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  1. gems

    They don't really value us or the experience we have in-game, only the money that we spend while we're here. The gem issue that you have a problem with is the same on every other server, so it's unlikely that it'll change. Expect more things like it in the future as the game's playerbase continues to dwindle.
  2. Why the negativity about server merging ?

    Server merging is always bad news because in any game, if servers are empty then it's a sign that people are leaving the game.
  3. gems

    It is unlikely that those gems will ever be available through actual content because this game is just a cash cow.
  4. I'm asking because I want to take a very long break from this game, but I've got 9800 HM coin. If it expires when I come back I'll be just a bit upset.
  5. I want ur opinions , should NC CHILL?

    You should read between the lines. :-)
  6. I want ur opinions , should NC CHILL?

    It's too late. This game's playerbase is gone.
  7. How long has it been since there was a story content update in the korean version?
  8. How dead is this game already?

    This game is a daily grind. It gets very old, very fast.
  9. Best way to go from HM1 to HM5

  10. Awakened Pirate -> New Upgrade Path?

    What do you mean the same as the TW server?
  11. I'm more sick of the people who keep telling others to jump ship to BDO as if that doesn't have it's own fair share of issues.
  12. Thank you for being the only person to see the clear difference in quality. These were my AA settings at the time of the screenshot