're hanging around there. If you feel like paying a bit for the game, the mastery bundle from f10 is worth the investment for the lvl8 soul you get from it. Don't upgrade your oath neck and eternity belt. They're just stepping stones and you really shouldn't waste gold on them. Elemental necks from Vortex Temple are also going for relatively cheap now (it's cheaper to just buy a VT neck from a sell raid than upgrade Oath neck to a meaningful level). If you have level 50 alts, do the event daily on all of them. Not so much for the gears, but for the chance to get princess cannonballs. The rewards from those can really boost a low-geared player. Remember to pick up tower of infinity tickets every day from the quest NPC. Don't use them right away, wait closer to the end of season when you have enough gear to clear higher floors for the boxes. As much as people hate ToI, the 10 sacred orb and soulstone bundle drops are aplenty and definitely worth of the effort to use all tickets. Do as much of trial arena as you can too before the end of season. The rewards from there are really good even if you can't clear higher stages yet. Don't get nova core ss for now, you won't have the battlepoints to spare (especially if you have battleground keys stacked up). Summoner can use 8set VT instead of nova core for wine whip instagibs. Until then beluga is good enough if you're not aiming for high silver/gold+ ranks. And regardless of what you do right now, you'll be heavily undergeared in 6v6 for a long time. Just focus on staying alive, cc'ing people, saving party members with stealth etc and you can still be semi-useful and have fun with the game mode. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's a start I guess.
  3. 6v6 Give up button.

    Yeah, no. Having played around 3k matches I know exactly how toxic and ready to quit some people are. Even in the high gold ranks there are people who will start raging if you lose the first battle. Giving them a chance to give up and "not waste time" would just make things worse. I also know that most matches you think are unwinnable are in fact winnable in beluga and nova core, and even in WW if you play smart or the enemy has a key disconnect. Just fix the crashing instead and it's fine. Also report toxic rage afkers.
  4. That's never going to happen in EU/NA, I don't think. So far Ncwest hasn't implemented any other of those heavy rng elements to upgrading except for last pet stages. But don't discard your leg gem hammers yet, just in case.
  5. They are a thing only because KR has gem slot resets on taechun weapon upgrades. Now, we probably won't get the gem slot resets, which makes this showering of leg gem hammers completely and utterly unneccessary, but it's ncwest, they copy/paste stuff without putting a second in to actually thinking about what they're copypasting.
  6. Fm badges+bracelet

    Depends. Fire or frost? Fire is the more popular choice, and arguably more engaging so I'll assume that. Courage soul badge, no alternatives. Fuse with Glory for Ancestral, if you plan on going for a leg badge. Skyrift (or preferably Aransu) mystic badge. Bracelet is up to you for the moment, Divine Dragon is currently more sustained dps (and easier rotations) while Tiger edges out on shorter fights. Keep in mind you'll be switching to Tiger once Dual Dragons GCD will be removed (should be next balance patch), so I'd really go with Tiger to get used to the rotation.
  7. Emergency maintenance for...THIS?

    This is directly related to cash shop, so no wonder it requires an emergency hotfix in the middle of EU prime time and clan 6v6... Ayyyy. Meanwhile, something like 8 months has passed since they started "investigating" 6v6 crashes and nothing has been done. Well played.
  8. What should I upgrade next?

    BT Earring (stg6), BT ring (stg3), stg10 bracelet, THEN raven. Add in a courage badge too at some point.
