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  1. The most p2w patch i’ve ever seen in this game LOL

    This isn't 1.5 on average but significantly lower, maybe about 1.2...
  2. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Current patch notes: "The Iron Conqueror Medallion, Frostburn Orb, and Heart of the Great Thrall can no longer be purchased from Dragon Trader Junsorei."
  3. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    They are just removing this option too.
  4. Hongmoon Training Uniform Mailable

    I think cold storage merchant only has a pauldron for it. But you can drop visually identical fashion from Heaven's Mandate, it's called Hongmoon Duster.
  5. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Event Launches August 21

    "Complete the following daily quests to earn more Ice Cubes" - the listed quests (FAS, SJF, Halls) are actually weeklies.
  6. Verification emails not being sent?

    As above, it took at least 15 mins for the mail with verification code to arrive on gmail and after 30 mins none have arrived still on yahoo.
  7. Is there a way to disable e-mail verification

    Does your IP change between game launches (does your connection/router get reset/restarted)?
  8. Maybe use them on "old spec" accessory and then swap to new spec one at lvl 10? Or invest them into non-spec one like gloves or necklace. Swapping bt accessories should be cheap - takes dragon express emblem. And 100 jewels might be just enough to raise 1 accessory to 10.
  9. 3rd Spec BM FPS killer

    This looks the same to me like with the "Optimize for low end PC" option toggled on, so maybe there's no need to mess with the files?
  10. is MSP continuing the double weekend treasure?

    It's still active.
  11. Error while updating NC Launcher

    But did you check the processes using this file?
  12. Error while updating NC Launcher

    I guess you can only make a ticket with the support then. Those update issues have been here ever since launcher 2 replaced the previous version and so far not much, if anything, has been done to fix them...
  13. Error while updating NC Launcher

    Try restarting launcher when it gets stuck verifying. Or restarting computer if just launcher restart doesn't help.
  14. Suggestions to quality of life changes

    I've never seen a quest give more than 5 rewards and thus it is for me just a poor designed attempt to harass players into buying bag expansions.
  15. Suggestions to quality of life changes

    What I'd like to see for QoL, is less "Your inventory is full" messages. It would be nice if those only appeared when the bag does not have enough slots for the loot acquired from a box and not when it doesn't have enough slots for all possible loot that might drop (but never does in such amounts).