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  1. Let's talk about Attack Power in 2018

    Most of F8 (at least in EU) now recruits BT/VT gear instead of 1k/1.1k AP. So the community is slowly learning. When people want high-end dps, they still recruit 1.2k+ though.
  2. You don't need whale dps to do current HM dungeons, not even close. What you do need in a low dps party is for everyone to know the mechanics and to execute them. They (the devs) are just trying to get people to do more hardmode dungeons. Sure low dps runs are a pain in f8 right now, but *if* people started doing them regardless, we'd end up into a situation where random groups could clear HM dungeons consistently even without whale dps. Apart from SST, they're not harder than old DT or Masts 4man. edit: and some of the HM dungeons don't even need the whole party to know more than the basics of the mechs. Most of them just need 3-4 people to know what they're doing and the rest to know just enough to not wipe the party.
  3. Market fees

    The daily fee is an invisible fee based on how much daily profit you're making from the market. There are 4 different taxes you're paying from the market: Item fee: shows up in item registration fee Listing fee: depends on the amount of items listed at a time Selling fee: fee listed right below selling price that scales with selling price of the item (1-99g: 3%, 100-999g: 4%, 1000g+: 5%) Daily fee: extra fee you pay when your daily income from the market exceeds a breakpoint (100g+: 1%, 1000g+: 2%, 10000g+: 3%)
  4. Would Bethany and Jonathan stream 6v6?

    They would never risk it because of the incredibly high chance of crashing. If that happened, they might just have to acknowledge that it's a real issue they can't ignore. It's like when we (I work in a game dev company) go to show an unfinished/early access game that still has a lot of broken or unfinished features to a conference or whatnot, we'll purposefully play it so that we're unlikely to run into any of the bugs. Having your game bug out or crash during a presentation is just bad PR. It's even worse if your game is actually released and you're claiming it to be working properly, like in the case of BnS.
  5. Please go and report the above post as a lie and insult to our intelligence. It's by far the most offensive bait these forums have ever witnessed. I'm not even fully facetious. The issue has been known for over a year and reported countless of times by many of us with full data of everything. We have even pinpointed the patch out where the crashes begun happening and given you a ton of suggestions on how to fix the problem (or at least make it less game-breaking)... yet all we get are reassurances that the dev team is "looking into it"? How much of "looking" do you need to do? You know, any semi-competent programmer would've re-programmed the way battleground reviving works in a week from ground-up. Yet, a year of "looking into it" has gotten you nowhere. So what is it? Do you stand behind the claims that you're actively trying to fix the crashing but are just too incompetent (doesn't make you look very good) or is it time to admit that you just don't care (makes you look even worse)? If it's the former, may I suggest you to hire some more qualified programmers. Even if just for the week it takes to get stuff done. If it's the latter and you're only focused on making the whales spend more money, then let me point out that fixing the one game mode where whaling actually does something should be quite high on your bucket list. I fully understand you get a lot of critique for the monetization and treatment of players et cetera. All f2p game companies do. But you're literally the only major game company ( /a localization team) in the world who has the gall to leave a game-breaking memory leak into their game for a year and expects the playerbase to just swallow it. That's a disgrace.
  6. Shock Fire

    It is infinitely better now since you don't lose a blazing beam from your rotation from casting it (you can now do LB-RB-1-2-LB-RB-X-2-X for example). There's no problem with it as long as you hit it into 5 ember stacks.
  7. In game macro review

    FM macro has short fuse in it and like a 1:0.5 LB:RB ratio. 'nuff said. It's like a GS main made these by asking faction chat how to play other classes and only fresh-out-of-story people answered.
  8. Soulstone plains? That's still the same, but there are so few people farming there these days that it's not an issue. There's also been a major optimization patch since the blackwyrm/early silverfrost days, so you'll probably find your performance to be better overall. But alas, there are still a lot of issues with framedrops for some people in the raid dungeons (even on really high computer specs) while others can run them fine on 50+ fps; as with everything in this game, it seems to be pretty much rng whether or not your system runs the instances well. Same with crashes, most of people very rarely crash (except in 6v6 where there's a major memory leak connected to reviving), but some do.
  9. How about reviving old content?

