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  1. what do i do

    I guess I have not been clear enough about this.... The Seolak Soul is like a hongmoon 3 soul, yes. But you DO NOT get the level one soul, as you simply upgrade the seolak soul itself. The upgrade goes from Seolak to Hongmoon soul Stage 4, costs 15 trasformation stones and 5 void fragments. So there is absolutly no need to get the Hongmoon soul at level one and do the upgrades. Just upgrade the Seolak Soul. It was only about a week not upgradable, wich was a mistake by ncsoft. It is upgradable about... how many month? 5 or something? not sure.
  2. what do i do

    Sorry but there is wrong information.... While most if it is fine, please forget about soul (total bullshit there sorry) and you got another option for you soul badge. First the badge: while you can buy the badge with tokens from F5 (and with alluvion you actually have to), you also can buy them with sun points/orbs you get from just doing dailies (so magnum you could get this way). While it takes about a month of dailies to get your badge, you save about 300 or more gold which you can use to get other stuff. So depending on which badge you want, that might be an option. Second: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase the hongmoon soul stage 1. This is super outdated and only needed when you thrased you seolak soul, which you got from the story. The seolak soul equals a stage 3 hongmoon soul and can be upgraded, so you save quite a lot of stuff as you start with a level 4 (or 3, can't check right now) soul instead of buying everything. I guess Ludicium missed that update, that happens. The other stuff he said is totally fine. Also, he probably implied that by saying raids, I just wanna specify, there are "easy mode" raids, which are called weeklies. This are 3 mini raids and you can totally just join then right now (people will search for them in faction/region chat). But you have to do the orange quest before you can accept these (the last part of the orange quests in killing stuff in the real raids, which can't be soloed. when you get to that point just stop, you don't need that to accept the weeklies. You can always check if you already can accept them with the small button over your quests which says 0/3 weeklies) Also for legendary accessories, you do NOT want to buy the ring or earring with draken cores. they are not that good. For ring/earring take the purple elemental drops from tomb/sanctum (watch out for your element, they all have the same name). With cores/drops you want your bracelet/neck/belt (in that priority, of course if one drops go for it), altough I don't know which bracelet the wl uses, you need to look that up or someone tell you here. And just do everything in the time that is ok for you, you will be fine ;)
  3. wind / erde

    Wind ist mit bt stärker, erde mit vt. Ich werd zwar wohl nie wind spielen, weil ich meine blümchen einfach lieber mag, ich hab aber mal geschaut... Ich hab was auf reddit gefunden, da gehts zwar um kr standards, aber er hat auch seine Werte gepostet... mit Wind schafft er wohl 420k dps bei moyun, mit erde ca. 500-510k dps. Ist also schon mehr als 30k ;) und bei dem besser ist immer auch die frage, was du denn machen willst. Im pve ist Erde zwar stärker, aber PvP ist es natürlich Wind.
  4. New Math?

    I have no idea why this is rated a one star dungeon and basin a three star. Yungsang is rather mechanical heavy... And you are right, those numbers do not quite add up. That does not really matter though, you got a different problem. The point of him is not to facetank and eat every single one of his attacks, but you need to learn the pattern and evade it. That is what you should be working on, not more hp ;) of course, with enough gear you can kinda faceroll him, because he is dead in a few seconds, but that is obviously not the case for you. So stop looking at how much every single thing does and learn how to not get hit (yeah I know easier said than done, but it is the only thing that works), there are many video guides out there.
  5. you also wanna look at your quests and accept (in j) "the dead never die" or something like that (and the other 2 in that category as well). It requires you to do ebonrace citadel to foundry and then 16. floor of mushin tower. This quests gives you 250 draken cores, as they are tradable and you got alts... well do as you please with them ;) Also the other blue quests requires you to do the weekly quests (mini raids), which are fairly easy. In return you get 3 pieces of the next legendary soul shield (bt, ravenking), which, depending on your class, you might wanna wear. Also tiger/dragon bracelet depends on your class and element, we cannot help there without that infomation ;)
  6. Transcendence

    Eternity can be purchased by solar energy, the other ones still have to be bought with tokens. As it is the previous season, the only way to get them is through F5 now. If you want to have a look at what each badge does, go to the tower of mushin and talk to the npc at the left of the tower of infintiy stairs. he has (almost) every badge. The other badge can be seen (and bought) next to the storage guy (where the costumes/accesories are).
  7. SIN-DarkBuild-HELP

    there are still many suggesting dragon bracelet, that is right.... for a video: I think this one explains it rather good. So you kinda keep everything but badges, which you switch to skyrift and the glory/alluvion. plus element change in bt accessoiries of course. That is of course, if you really want to change... if you just wanna give it a try, just go ahead and test a bit with the stuff you have right now. The impression will not be super perfect, but you get an idea.
  8. As beeing said, the first elemental accesoirs are just viotelt drops from the boss, and just hope for your element ;) just take what you can get first (I got the feeling I dropped all the fire accesoiries in the world with my alt, which unfortunatly needs shadow ^^) Well for your gear... From the weapon you go from this directly to raven 1, as it is way cheaper right now (just a notice for your progression). With draken cores you want (in that order) bracelet - neclace - belt. Also the bracelet is the most important to max out. Which one you go really depends on if you wanna switch in the middle. again, with msp tiger is better, with bt dragon, then again tiger... so you could just go tiger and be done with it. I am not sure with the english names... is you glove still the story glove or the one you can get at the npc in valindria? you might wanna check up with the npc then. Also, please do not throw away your old accesoiries. If the are at max you can salvage them for elements (only if you don't need them any longer)
  9. you can make those primers yourself (and buy them in the dragon express). The tradabales are expensive, but you can craft a non tradable version for your own use, which is way cheaper (they are account bound). I am not sure about the english name of the profession... soul warden maybe? the one with the soul shield as symbol... Also, if you want to fuse the msp soul shield, just use the blue primer, they are totally enough in that case, as you will change it rather soon.
  10. Soul Shield

