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  1. You're saying that 3rd spec BD is way more OP compared to their other specs versus the other classes who have 3rd spec classes? I think Blade Master would have a word about that... being one of the most overpowered classes in 3rd spec... not to mention FM. In fact, MOST 3rd spec classes have been stronger than their counterparts... primarily because they want you to play them. BD doesn't need a 3rd spec nerf, but rather a buff to their other specs... though, more accurately, there just needs to be some serious re-balancing for most classes in general.
  2. Hey, all! I took a little break from the game (a little before Grim Tidings) and decided to try and look up any guides/info/comparisons to the new 3rd spec BD. However, it's been exceptionally difficult to look up any information. Anyone who has any experience with the new spec, would you be able to provide some insight into the 3rd spec, how it plays, how it compares to the other specs and what-not? Any information would be great and having it here on the forum will be useful for others also looking for that info. Thanks in advance! ^w^d
  3. Hey all. Considering the drama surrounding the last event, let's just put this out there now, before someone has another aneurysm... With the event ending, remember to log on, spend your event currency as much as you can. Do not expect that you'll be able to use it, just because other events have let you. If you want to gamble on maybe they'll let you do something with the event currency items, feel free to try... but don't expect you'll be able to or that all of the items will still be in the shop for you. Trying to use event items after the event is over i
  4. Here - I'll make it easy for you... https://www.hongmoon-archives.com/classes Has pretty much all the info you'll need. EDIT: You'll have to copy/paste the URL
  5. Okay, look... this is what I did. I was waiting for recruitment in Brood Chamber, so I used the corner to run 20m and loosely timed myself. It took about five seconds, which, dividing into the 20m distance got me 4m/s. So, I multiplied that by 60 (to bring that up to minutes), then by 60 again (for hours). That got me 14,400m per hour or roughly 14km/h. The average male runner between the ages of 18-35 is a little above 13km/h, while the average female runner is closer to 12. So, it's not unreasonable to go 14km/h.
  6. I'm going to be blunt - you should always plan to finish the event BY the final day. Never assume you can just go past the event and keep going. If you have basic event currency and it says it can be used after the event's due date, you can likely gamble on it being available, but don't count on it. The Summer Brews from a couple of events were a good proof of this. While the brews could be used in the shop after the event, 90% of the items you could buy became unavailable as the event ended. A lot of people assumed they could just do what they wanted and move past the
  7. The yellow tokens can still be spent in the dragon trade union. Everything else is over and done with.
  8. Why did you decide to make it 30 normal badges and 60 Ascension Badges? It effectively now takes 90 badges total to make anything right now - 20 more than normal. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't that way for EVERY badge. I think it would have been preferable to allow the Ascension tokens to be converted into the other colours at a 1:1 ratio, then just keep the 70 token requirement. It feels like a step backwards honestly.
  9. Well, the only measurement of length we have in the game is from targeting (which is in meters) so it only makes sense to use that for our distance. Once you have the meters per second, you can convert it to imperial and determine yards/miles or what have you. EDIT: So, I did a little test (nothing super precise), but I got an approximate speed of about 4 meters per second... roughly 14 km/h. Doing a quick Google search... that's a little over the average for an 18 to 35-year old man (and a little bit more over the average for a similarly aged woman).
  10. I mean... the most logical thing I can think of doing in order to figure out how fast the characters can sprint is to go somewhere with a target you can fight (say the training room), get as far away as possible from the target (while still being able to see your distance from them) and note the starting distance. Then, once you have your distance, do a full sprint directly at them. Time the moment from when you start running to the moment you run into the dummy and you have your time factor. Now, all you need to do is calculate speed, since you have distance and time (in meters).
  11. One way to fix this? Just use Simple Mode. It works pretty well with both paths for Astromancer (though it does better with the Thunderer than the Starcaster). Then your F key is freed up for looting.
  12. LMAO gatekeeping? Okay, sure. Look, it's free stuff. You can take it or not. Sure, it'd be nice to get something better, but complaining it's not good enough? That's just entitled, no matter which way you look at it.