    Give me this!
  10. Some form of normalization would be in order to tone down the one-shots a bit. But... fully equalized gear? How do you plan to compensate it for us who have farmed dragon forge 9 and max pvp accessories? No one who actually has high BG gear intentionally deranks for BP farming. Top pvp gear usually means there's no keys to use battlepoints on anymore, thus there is no need for the supposedly easy wins. Besides, low rank games are just awful and I personally find those a lot harder to carry than at least semi-competent games where I can trust my teammates to be even somewhat useful. There is some wintrading on the top levels I believe, but mostly when you encounter fully geared pvp heroes in low silver/bronze games, it's just a bad streak of crashes/losses. I'm top10'ish always in beluga/wwv but had massive trouble getting beyond 1400 in nova this and last season because of the matchmaking and nova imbalances and constant crashes. Not my fault I gotta stomp bronze matches then, nothing I can do about it. Why people aren't ranking up is because of massive point losses from losing games and the constant crashing. The lack of people who actively 6v6 isn't helping either; most of the time it's only the same group of high level players in every match; it ends up being a meaningless point trade back and forth where no one's gaining any rating. If you want to segregate us high rank players from casual players, you first need to get people to actually play battlegrounds actively (let us buy battleground box keys with battlepoints) and secondly you need to let high gear+skill players actually climb the ladder by not penalizing losses so harshly and by finally fixing those motherf**king crashes. I really like the game mode, but recently I've been sitting in the queue for 20-40 minutes even during populated hours when my low-rank clanmates have found 2-3 matches in the meanwhile. It's just impossible to even try to get much higher than 1600 like that.
  11. Simple Mode Give us chance to edit it

    Really should've been editable from the get-go. However, there's some heavy programming behind the simple mode, so it's easier said than done. It is, however, detrimental to the game that pretty much all of the classes'/builds' simple modes are just bad, or in some cases, utterly unusable.
  12. Generally people know what to do in BT, so there's really no "leader" in pugs. One person (the alliance lead) just calls important roles out in alliance chat and expect everyone to know how it works (+everything lucidium said, like loot distribution, gold share etc). For that kind of "leading", you'll just have to call out: Boss1: Buff carrier, cc positions on adds (not really necessary since 12 man usually splits pretty nicely). Ask who can do buff carrier first. Boss2: SS party, outside party. SS party should be high dps, outside party should have someone with ranged protection for 10-15 seconds. Boss3: Spear/Shield parties. Shield party needs a melee tank, spear party needs a range tank. Boss4: Split for adds, soul separation for 80% and 30%. 30% should be a relative high dps player. It's also good to have a form of root on every add. Don't buy runs or accessories anymore, that's a scam. You can get them for free or incredibly low cost. Also, no for buying prisms with purrency coins, those things are a scam also. You can get 120 moonstones with the coins instead, so despite roughewn accessories being cheap, the prism is ANYTHING but. You'll be paying an equivalent of 1200+ gold for just one prism. That's 4-5 times more than you'd have to pay in a carry run, and a whopping 10 times more than you'll pay in a regular pug or clan run.
  13. how can I earn gold? after daily chest changes

    Considering there's a fully functioning in-game economy and in order to progress past a certain point in gear requires you to be "rich", it's not surprising. Playing the market is not necessary, but it can save hundreds if not thousands of hours of farming time. More-so than making good decisions with the market, you should avoid making bad ones. Crafting oils if you need the untradable mats for upgrades, rolling premium stones or buying them when they are not in f10, not spending gold on trove when you need elements/jewels (exchange gold on higher than 1:1 rates before trove), buying elements/jewels from dragon express instead of waiting for troves etc keeps a lot of casual players poorer than they should be. Patience is key if you want to save gold. It sucks that you don't get your upgrades immediately when you could theoretically afford them, but it will pay off in the long run.
  14. how can I earn gold? after daily chest changes

    The first few hundred gold you make should go into making 35 transformation stones. Sell those, make another batch. Rinse and repeat until end of time. You will always make at least 50g per day that way, more if you watch the market and buy mats cheap and sell transformation stones only when they're spiking. Other than that, you have Yunsang farm, ToI farm (trade yunsang beads for ToI tickets, get high enough floor to have the 10 sacred orb drop in the boxes, then just play 1 match and suicide) and SSM farm. SSP dailies still give soulstones too, you make some extra 10g per day by doing those (I believe you get the quests completed now by doing any damage at all to the quest bosses, correct me if I'm wrong). You can also play the market. There are some obvious times to do it (when high-tier crafted items are showered upon us from events, like when masterwork soulshield bases were in the last rng box. You buy the items when their price crash and just patiently wait until they rise back up again. Another always worthy one is to buy premium transformation stones when they're in f10 rotation and just wait. Their price will climb back up after a while and you'll easily net some 100g per stone bought. Obviously, to make a lot of gold from market, you need a lot of gold to invest too, so it's not for the fresh out of story characters... and there's always a chance your investment will backfire due to ncwest introducing some new update that just completely destroys the value of an item. I'm pretty high end geared (max pvp and pve gear but soul and aransu due to lack of hearts) without playing a lot at all (for the past year I've only done raids and daily challenge with almost no farm at all). Wouldn't be possible without market flipping (I guesstimate some 20-30k gold net profit from it total, some other people have made hundreds of thousands).
  15. Whales would start queueing with baleful1 to get easy ranks. It's not hard to change weapon when the match starts. That is the same for all gear, you simply cannot base the matchmaking on gear for that reason.