    in msp, which you can enter in zaiwei in the south dungeon "district", it is called midnight sky planes for a reason ;) I really like it there
  11. Well welcome back ;) First... we talk about earth sum then, just to make sure ;) 1. So for badges, if you go for the super optimal: magnum with msp soul shields (midnight sky plains, the ones from longui/gifted by the story), alluvion with bt (first raid), then again magnum (fused with the current one) for vt soul shields. If you start now, just get the magnum I would say, it is still totally ok with bt shields and you want to change later anyway. Plus you do not have to buy tokens for it, which saves you some gold. You could of course buy the tokens for it, but as they are rather old (and not that common anymore) it will get expensive. Your best bet is to collect enough solar energy to get your badge (it is about one month of doing dailes). The thing with the mystic badges is, they changed that for us last patch. So we actually get some damage now and enigma is not really the best choice anymore (unless you are somehow desperate for focus for some reason). It depends a bit on your play style... I read that with bt soul shields pulse is better, as you get reduced cd of doom and bloom. On the other hand, if you get many resets (weapon/block stuff) you can go skyrift and proc the badge with 1 (damage variant). Personally I went with the skyrift one, but I did not do the excact math, and I probably get the vt one soon anyway, so it did not really matter that much to me. Maybe someone has done the math and writes here as well ;) 2. well I don't pvp, but I think that is right ^^ 3. as earth sum, there is only one way to go: you go full msp (the one from story), then you change directly to full bt (ravenking/skybreak spire, the first real raid). So no mixing. Also, now people hardly mix msp with xanos, but with the gifted 3 bt soul shields (again, as earth sum not that great) Also, the next easier dungeon after sanctum is star stone mine (very easy mechanics), and people tend to ask for 1000 ap there.... The question is more, what gear do you have? as you haven't mention, I just state some general things... you go necklace from tomb, also elemental ring from tomb, belt from foundry, bracelet from foundry and earring from foundry. Earring and ring are violet ones. For more information, please tell us what you got ;) (screen or if you want to give us a name, you can link bns tree here). You might already have some things of these (or older versions, elemental stuff was different before). For now till sanctum is fine, you might get into some star stone mines runs as you are not that far off for 1k ap, just try ;) if (sorry forgot english name) and ebondrake lair have a harder mechanic so not so many do it. 4. I would add cold storage, as it takes 2 min for 2 gold, other things depend how much time you got (for example bosses in the peaches pasis might drop something, but I think they kinda reduced drop rates there, not sure)... Edit: 2 min too late ^^
  12. My game is 65GB and it still requirs updates

    I just checked, mine is about 35 GB, so something went wrong there... you might wanna deinstall/delete all and start new, because that sounds strange
  13. this kinda sounds like you just started with the buffs ;) they were here about... 3 weeks I think? so not really a long time, in which every little bit of mechanic left was ignored, which I personally thought to be super boring. If you think a fight takes too long, you might wanna consider to actually do the mechnic of the dungeon (and yes I know they are nerved to the ground in the lower ones, especially as you talk about auto recruit, which most people do not do after ns, they still help a bit) but it is a good training to get used to do stuff besides dps. Of course the run gets easier if someone who could solo this dungeons runs it with you ;) (speaking extreme) But be sure, you can run dungeons even if it takes a bit longer (assuming story gear up to naryu foundry/sanctum) They were always just a temporary thing, also, hongmoon level are not really a top priotiry, but gear is ;) So try to get your stuff from desolate tomb, foundry and sanctum and move from there. Because without that, you are not meant to be in the newest dungeons, sorry to tell you that. A party of fresh out of story characters probably would hit the enrage timer even when mechs are right (without doing the math), so you need to work your way up there ;) Also auto recruit just looks who is searching for that dungeon in that moment and throws them together. Which is if you want a certain group or certain other thing, manual is better. Personally Sanctum is the last dungeon I press the lfp button, for the others manual recruit is easier. Battleground were not buffed I think, just dungeons...
  14. Mystic Badge for Earth Summoner

    Well I did not do the exact math for it, kinda followed my play style (plus gear)... skyrift needs 1 to trigger, and only weed whack at that, but has the higher modifier... puls uses doom and bloom to trigger but lower modifier, both 6 seconds. Now with bt soul shields, you have a lower cd on doom and bloom (was it 13 seconds? can't check right now), which is way lower than over 20 seconds for weed whack. But, if you block often, you reset your 1 and can get the proc from the badge again. So the question is, how often do you block and how long do you stay in bt soul shields... on the other side, for content where you have to root, the skyrift one is useless. I heard from someone else, for bt pluse is still good/better (not sure if they did the math), but for vt soul shields skyrift is better (assuming you don't have vt badge of course) Personally I went skyrift, because I am very close to 8 vt shoul shields. But if you are gonna stay in bt some while, pulse might be good as well...
  15. lobby chat slang

    they probably did ask for you level (although I am rarely in the pvp lobby)... and probably kicked you, cause you said nothing? or you didn't press ready? and yes, "X daily" means daily quest for X, they may ask for silver/gold or something though, I guess that depends (which would be your ranking)..