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  1. You seem to be missing the issue entirely. F8 wasn't designed to be your own personal taxi it's a system designed to put 6 people together to complete a dungeon, so what if it can be done with less people when going with a full party makes it easier and faster and the players then have more time to go on to do other dungeons. As to your full of yourself attitude i have absolutely no need to be carried as i've been playing the game for 2 years and have almost perfect gear and well over 1.2k ap lol, unlike you i have the courtesy to use the physical portals and solo the content when
  2. So it's ok that you don't want to waste the 5/10 seconds on a loading screen to get to zaiwei but the 5 other people who are prepared to go into a dungeon wasting their time to recruit another player is just fine with you huh? As well as the 6th person who had to be recruited then risks missing the first boss and a daily lockout because they take longer to get there because of you. Ever thought that maybe they don't give a damn about your 1.1k ap but would have preferred to just have a 6th player that actually participated?
  3. I'm sorry you had a bad experience over not understanding the moml rule, it's easy to forget that some people who bid may be new players or simply had a lapse of memory and clicked without thinking which is why i always made a point of explaining. The reason people get aggressive is because even after being told there's often someone who will bid regardless. When you use an item/orb for the benefit of the group rather than selling it to use towards upgrading your own character it can be upsetting when your generosity is not appreciated. As people have said repeatedly th
  4. I'ts people like the OP who are the reason i solo cold storage and heavens mandate, as much as i'd like to help lower geared players have a nice smooth run through the dungeons to complete their daily challenges i'm tired of the selfishness of the few who ruin it for the many.
  5. For the last couple of months i rarely land on premium spots and when i do it's the return to start "prize" which is usually the one right on the end, meaning i miss out on all of the better items at the end of the daily dash. I'ts more of a punishment for premium users than an asset.
  6. NCs stance on ping boosters is that they do not support them but they don't forbid them. They won't help with issues that arise from ping boosters interfering with the game and there is a small chance of your account being banned if it gets caught up in a sweep done to get rid of bots/gold spammers etc that might be using the same ping booster server you are. In the past when that's happened the people who got wrongfully banned were able to recover their account though. I've been using either wtfast or pingzapper without any issues for about 2 years.
  7. I've posted before that i believe that event dungeons should have to include doing the mechanics and not just burning through with pure dps so it's nice to see this one has actual mechanics however an event dungeon shouldn't be difficult to the point that it's only worth doing with clan/static groups instead of being able to join a pug group and risk an excessive amount of time/wipes to complete it. I've played since launch so as happy as i am to see Poh have some time in the spotlight again the dungeon should have been recreated to be the same as it was back then with HP and gear
  8. Unfortunately forming parties with friends/guildies for peach farming isn't really efficient because everyone gets their own random set of peach quests. You could try sending party invites to people you see going after the same mobs as you, it can be faster and less competition for mobs if you make a number of short term parties for peach farming.
  9. I'm disappointed but not really surprised that the new premium is underwhelming, if they had really wanted to make more of their player base happy to pay a monthly subscription they would have scrapped ALL the ridiculous taxes eg; pet glamour, mail fees and the rest of the marketplace fees. The HM coin you get isn't even enough to purchase one of the cheapest outfits in the store once a month and to make it worse if you actually want the premium box of stuff each day you need to pay 30nc or 30hm to purchase it so not only are you not really getting free coin each day you're losing
  10. Advantages like peach bonus, lower upgrade fees, lower market fees, extra xp, extra gold etc can be helpful if you're still getting your character to endgame but it starts losing value after you have your character maxed. You wont need the reduced upgrade fees after you have your gear finished, the extra xp doesn't help a lot when you need such huge amounts of xp for hm levels and the extra gold you get isn't all that outstanding. The zen bean/battlepoint bonus is still good if you enjoy pvp and the peach bonus can still be useful if you farm the peaches for treasure pouch mats af
  11. No worries :) It's easy to forget that not everyone understands and there is also a portion of the population who just does not care for social niceties and bids anyway. Oh and by the way MOML means my orb my loot.
  12. It's kind of a player made rule that in cold storage or heavens mandate the loot belongs to the person who puts the orb in. It's considered a courtesy to pass on the loot because you would not have been able to participate without someone being generous enough to provide the orb for the whole party. If the white orb is in the loot table and is used after killing the first boss in cold storage than it is fine to bid on the loot for the second boss otherwise pass on the second boss's loot if someone puts thier own orb in.
  13. In previous years you got your standard amount with the box but then had to bid against others for the extra mushrooms in the end of dungeon box, i much prefer this then having to waste gold bidding for them. I do the event on 10 characters and it's pretty convenient when there's some high geared people to make it go faster but honestly i also think it's pointless to have these events where you can completely ignore the mechanics of the dungeon and just burn it down instead. I'm glad that you don't lose mushrooms if you have bad luck with your party setup but at the sam
  14. Mine are still bugged every day since day 2 but i can always get them eventually, start trying a couple of hours before reset at 10 EST and make sure you don't use pingzapper/mouse/keyboard software when you go to retrieve them. I wonder if the bug happens more often to people who live in different timezones but my housemate has only had the issue once while i have it every day so who knows.
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