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  1. OMG the eyes are burning!
  2. If I remember correctly, all those items are account bound. So you can buy them on your main, and then mail them to your new character
  3. Side quests are, by definition, not mandatory. All yellow quests are self-contained, just follow the markers Some weekly and raid dungeons are locked behind pre-req orange quests, but blue ones can be totally ignored
  4. Where is Producer's letter?

    Now thanks to all your recent "improvements", pvp availability times included, there is now 10-20 minute wait times for ques DURING FRENZY Please remove all the arbitrary restrictions on pvp modes, and let people play how they want, when they want
  5. Okay listen here sunshine...

    Some serious wishful thinking here. Just as with the netcode and server stability issues, UE4 will do literally nothing to address these. This company doesn't give a shìt about anything other than quarterly earnings.
  6. Communty wishes for 2020

    +1 on that part
  7. Mao for 400ms above

    yeah, this is called LEARNING the boss rotation and adjust your play accordingly. Ever heard the expression, timing beats speed? This is exactly what you need to do to play on high ping. Anticipate attacks and move your ass out of the way
  8. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    ^ this, exactly
  9. Increase the availability of 3v3

    Or even better, just remove all the horsesh!t restrictions on all pvp game modes, and let people play how they want to play when they are able to play. And add something so we can see how many active queue's are available
  10. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    So the devs obviously decided that the door timers on floor 1-8 were a poor design choice. That's why every subsequent floor of MT opens instantly when you defeat the tenant. An even poorer choice, was to use this content as part of the revamped event. Like why not just use Naksun ffs, or is that still considered relevant content? What is even more mind boggling, is how the 1-8 content got revamped with current HM level, hp, attack, etc...but the quest rewards remain untouched. 5850 Hongmoon Arts experience, hoo boi!
  11. Plog Sanctum and Giganura

    A very well thought out and presented post, which adequately describes the problem, the conditions leading to it, as well as possible solutions to correct it. I commend you sir. The only thing missing from your strategy, is how these steps will lead to increased NCoin purchases across the board. It won't, so good luck! What's this I hear about maintaining a satisfied player-base? Sounds like a waste of time, to me.
  12. Whats even more funny, is for those with mid-high end pc you will actually get WORSE performance if you turn everything down to low settings. Mostly because it will throttle your gpu since it doesn't need full clock speed to maintain your fps, but then the freezing & stuttering & missed inputs get even worse

    How many times in your posts have you argued that BnS is not Game X or Game Y! Your point is completely invalid!!!! Now you in here like, well when Tera went to steam, this happened... luls
  14. Archer class, but w/o Yun?!

    @Astarae: you seem to be confusing the adjustment of already implemented systems and drop rates, with content that has not been developed. That's like saying NCWest can just unlock male Yun race for us. It simply doesn't exist. And given that NCWest is a *publisher* not a developer, it would be *literally* impossible for them to develop content for this game.