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  1. I have 280-300ms ping in game with exitlag already and was able to clear boss 3 stealbreaker lol. even got the speed kill. so its just you.
  2. It only affect "SUNFLOWER" not "Super sunflower". I have the badge myself and already asked top summoners about it. Made couple parses between old badge and current badge and can clearly see there was no boost for super sunflower. and yes you are RIGHT. It is a new TIER of item. higher than VT badge which was couple of years ago and as such, it has to perform better. Lol I was talking how it boosted sunflower and not Super Sunflower. no matter how many boost REGULAR sunflower gets on other items, it doesn't matter as sunflower is the last in a dps meter of an earth summ
  3. Hi, I was told by support if there's any experience issue with the game, its better to write it in forum than write in support. I know my report is not in ncwest hands but I know you guys can help us get to kr devs the message. its regarding earth summoner's ET badge. Its just plain bullshit that wind et badge get skill modifier on their MAIN DAMAGE rmb "rumblebees" while earth et badge gets the modifier on the VERY LEAST DAMAGE dealer sunflower. Its sunflower not super sunflower. I hope you guys can tell KR DEVS to at least make it super sunflower as nobody on vt or
  4. so its automatically applied in BNS account? you can't get multiple keys with multiple emails anymore?
  5. @jones6 hi what do u mean applied automatically o.o
  6. Hi can anyone help me? I'm in US. but i cant get a key. there's 11952 left but says the errors
  7. Truth. That was the REAL reason behind the fix. Yes no gem crit but too much crit and goods being given out. Lots of empyrean, evo stones, psts and other rare stuffs. I remember a friend on 50keys with more than 25 crits. Now they fixed it by putting gem, yes, but the crit is fcking rare like in my 100 keys there was no gem crit lol. So those people who got lots of goodies got reimbursed for getting nice stuff and they get to keep them? LOL
  8. Just to test again, have 100 keys opening right now and lol all the loots are the SAME again :) its all 10ms. 1 token, ss, 100fortune potions, etc etc. 60keys rolled so far. I didnt mind spending thousands in this game but to deal with no conscience people. I dont care about giving full reimbursement to people who bought too. Just dont manipulate your so called rng. As what was replied to us by a mod, " if a drop rate is low , no matter how many keys u used it's impossible to get it" and you call that rng. Done. S200 dollars with full of fortune potions, soups, and the
  9. I opened 300 keys and got most of the rolls the SAME. including mamosu, fortune potion, soup etc etc. They said they fixed it but not even the gem crit was showing. Someone posted on reddit his trove opening before reimbursement and they was like 75% crit all the time with the empyrean charms, psts, gems etc etc. So know what? They get to keep those good items then have the same amount of keys lol. LOL. I dont think what you guys fix was the "NO gem crit bug" . It was more likely they fixed it because it was giving too much items and criting a lot. How can you peop
  10. Your reply is way far from what i was saying. Yes it is hard I know that and stuff. I never said they should put ALL The shields, I was just specifying the number 3 one. This topic was to specify if they can at least put the number 3 piece available without achievement since 1 and 2 are available without it.
  11. As we all know we can purchase ss 1 and 2 via merchant in khanda vihar with raven feathers. So I'm really hoping gms will make piece 3 be purchasable without the achievement. Some people who did BT will prolly react no u need to do the raid first but come one its just 1 piece and having ss1 and ss2 purchasable is really worthless cause you need 3 piece for a 3 pc set. It's not really so much to ask. I dont care not getting 4-8 as I'm not leaving my clan whom I came to love dearly just for bt. I've tried to pug it or join some clans where you dont have to leave your current clan for bt run
  12. to be honest. 2nd one is 1.5k and 1st one is 1k xD Thank you skelettbuss for sharing your advice on custom pc parts. I'm not tech savvy person so I mostly buy pre-build ones but I'll search the ones you gave me. About how much will the one you say cost ? if you dont mind.. I'm currently using laptop which is i7 and gtx 960 but max fps is 30 which i bought 2yrs ago at around the price too =( and well I don't wanna use my laptop for gaming purposes anymore.
  13. Hi, I'm planning to buy a new pc and don't mind leveling ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up a bit for bns xD .. so i need and hopefully can get some nice feedback which is better among these selections: 1st: MSI Codex X3-013US Desktop Computer; Intel Core i7-7700K Processor 4.2GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready; 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM; 512GB M.2 SSD Intel Core i7-7700K Processor 4.2GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM 512GB M.2 SSD 2nd: HP Omen 870c Desktop - Intel Core i7 - 8GB Graphics Operating system: Windows 10 Home2 Memory slots: 4 DIMM Memory (
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