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Clarification on Soguns Lament please.


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I recently pugged soguns lament with a mostly lower level party apart from myself and an assasin, we completed the dungeon but at the end of it the sin started going on about "that's why he hates summoners so much" and said that my cat had almost killed him numerous times because the cat gets aggro (even without using taunt) and causes the boss to do an aoe.


As i understand it the only time the cat can endanger the melee classes is if it gets marked when the summoner blocks first orb in firesword phase and the mark switches to the cat when seedshroud puts you into stealth, i always recall my cat and run around the edge of the room if i have blocked the first orb or Q him away from the fight to prevent the swords falling at the boss and hitting melee. Is there some other way the cat gets marked that i'm not aware of that would cause the sin to blame my cat that i don't know about?

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Whoever is closest when the orbs spawn gets marked, including the cat (or as you say when you stealth)


But recalling the cat when the red circle appears and staying behind the other and/or put the cat in q should solve this, assuming you are not sending the cat back in immediatly but q it again (in case the cat indeed got marked). 

So basically, keep the cat near you to be extra safe. But it sounds like you are already doing that, so there should be no problem.

I have to say, people like to blame it on summs because we are somewhat hated, but in most cases (at least in my runs), the meele kill themselfes cause they got mark and jump to boss regardless (yeah i am looking at you hm 12 and onwards guys ^^) or rather only kill the small players which think they can ignore the swords like the big ones.


So other than that I have no idea what his problem was. You already kite the swords around...


But... did he really meant that the cat got aggro without taunt? Like... really? ^^ 

I really hope that didn't happen, as not only you but the whole party must be asleep  then ^^ the cat damage is so low, every player should outdamage it by far. Just curious there, maybe i got you wrong.

I also got the feeling, the runs where I actually did mechs are way too long gone, I really can't remember an aoe just because he changes targets when I have to tank there... hm, maybe someone else can enlighten me there cause I think I really forgot that ^^



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Yeah i told him my cat was specced for resist damage not taunt on that paticular run but he said that didn't matter and that my cat hitting sogun aggro'd him into doing an aoe, i've been away from the game for some time so i thought i should check whether i remembered soguns mechanics properly. For some reason i remembered it as being the person who blocks the first orb on the firesword phase as getting marked not the person closest. ;b


Most of the sogun runs i've been on since returning have been just burn everything down and ignore mechanics which is a little dissapointing because soguns used to be my favourite dungeon lol.

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Well to be fair, the person closest mostly blocks things ^^


But with the cat... I have no idea what that sin was talking about... I mean if the cat could trigger some kind of aoe, all melee classes should, cause what is the likeliness of an aoe trigged by a specific class only? or does the boss do something when the tank is too far away? haven't tested it, but again that would not be the cat.


Also, the only aoe I can think of right now (and that might actually end up killing you), is the big red fire circle around him (before the orbs)... But he probably didn't mean that (I hope).


But yeah, mechs in this dungeon are kind of gone as we got way too much ap, so that you can mostly skip the orb phase. Furthermore, noone knows mechs anymore if the group actually has to do them ^^ (loved the run where actual adds appeared at 2. boss and I took all down alone and teammates told me afterwards adds were easy I shouldn't have told them to do them ^^)


I you want to do mechs, you should look into hard mode dungeons, most normal modes have no mechs at all.


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If no one blocks the orbs, then it will be the person who first attack asura boss after the orbs spawned. By the way, if the person or cat get marked, they have little fire arrow animation on them, they should just run around and place fire aoe away from boss. I see a lot of melee over-estimate themselves and just spam attack the boss while having 5 aoe stacking in the middle of the boss.

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The common complaint for bad Summoners in Sogun's Lament tend to be around the fire rotation. This is where Asura summons fire swords, then releases 2 Flamefrost Chi balls and then finally targets one player to throw persistent fire AoEs, before pulling in the room to do a big sweeping kick... and it's at this point where a bad Summoner can screw over their party.


When Asura is done releasing the Flamefrost Chi, he will target someone for those persistent fire AoEs. Asura tends to target the person closest to him with these AoEs... however, a Summoner's cat can also be targeted with these AoEs, meaning that all of the persistent fire effects will appear where the cat is - Asura's feet. This causes two main problems:

1) Melee classes now are unable to fight Asura until the fire goes away or be killed in the fire.

2) After the last AoE is thrown, Asura pulls in the entire room to where his feet are to do a sweeping kick... which means everyone will be pulled into the fire AoEs.


Now, with the giant pull, players can iFrame it (commonly best to SS), but if you don't have the timing or even lag a little bit, you're eating a bunch of fire damage and will probably be killed. So, essentially, one Summoner can completely ruin a Sogun's Lament run just because they didn't have the foresight to recall their cat when the boss started his mechanics.


That is why the Assassin was mad... as are many people whenever a brain-dead Summoner joins a Sogun's Lament run.

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I play a summoner as a main and a BD alt so I know what it is like on both sides.


The summoner should "E" his cat and "Q" to keep it from attacking when the orb fire phase comes. But for the summoners that are new won't know this for the boss.


With that being said melee should know that if the cat is still attacking during orb fire phase that the cat will get marked and should stay back till the fire swords despawn. Especially when you are in a pug.


So imo the sin is as fault for being brain dead and not staying out of the AoE he KNEW that was coming.  lol

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