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  1. EU server still has it today but on Yura it's not opening anymore even though the trove only comes next day.
  2. They certainly might be 1000 y.o. since e.g. Mushin is a Naryu prince, so from an empire which has since become extinct and its relics are excavated all over the game world. It seems that becoming a guardian grants them something like a semi-divinity status and prolongs the existance. Similarly as fusing with a demon seems to make you ageless like in case of Jinsoyun and Yura. What is interesting is how the Ancient Cemetery Divine Mandate is situated time-wise to the Empyrean Citadel one, since in the first we see Jinsoyun as a child and in case of the second she seems to have been living in t
  3. So after nerfing weeklies &wc mats, they gonna nerf dungeons and dc mats? I think it's time to jump this shiiiiip then.
  4. This isn't 1.5 on average but significantly lower, maybe about 1.2...
  5. Current patch notes: "The Iron Conqueror Medallion, Frostburn Orb, and Heart of the Great Thrall can no longer be purchased from Dragon Trader Junsorei."
  6. I think cold storage merchant only has a pauldron for it. But you can drop visually identical fashion from Heaven's Mandate, it's called Hongmoon Duster.
  7. "Complete the following daily quests to earn more Ice Cubes" - the listed quests (FAS, SJF, Halls) are actually weeklies.
  8. As above, it took at least 15 mins for the mail with verification code to arrive on gmail and after 30 mins none have arrived still on yahoo.
  9. Does your IP change between game launches (does your connection/router get reset/restarted)?
  10. Maybe use them on "old spec" accessory and then swap to new spec one at lvl 10? Or invest them into non-spec one like gloves or necklace. Swapping bt accessories should be cheap - takes dragon express emblem. And 100 jewels might be just enough to raise 1 accessory to 10.
  11. This looks the same to me like with the "Optimize for low end PC" option toggled on, so maybe there's no need to mess with the files?
  12. But did you check the processes using this file?
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