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  1. Assassin

    Don't let it went to personal in this matter. Summoners have just received a huge nerf in Korea and in fact, Sin will get some nice changes even tho hes pretty strong atm compared to what he was before. Most summoners who still believe their class isnt top tier are not even close to the higher ratings.
  2. Random Disconnect

    This issue persists over a Week now. The latency and connection issues are not getting better at all, they are getting worse. I'm living near Frankfurt and it feels like i'm trying to ping another *cricket*ing solar system.
  3. Disconnect from the server.

    me too.
  4. Hello Guys, the Version of the 'Pirate King' costume from the Archievment vendor can't be stored in the wardrobe. Its salvagable; The original one who drops in BSH isnt.
  5. Frequent disconnectivity at the loading page

    Similar issues. Yesterday 2-3 Disconnects throughout the evening. Today allready at 4 Disconnects within 3 hours. I' get frikking mad...
  6. Legendary Waffen Skins in shop

    Ah sehr gut. - Danke fuer die Klarifikation. :-)
  7. Legendary Waffen Skins in shop

    Ich bin mir dessen nicht 100 % sicher, aber ich meine in Erinnerung zu haben, dass sie in einem Ihrer Streams darueber gesprochen haben, dass es die Skins fuer die Waffen noch nicht gaebe, aber man sich vorstellen könne, diese früher oder später im Shop anbieten zu können.
  8. Menace ||

    He's probably one of the Top PvP Zerks in EU and since he obioesly doesnt know how to contact him, he probably just opened a thread for it.
  9. Disconnected from server (2000) error

    Yay, can't wait to log-in again to do some Arena to lose against some shitty bot/hacking summoners.
  10. I remember shortly before the release of Blade and Soul talking to friends like: "Oh NcSoft is a good Publisher, i dont think they sink in bad choices." Well i failed on that and after i just lost 200 Arena rating duo to perma invisible summoners. Yesterday there had been tons of summoners who atleast basic attacked between their sunflower /invisible spam so you could parry and perma cc them to death. Now they are just spamming sunflower and are invisible the whole time. I whouldnt care that much if the bots are focussing on PvE but for now, i'm having a harder time 1600+ then preSeason 2000+.
  11. Am i the only sin giggeling in the dark about that part?
  12. Mein persönlicher Focus lag zu Beginn schon mehr auf PvP. Vorzugsweise Arena und zukünftige BG's. Raids wie Blackwyrm oder auch nun das Event meide ich fuer gewoehnlich. Ich war noch nie der große Fan von Zerg und Lagfests. Inzwischen haben wir uns aber ganz gut darauf eingependelt, uns an fast jeglichen content zu beteiligen. :-)
  13. Why mess with my class?

    You allways should weave Lightning strike in between for the 3-1 Focus Regenertaion on target hit. In my personal opinio they didnt messed at all with the sin. quiet the opposite. We got some really juicy love with this update.
  14. Lightning Draw -Volume 2 BD

    The Loottable has been merged to the 6man Dungeons and the 4man dungeons has been removed with the recent patch. The Drop rates of those hongmoon techs are pretty low tho and you probably have to be aware of *crickets* who bidd you up on purpose. There should be an Archievement Merchant somewhere where you are able to invest Archievementpoints + Naryu Silver or Coins (or whatever) for the techniques you like. But i noticed some people saying, that this is actually disabled duo to some issues with that.
  15. Ich finde es -um ehrlich zu sein- gut, dass es Leute gibt, die sich darüber Beschweren und es in frage stellen, ob sich ein 3 Monatsabo bei solch schwerwiegenden Dingen lohnt, überhaupt zu kaufen. Das Botproblem nimmt aktuell überhand. Nicht nur, weil es nur Bots sind, sondern weil sie inzwischen in der Lage sind, mithilfe von exploits und Cheaterei besser zu spielen, als Humanoide. Ich persönlich haette auf den Content-update-rush ruhig noch 2-3 Wochen warterei ertragen, wenn das bedeuten würde, dass gegen die ganze Bot/hackerei in der Arena erfolgreich unterommen werden würde. Es wird aktuell nicht besser; es wird schlimmer..