  9. The highest "minimum" requirement I can find for old 4man DT is 600ap and it was clearable with way less (crit rate, crit damage and just good players matters here). The numbers are loosely averaged for safe clears in guides. I really don't know where you get 700 from. At least Mhysa is holding RB. You can clearly see the times when he clicks in the slo-mos (also in the comment section he says he times it by listening to the sound). Either way, 8 DTs per tab is indeed possible as the 8th hit only needs to start during the tab. You have 200ms extra room there to lose. You do need a really good ping for all 8 though. Ton of low ping BMs can get it off, so I wouldn't question their legitimacy when they explicitly state that they're not macroing. Also you keep on misunderstanding what the server-side GCD does. It does not add a delay to each of your inputs. It only prevents you from casting 0 cooldown skills at infinite speed. 8 DTs in 3 seconds is one hit every 375ms, Where minimum gcd steps in is sin and lbm etc where you actually have 0 cd on a spammable skill, those you cannot hit so fast anymore even if you disable auto-bias. Instead of showing a cooldown animation for those skills ingame, the amount of them you get off is just capped server-side. And I really don't know why the auto-bias adds so much stutter to people's skill usage, it really shouldn't. It's probably always calculating the gcd to be higher than it should. edit: Also forgot the quote from the pianist case study: The eighth-note interonset intervals (IOIs) associated with each tone were computed from the keyboard MIDI data. The first and last tones of each performance were excluded from both MIDI and movement analyses because they did not have comparable beginnings or endings, respectively. The pianists were very accurate in performing at each prescribed tempo: the mean IOIs were on average within 4% (7 ms) of the prescribed IOIs. I wager that any professional pianist can hit the same key in sequence with the same timing precision too. Consistently. See, a lot of piano pieces in fact have those sequences where you need to be hitting only a one key repeatedly at incredible speeds. And as stated multiple times, most of anicancels in this game are done with 2-3 keys. It's like playing a really short melody over and over again. If instrument players can achieve sub 10ms accuracy, then how is it impossible for gamers to achieve 25ms timings doing far, far simpler keystroke chains on devices that require far less strength and endurance to "play".
  10. AP/s is a damage calculation (all skills have ap*skill damage modifier), not actions per second. Any common sense (or just looking at the hits on the video) would tell you that it does not mean that he's hitting 47 skills per second. Even when provided with evidence of people hitting combos accurately to a macro level, you fall back to "I cannot do it, thus there must be some foul play involved" -argument. It's like an average piano player claiming that playing Chopin's works on the intended tempos is impossible because he/she can't do it (even though a lot of pianists can). We wiped countless of hours in those early 4man silverfrost dungeons while being undergeared just because we wanted to clear them and wouldn't take "not possible" for an answer. Generally speaking the community has always had insane "minimum AP" requirements to clear content and it's only gotten worse. That is where you and others get the notion that 4man DT "required" 700ap to clear when it was doable with way less if you just learned the mechanics and were willing to die. A lot. Now people recruit 1.2k for ransacked treasury while it really requires only half that damage. Does it mean that everyone doing it on less than 1.2k must be cheating? No, it means they go in regardless and learn the dungeon. What I mean with that I'm an average gamer is that my physique is average, there is nothing exceptional about the way I press buttons (apart from having a good sense of rhythm I guess). What sets me apart from the average BnS player is just the sheer amount of hours I've put into this game and the mindset of not just settling for mediocrity. Deliberate practice does make you better. In the case of the BM example, you'll learn to time the switch from holding rb to lb naturally when you put enough practice into it. That's another concept you ignore in your arguments; you don't click RB 8 times and then click LB 3 times, you hold RB until 8 hits have landed and switch. It requires you only to learn the timing and that can be trained by counting the hits by listening to the audio or just watching the animations. Repeat until you can do it without any thinking. As proven throughout human history, repeating a task over and over again makes you better at it up to the point where bystanders will think of it as inhuman capability. You can see it in action in all fields of expertise, be it a game, an instrument, sports or such. What the best can do, the average can't even imagine to achieve. If you want to read about finger dexterity alone, there are a ton of case studies on professional pianist accuracy. A quickly searched study found that the pianists' mean timing error in their keystrokes was 7ms, compared to that, hitting keys with 25-50ms accuracy in BnS is a joke. You have repeatedly claimed such timing to be impossible.
  11. While ToI bots do cheat (especially kfms) and read your inputs, react to the inputs within 1ms and have the ability to perform perfect stunlocks, they are still just bots. Can't even call it an AI, they're just programmed (quite badly I should add) to do a thing x when thing y happens. That means you only need to learn how to exploit their weakness in the programming. A good example of exploiting the bad programming is FM vs SF; generally a really hard matchup if you just try to pvp them. But there's a massive flaw in their programming, which is that they will not switch to melee stance ever unless you use RB/LB against them (to which they react by reading the input and countering the skill) or get too close. So what you can do is to bait out the initial opener, get 8+ meters away and never use RB/LB and they will do nothing but spam ranged skills, making the matchup completely free. All classes have ways to deal with the bots if you find the correct setups and flaws in the programming, and I'm sure you can find guides for your specific class if you do some digging.
