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  1. @Hime regarding the Sin 3rd spec C resist bug, honestly for me i cant enjoy the game anymore with unfixable bugs like Sin 3rd spec C resist like we'r trying to play the game normally and enjoy it , why are u guys giving the chance for people to abuse it and not even try to fix it for year and a half now its ridiculous.
  2. I mean I cant actually believe a big game like this with this issue not being solved for almost a year, You are feeding us events,troves, rng chests etc etc, but you never even looked at this critical issue, is it because nobody reported it? I know many players made tickets about it but nobody paid attention still. I have lost my rank 1 as a summoner several times, countless times you have no idea and I had to work for it over and over and over and over again so I can get 1 crash to lose it all over again, how stupid this can be? Why did I pay for my pvp gear exactly? then you come to us w
  3. so this morning, i bought 800trove keys i opened them all and guess what ? not a single hepta gem crits. does it make sense ? im pretty sure they did something wrong during hot fix maint please correct me if im wrong if anyone got any heptagonal crit gems please post it here with Time/date thanks
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