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  1. this isnt re balance, this is MADNESS

    60-100k is at least raven and elemental accessories. Without raven you'll be hard pressed to break 50k consistent, never-mind higher. When I look at the usual parses on weekly dungeons, 100k is considered high as it is; you will usually see breakdowns like: whales 400k+, not quite whales 150k+ then everyone else at sub 100k. Unless gunner; gunners are... gunners.
  2. Is this right.

    Call your bank and initiate a chargeback. However, they will ban your account for that. Other than directly asking your bank to refund, NC doesn't give refunds usually. It's funny because I've known third party sites from other games that willingly refund problematic purchases.
  3. this isnt re balance, this is MADNESS

    Mechanics these days aren't the same mechanics as in the older dungeons. Doing mechanics doesn't knock off ~40% of a boss' HP that would allow a sub geared party to complete it. For example, DT back in the day with mechs would result in most of the party having a 100% damage buff as well as knocking off 40% of the boss' HP. Do you see that in DD? No, you just see a heal prevention. Do you see that in HH? No, you just see a wipe prevention. Do you see that even in SSM? Well, yes; but it's not enough as the boss has 120m HP; knocking off 30m of that won't let non-raven players complete it. New dungeons are pretty much gear checked, if you don't have it, you can't do it. Knowing the mechanics makes no difference at all. If there was no enrage then knowing mechanics would make every dungeon doable - enrage itself is the gear check.
  4. Did I see right? [Prem exp charm]

    It's expected that they would do this, all the signs were there. It's just another cash grab and well; they're not getting my money this time. Becoming too blatant and apparent, this disregard for the well being of the playerbase. It's pure greed on the Aeria Games level - if anyone remembers THAT company. There's absolutely no reason to intentionally shaft the playerbase again and again in the name of doing business - business should have ethics; at least that's what I'd like to think when we consider our western values. But I'm a bit too idealistic here, that's apparently not the case at all. So let's see; change the materials to require more SC, more elysians - lo and behold; they're selling you 100 and 10 bundles of each respectively for a bargain price of $2 each (referring to the 1 coin box). Change the XP charm to require bravery coins - oh look, 10 coins for $2 again, so $6 per charm now (not counting the F5 materials). I mean if this isn't sneaky I don't know what is; so on the surface one would think "oh look, bravery coins that only come from PVP so you can't just "buy it", good change!" - but in reality? Just another elaborate scheme to milk whales.
  5. Originally SSP was conceived of as a PVP area, as such within SSP you were literally a target with PP hanging over your head for other players of the opposing faction to attack. In effect, allowing you to keep PP while exiting would be akin to having a "safezone" to hide your PP in. This would not have been the intended function of a PVP area which entails equal risk and gain. SSP has since lost that function as people simply trade the wins and spawns, but I don't see what's wrong with this system. Side note, who farms SSP for PP? Ever since the 55 patch you get pretty much no PP anyways?
  6. "Graphical Update and Conversion to Unreal Engine 4!" Well. This is new.
  7. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    I'm fully aware of this. BDs are far too powerful in 6v6 as it is. That and they can almost always run faster than you due to the various movement speed buffs. It's simply absurd that a tiny midget lyn can run faster than someone who is twice their height but logic doesn't exist obviously.
  8. The reduced enrage timer for some dungeons.

    "We want to encourage players to run newer dungeons and as such we're nerfing the older dungeons" "We've also set the enrage times lower so that if you don't have gear you'll be stonewalled by enrage" "But we're trying to help new players get gear!" Something like this probably...
  9. The Whine about D.C. Boxes

    Defending a company that's pushing these changes so that players are eventually forced to pay for trove for materials and placing the blame on the players? Are you kidding OP? NC has done nothing to help with the in game inflation or the situation in general; instead they have enabled monopolies; they in fact actively encourage this behavior as they also set their F10 prices to match the in game inflation. Recall daily sacred crystal bundles being 5 NCC each? They're now 20. They were increased first to 10, then to 15 and now 20. As opposed to increasing the supply of SC to the players; they are instead further reducing the supply so they can sell it to you at a further premium. They've done this with MS as well; F10 MS used to be 5 NCC; they're now 15. Other mats have also been increased. The only things that haven't changed are TS and PTS which have kept steady at 25 and 450 NCC each. But of course, increasing the prices on those would make no one buy them. While this isn't illegal, this enabling of monopolies and the gouging of players for every nickle and dime, it shows that NC has zero ethics as this point in time. Basically they're aware of a huge problem within the game's economy, they've also determined that instead of alleviate the situation, they should increase prices on F10 daily deals so that the players lose overall. Before, F10 was a reasonable alternative to being extorted on F5. Now? It's one and the same.
  10. Do their weapons break on failed upgrades?
  11. Why nerf Fire KFM?

    They should remove everyone's ability to 1 shot simply by disabling badges in 6v6. But anyways, very few classes have actual 1 shot abilities in the form of 1 skill = kill. KFM is one of them, there is no counter play to 1 shots in general and they should be removed. BM - has no 1 shots except against under-geared players BD - has no 1 shot but is able to instantly gib people through being able to hit 8+ times in a second with lighting flash + chain lighting effect Dest - has 1 shot SM - has no 1 shot WL - has no 1 shot but has an untab-able combo SF - has 1 shot FM - has no 1 shot but is able to create huge area effects that pull and instantly kill if not SS'd out of GS - has no 1 shot but attacks fast enough to effectively 1 shot KFM - has 1 shot
  12. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    Well yes, they made BM more trash than they already are in 6v6. The only time BM does well in 6v6 as it is these days is by being absurdly more geared than the other team. You don't see BMs carrying 6v6 wins unless you're DF and the other team is composed of 100% baleful/ravens (low ravens as higher ravens can still kill you), you do see pretty much every other class carrying 6v6 though. People seem to forget that to proc the move you need to block first, that very act of blocking could lead to a free stun and you being gibbed. I can actually understand the BD changes are they are extremely powerful in 6v6 right now as it is with the infinite spin nonsense. Not hitting into the spin is simply not an option as this is 6v6 and not 1v1; in 1v1 you can easily wait out their focus; not everyone's going to wait in 6v6 and someone will be attacking giving BD infinite spins. Same problem with destroyer. Of course adding an internal CD to the focus regen when hit while spinning would solve this - say 10 seconds.
  13. So do you guys intend to start enforcing these rules? It's one thing to have a rule, it's quite another to enforce it; I'm sure you have the tools to see which players are inputting buttons with inhumanly perfect loops over and over again.
  14. MS are 8 gold each currently (NA-Zulia), Elysians are 15G each, or double the price. So let's see, reduce MS and increase Elysians by the same amount, in essence, doubling the "MS gold cost if one were to buy MS instead". Great job. This isn't a "rebalance" in any way, shape, or form. It's a blanket cost increase across the board. It's not like Elysians are any easier to farm than MS, if anything Elysians are even more rare; hence why they cost more.
  15. The funny thing is that these people need no "help" to prepare. They're already ready - just need to learn the mechanics and they're set. NC's business model seems to be: Drive out all players but whales, potential whales and milk those types of players for as long as they can then shut down the game CoH style. I could be wrong but given how every patch makes this game increasingly unfriendly to new players (I can easily tell simply by playing on my alt); it's a logical conclusion. New players are what sustain any game as attrition kills off older players. Without a steady stream of replacements, well the game dies eventually. But of course if your business model is built on whales, it doesn't matter if the game dies, you'll be profitable either way. It's a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor way to do business though.