  12. A few quick points I can still correct: Sorry, I posted the wrong video about good sin anicancel (I was checking a bunch). Here's the one I meant: - The player in question is 100% doing it fully manual. This is also legitimate fire bm: Tons and tons of other examples from the top players of their respective classes. The global server-side gcd indeed is there, that has been tested (obviously the first thing when editing it got patched). The shadow sin and light bd etc hit amounts are not possible anymore. The reason why removing the auto-bias gcd gives mixed results is that it generally only helps people on really low pings. People with high ping or heavy amount of fluctuation in the said ping are better off keeping the auto-bias on to make the game adjust the gcd to their ping on the fly. Also, for some classes, like FM, it really makes no difference one way or the other. I was one of those people who were clearing DT 4man on release with a way undergeared party. Same with EC/NF and Asura. None of us ever macroed. Just because someone can play the game better than you doesn't mean it's automatically cheating or macroing. Especially since if you're really dropping 1/6 inputs in a fight, you're either suffering from some heavy performance issues or are just not adjusting to it properly (the said 180ms ping explains a lot already, I find the game unplayable when I get that high numbers). Either way, maybe you should stick to macroing then to make up for the gap, I'd see that as a completely valid reason to do so. As said, even I double tap skills to make sure that they go off on 90-110ms ingame (and I intentionally leave some RBs out from rotation at certain points just to make things a bit easier on me). In the end, the ability to attack flawlessly (I guess you mean without dropping inputs), as you state, is not something only macro users can do. Any and all good players in the game with decent ping can do it without any external help. The game is designed and balanced with that in mind. I'm sure that if you were to play the game with sub 100ms ingame ping and a high enough framerate to suit it, you would quickly realize that it doesn't take macros to hit *all* of your skills and anicancel accurately. I feel sorry for you, but pointing a finger at everyone who doesn't suffer from the same performance issues and calling them out as cheaters isn't the correct approach. Yes, tons of people macro (especially on KR), but [b]if[/b] they gain any advantage from it (I'm anything but convinced that they do), the difference in dps to a highly skilled, low ping player is minuscule.
  13. I'm not going to bother vid capturing just for the sake of argument, but I did test it out on notepad; I can keep up 600apm hitting 3 buttons in a sequence without mistakes for a good half a minute (no class dps's straight for more than that without taking a break to apply buffs anyway so it should suffice). So I lied a bit, 700 is indeed stretching it, but I also don't think I'm the best at spamming keys accurately and no class requires that kind of speed anyway. Cherry picking a bad sin for non-macro example is quite biased. Here's an example of actually good anicancel. Aaand your blade master example is using the edited GCD since it hasn't been patched in CN (he clearly states it in the comments), that is even more biased. Shadow gunner lol? It's the least taxing class what comes to inputs in the game, 90% of it is just holding down RB. The amount of hits you can do is strictly dependent on your ping. It will always look ridiculously fast on low ping. For example: Speaking of which, I did tell you can turn the auto-bias off, but there indeed is a minimum GCD. Removing the auto-bias only sets it to the minimum, which is around 100ms (judging from the fastest hit speeds I've seen). If there was no minimum GCD set on server-side, then disabling the auto-bias would set it to 0 and you'd still see those 20+ hits per second combos. Those are not possible anymore, haven't been since manual editing of the GCD was removed. Human wls and gunners have the exact same combo available to them and it's possible to do. There's nothing else to it. Macroing in pvp is considered outright cheating anyway and anyone who has any integrity at all wouldn't do it even if it was greatly beneficial. So yeah, it's just silly to bring it up. Even the people I know to macro pve will never touch macros in pvp. Complex mechanics have existed in the game since... naruy labyrinth. It's what makes the gameplay interesting instead of just a brainless dps fest. It's got nothing to do with people's damage outputs, just good boss/game design. The fact that gear has pushed our dps so high that we can skip all mechanics is rather sad. Note: gear. Not macro users. And yes, if I can solo starstone mines (which I can easily), then a party that consists of people who have 1/6th of my damage (67k average each) can clear it too, that is undeniable. I also have the damage to solo drowning deeps and hollow's heart, but you cannot get to those last bosses without help (afaik, I haven't actually tried to solo DD yet, but I know for a fact that it's doable for me). So yes, it is possible even for those 1k groups to clear end game content. It's not easy, but possible if you know your classes. Besides, if you're still struggling at 900-1k ap after playing for even a month or two, this isn't the game for you. Eastern MMOs require a certain amount of grinding if you want to enjoy all the content. End game is that; end game. Why should you expect to clear it easily if you cannot put the time in to get even close to end game gear? And yes, most normal mode dungeons were heavily nerfed to make them easier for the lower geared people and new normal mode dungeons have no wipe mechanics at all apart from ransacked treasury just to let the casual player enjoy them as well. If a party fails to clear NS even now, then there's a fault in the players, not in macro users or class balance. And for the last time, macro users don't affect class balance at all. Even in the rare cases were macroing is actually beneficial for dps (it unarguably does help players who don't have the dexterity or endurance to do accurate anicanceling for sustained periods of time), the difference is so tiny compared to a skilled human that it counts for nothing. If it helps someone who simply cannot do optimal dps without, good for them I guess. Our class balance is strictly stolen from KR where it's adjusted based on the KR community feedback and the game designers' own judgement and it is for the most part balanced around end game gear... and it is also balanced around the average KR ping (which is far, far superior to ours). You can read the developer letters at bnstree if you want to get some insight as to why they're making the changes they are. Making up wild theories up about it when there's publicly available information straight from the devs seems pretty pointless. Anyway, it does seem you're only willing to reinforce your own opinion and ignore any counterarguments outright, so I feel like I'm playing the infamous pidgeon chess here. And we will be getting the ingame macros from KR regardless at some point, so this whole argument is moot.
