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  1. Character transfer between regions

    The Region Transfer isn't going to happen. I suggest you to start again, in EU server, and buy a level 50 voucher. I believe you're not Aransu+ and you can get a raven very cheap with the current event. What I'm saying is: I believe your gear is somewhat easy to catch up, and if you were willing to pay for a transfer, pay for a 50 voucher instead, so you don't waste so much time lvling again.
  2. Stop Lobby harassment please (Repost)

    I honestly think asking for AP when recruiting is stupid, Of course the player needs the min requirements to join the dungeon, but mechanics > ap. 1.2k AP for RT /Normal Mode/ is pathetic. Makes me think people have a hard time doing mechanic and wanna skip the most of it.
  3. Creating Outfit

    I was wondering, the staff who creates the outfits we wear in game, which course did they take in University? It seems like a pretty fun job, I wanna do that! I sent them a ticket asking that, and they told me they can't help me, but I could ask here..
  4. FREE Awakened Hongmoon Energy/Awakened Ascending Soul

    I think it's fair enough, so new people can catch up with who has been playing since forever. edit: but I think there should be a way for those with advanced soul also upgrade theirs from this event, wtf it's not giving Oils?
  5. Hollow's Heart [Far Mark]

    Thank you very much! Make a video sometime, I'm pretty sure every summoner here wants to see this!
  6. Hollow's Heart [Far Mark]

    I'd like to watch a video (Summoner POV) doing Far Mark. I've searched and didn't find anything. Could someone share a link?
  7. Hollow's Heart [Far Mark]

    I've seen a summoner doing Far Mark, so how can you say we don't have mobility for that?
  8. Clarification on Soguns Lament please.

    You should alwaus E cat then Q right away after the 2 orbs are blocked. Asura will always cast swords on the cat if it was attacking asura during the projectils/orbs part.
  9. Weapon Skin / Appearance

    Yes. You can use and reuse the same weapon skin as many times you want. Yes. Unless you have the weapon skin to equip, there is no way to see how it looks equipped afaik.
  10. suggestion

    What's a "safe" ?
  11. Creating character's alteration

    That's extremely smart.
  12. Is this outfit obtainable?

    I'm looking forward to this outfit as well, I hope it won't be from p2w events like lucky boxes or trove
  13. This is not pvp

    hack issue was never solved in aion, and some people only stopped using hacks when aidps came out
  14. Rumblebee vs Sunflower

    sunflower, cut animation with lb
  15. i really suck vs other summoner and even more vs force master. ive tried everything i think o.O let the summoner pet unconcious but doesnt work good coz my chi rec is aoe.... tried to kill pet first, summoner first, and however i end up losing most of the time...! anything u guys do and actualyl work? vs FM i use polen always i can but not working as good as last patch >.>? i also try to use seed shroud always i can and root the fm from behind. but anyway, i almost never win either. so if someone has good ideas gimme pls
  16. as enhance said, it's when you give the person gold and the person pay you with real money for the gold. but if you just trade the gold and no real money is involved then ncsoft has no reason to ban you.
  17. still. as far there is no rmt there is no reason to ban
  18. Summoner vs Summoner/Force Master

    fm aint problem anymore. now it's dest q-q
  19. you can't sounds dumb imo. rmt is bannable, but if i have 10 golds and i wanna give you 5 golds i can, why not o.O
  20. Mushin's Tower shoulshield! Crit get 1 3 5 6 7 from bsh and 2 4 8 from mushin's tower. then craft crit soulshields and fuse them. bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/149253-guide-bis-crit-bopae-set-post-bsh/ I don't know. Basically, you need Soul Wardens craft skill level 3. You can craft green crit soul shields or get recipes from instances and craft blue crit soul shields, both max crit is the same but with blue ones the chances of getting max stats is higher. big4 dailies + E. E. Fleet and Bloodshade Harbour (3 golds +- each), bsh6 (80ish silvers) poh6 (80ish silvers) Mushin's tower (+- 2 golds), and arenas for soulstones (you can whether sell or use soulstones). + you coul buy pickaxe get the stones and sell. faster way to get soulstone is arena. best way to get gold is dailies. bsh6/4 and poh6/4 are 80ish silvers per, e.e fleet and bloodshade harbor are 3 golds each in total, if u do all the dailies in there. faction dailies, but arena still the best way, even losing. i recommend soul wardens. craft moonwater transformation stone way cheaper, and crit soul shield that you'll need. yes. just keep upgrading them.
  21. Warlock Weapon Skin (On release)

    me too! wasn't into warlock until i see this pic
  22. Whisper Cross Server

    it's really dumb and def need changes. i can add people from diff servers to my friend list yet i can't whisper them. what's the point of adding them ? stalk? when i add someone is bcoz someday in future i will want to whisper them and ask if they wanna join me in tag match or instance, so could you please ncsoft make whispers possible if i have the person in my friend list?
  23. How to exit first-person mode

    Just zoom in more, and it'll be fixed