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  1. Like back in the day. X was a fantastic move for bgs. Still for arena. With vt badge, I can only buff thunder strike X. And everyone knows what that power is like. I love it, fk the haters lol. Anyways. Back before it put you in the auto-aired was great even if you were in lightning stance. Youd lose lightning stance after but was able to get back in if needed. Auto air skill merged it with the air one. Its not so bad. It hits 5 diff people, so 5 ppl wont get aired and disrupt my team mates. It auto airs if it hits them 2x XD So bgs RNG so to say ?
  2. How about something alot more simpler. RANKED AND UNRANKED Ofc, Ranked matches would place fighters in there ranked spots. Unranked can be gearscored from bis invantory or just not. Both can still offer blood points so the farmers can farm. That would give them and others the choice of preserving rank and farming. It would also give the casual the choice of doing ther daily bgs and earning blood points. Sorry casuals, but there will be a flood of powerful farmers but at least you wouldnt have to worry about your rank. Maybe, offer anot
  3. How is doing 6s a waste of time to get moonstones for upgrades ? 1 sparkling chest drops 5 garrenteed witha chance to crit or get a bundle. There only 1000 blood points each and you can make that in just 2 runs of bgs..... Then you have the option to sell them, or convert for upgrades..... I farm Nak too when i dont wanna tarnish my ranking for the week....Takes 2 mins or less for each run....thats 1 moonstone crystal with a chance at 2 crystals Its not bad either but dont say the guy is wasting his time cuz hes not....hes a fighter and earns a better moonstone ....
  4. Maybe a penalty for sitting still, or not taking or dealing dmg .... And I hate when you guys give up........so what no whales on your team, so what you know your going to lose.... If you give up , your a loser .....
  5. I would like to add to this thread. I did not finish reading everyones posts here. What about haveing to earn your pvp gear and mats to upgrade only by acually doing pvp only. That means not selling pvp items so someone with money can just pay for it. Make pvp gear totaly over powering to pve gear. I mean like a pvp geared ascendant 6 eating up a guy that comes to battle in his whale aransu 10 vt gear like a dog would eat steak . I see this happen alot where whales are in 6s with there full pve gear wtih maybe a 5set ivory set for min crit def eat up player
  6. Lovly story Wiri ! /tears ! Brings back good memories ! GOod Times ! It really is a shame to take out some thing that made this game so great ! Does WoW ever do that ? No and thats why theres always something to do there. Something FUN to farm for. This game has no toys or rare items. BNS world will have less in it now . . . Please don't dont remove content just becuz its outdated. Love this gremlin dragon :D /when i use a BW charm .....
  7. Now its time to upgrade Ak bul. Or remove Ak bul and replace him with a Vermillion Terror, or Sapphire Terror ! Or give Crim and Cerils 1 each ! Make em a weekly WB that drops a bunch of Evo stones ! You guys know they can kick Ak buls ass any day of the week if you bring them up to soulstone power ! I love to fight them, not for farm or quest, but for the solo challange ! I can solo them cuz im 940ap and they dont hurt much. But the fight and practice you get is fantastic! They SHOULD NOT be removed, just Moved to another location and updated ;D
  8. Now its time to upgrade Ak bul. Or remove Ak bul and replace him with a Vermillion Terror, or Sapphire Terror !
  9. I'm glad there is a forum. I was able to reach out to knowledgeable people and receive the info I apparently needed. Also a few more thoughts to ponder as well. Thank you iVee and Asuramon. The issue I am having is my timing of Soul Stab I'm sure. Never considered Grip and Stab would have had different lengths. Using wind Blade Storm I never noticed since there was no drop. I am not a big fan of switching or keeping Draw stance up after the drop though. I tend to find myself in different fights that call for a different next move so being able to sw
  10. I'm sorry but I cant stand it. I need to complain so I can get another BDs view. We lost a few skills after last patch as everyone knows. One being the 3x Lightning *Strike (thank you for correction) and is a skill I've seen others on the forum mention mostly cuz it was a big one to lose. Another was Fissure I've also seen others mention here. I'm sure wind builds really miss that one. I miss it and im a lightning build. This one I haven't seen someone complain about and its the one that bugs me the most, the ability to use wind Blade storm instead of lightning. Why wo
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