  14. Locking already unlocked skills...

    I can only give FM skills offhand. Fire build in pve: Dual dragons (F with both frost and fire orbs) - Mandatory to disable if using divine dragon bracelet, do not disable with tiger bracelet. Multiple Blaze (4 channeling skill) - Optional, it's pretty easy to cast accidentally when using shadow grasp. Frost tornado/snowball (ice X) and frost fury (ice F) - Optional. Can be beneficial to disable if you struggle at buffering into fire stance for inferno (fire x) and dragonblaze (fire f) and end up constantly miscasting these frost counterparts. Both skills can also be used for quick focus regen and frost tornado is actually useful in some solo instances (16-20f and outlaw island) for the block break, so I'd keep them on. Frost build in pve: Chi bomb (4 channeling skill) - easy to miscast when using shadow grasp. You'll never ever want to cast it under any circumstances anyway. Dragonblaze (fire F) - Same as disabling frost fury in fire build. Does nothing for you and it's easy to miscast if your stance switching isn't on point. Those are the only ones that come to mind. Remember to re-enable for pvp, except for chi bomb. That thing is always useless except for trolling/taunting.
  15. Again, we're using 2 hands, not 1. We have a mouse. We can rebind keys to anywhere we want them, including that mouse. And as said, at most any anicancels in this game require a maximum of 3 keys that are repeated in a sequence, that sequence is only broken by reapplying buffs/debuffs every once in a while. I can hit 3 keys in a sequence at 700 apm without mistakes or timing fluctuation when there's even a one key bound to mouse and so can almost anyone with some practice. That translates to this "skills per minute" you're talking about, directly. We're not talking about any awkward finger movement across the whole keyboard, it's just a few taps repeated in a rhythmical sequence on keys that can be rebound to suit your preference. Macros also suffer from ping and framerate fluctuation (macros are prone to drop skills if there's a performance drop as a script doesn't adjust for that ever - humans do by inputting the skill again on reaction when it doesn't go off). I want to see proof of macros producing better results for players who have the knowledge, skill and dexterity to pull off optimal rotations of their class; I'm 100% certain a vast majority of those players suffer a dps LOSS from using macros over manual inputs. The reason why you see good players still use macros in pve is just pure laziness, not that they get bazillions of extra damage out of it. The reason why I single out pve is that good players would NEVER macro pvp because that is just silly and detrimental. And, I did tell you. There already is a minimum server side GCD in place that cannot be bypassed. And it's at a level that is perfectly reachable by humans. That means a macro cannot surpass humanly achievable dps. What more could you want? Unless you really want to hinder the gameplay of legitimately good players just to force them to the same line with average players. And no, dungeons seem to be balanced based on the average dps of the community. Everything in the game currently can be cleared with a party average of one sixth of the damage of high-geared and skilled players. People like me have the damage to solo all dungeons in normal mode (barring mechanics that prevent us from doing so). We'd like harder content, but we're not getting it because that would exclude a majority of the playerbase, which isn't good for the game. The "damage inflation" you're talking about simply comes from gear as the dps gap between average and end game gear is growing larger and larger every patch. Macro users have no impact on that. And Ransacked Treasury is a step in the right direction, it requires no damage, but has fairly punishing mechanics. That is what the game used to be about and it's about time we get more content that require more brain and less mindless dps. That also hurts the macro users, if it makes you happy.