  13. First and foremost, I hope you've been getting the Dragon Trade Pouches from Master Hong whenever they pop up to increase inventory space as that'll be highly useful. As for utilizing/storing items... Basic Storage This storage can hold pretty much anything and is the most versatile of your storage tabs. However, it's also the hardest to upgrade and therefore the smallest. Equipable items (weapons, accessories, gems) you're not using are best placed in here. Pretty much, anything you can't put into your... Secondary Storage This is the easiest one
  14. You are correct. War Song is the best badge for Windpiercer Archer. If you don't have access to ability to fuse badges, you can gain Martial Tokens for access to the oldschool fused badges. In that case, get Undying. So, to summarize: -War Song if you can fuse badges -Undying if you can't
  15. Oh no... the wheel that gives you free items twice a day (3 for premium) doesn't give you the free stuff you want anymore... oh noooooo...
  16. So... I don't know if you realize this... but the prior event had all of the bosses nerfed so players could do the Call To Arms event and gain remnants. The event is over, so the bosses have their nerfs removed. So, if you're having a hard time, I recommend looking at easier daily challenges to do for your 3/5/7 completions. Moon Refuge, Koldrak and fighting Junghado are all regular DCs that are all easy to do for pretty much anyone. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate alternate every day and are also easy dungeons (they weren't even nerfed in the prior event). Drowning Deeps, Sandst
  17. Great! I hope we'll be able to run it up the chain to the devs and see if they're down. As for the forum channel, thank you for adding it. Also, thanks for the response. I appreciate it ^w^d
  18. So, the strongest badge for your class and path is Wingrise (fuse Songbird and Premonition). If you're unable to get the Liberty and Resurgence tokens for it those badges (or the 5 Divine Grace Stones and 1 Premium Transformation Stone), you can obtain the older generation of fused badges via Martial Tokens from things like Junghado in Mushin's Tower or Koldrak. With 20 Martial Tokens, you can buy the older gen fused badges in Dragon Express. For your class and path, you'll want to aim for Limitless with Martial Tokens.
  19. Hey! I have a question primarily for the moderator staff... very simple and to the point? 1) Are we going to get an Astromancer section in the class forums any time soon? 2) Will you be fixing the Astromancer class logo not appearing in the character profile window? 3) Will we be getting the remaining orb skins into the game sometime soon (as most aren't in the data and are replaced by the training weapon as a placeholder) The last question is more about clarification about skills, specifically, the Astromancer TAB ability. TAB for Astr
  20. The... astromancer outfit? You mean the one from last event? All you had to do was complete 3 Daily Challenges 3 days in a row. What does Midnight Skypetal Plains have to do with that? You could have literally soloed most of the lower-level dungeons during the prior event, joined parties for higher-level dungeons, farmed moon buds in Moon Refuge, fought Koldrak... there were SO MANY WAYS to get 3 DCs done... why were you focusing on getting to st 3 in MSP?
  21. Not every Wednesday. In fact, I posted the thread shortly after the last time it happened (yesterday).
  22. 100% agreed. I was actually talking about this with my s/o the other day. The trans and prem crystals use untradeable mats anyways... why not just make them account-bound? It would save a lot of headaches... especially if you have a character who's stuck with some of them and can't use them anymore.
  23. Hey all! I'm trying to figure this out, mainly because it's getting a little frustrating. It feels like, what seems like at least once a week, I'll be playing the game and while loading, I'll suddenly get the "Package Files are Corrupted" error and have to perform a Scan File and fix on the launcher in order to get things working again. The thing is that, seeing how it's happening at least once a week, I feel like this is a temporary solution and I'm considering looking for something a bit more permanent. Has anyone else been noticing this issue and, if so,
  24. TL;DR - "I quit the game and, since I'm such an enlightened being, you all must follow my example and quit too." I've seen these kinds of threads on multiple MMO forums and they always come off as self-righteous fluff... and here's the thing about that. 1) Nobody knows who you are, let alone cares you're quitting. 2) If you are quitting, why waste your time making this thread? 3) How about you let people enjoy playing the games they enjoy? Instead, you spend an hour making this essay to convince people to follow your lead... for what? Since I'
  25. This is going round and around with nonsense, so I'm just going to explain it plainly. In order to do get the Weekly Challenge remnant, you don't ever have to do Silversteel. All you need to do is: 1) Botany Center, Titan Chamber, Hall of the Keeper, Hall of the Templar (all are super easy nowadays and people do them all the time, just remember mechs for BC and TC) 2) Do daily dungeons in the cross server. Focus on Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel, Cathedra Cliffs and Halcyon Hills (but in all honesty, doing all available dungeons is a good idea) Doing 5 or so du
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