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Merchent actually coded in?

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I gave up on this event after I saw the drop list and there were no gems. I'll just do dailies and that's it, won't even bother to spend my resets for this. If I wanted Honoraries and radiant energies

MERCHANT OF WONDERS   just what in the hell are those? Is this what you call christmas event you guys givin' us trash items.   It suppose to be a good one. coz' it Christ

This is the season of giving.. Giving NC all our money.    This is the worst Christmas event NC Na has done and I've seen some pretty bad ones on l2

13 cold storge resets 8 mandate used em  same day patch came out.Out of 21 it spawmed 1 time inside mandate,I'm sure there are people who used way more,It's obvious rate for merchant is way lower than last time,i also do daily dungeons that has a chance for merchant to spawm (Storge,Mandate,Sogun,Mastas,Gloom,Necro) been days that i didn't get even one to spawm.

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Most of the times he's spawned for me are in CS followed by Mandate, Gloomdross, Sogun... never seen him in Necro or Masts and I'm not at a point to be doing Ebon or DT or Foundry... the only things of value I have gotten are Honorary Ornaments which I turn around and market. Everything else has been trash. :(

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yea this merchant sucks, if i see him once per day, doing every single dungeon there, i am happy... and guess what, best picks 1 or 3 soulstones or 1 msp plant... siiigh

not willing to spend for resets cs or hm, it was worth in past merchants with 40-50 perc spawn rate, not this

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On 12/15/2016 at 11:04 PM, Meginb said:

Nah... the spawnrate is roughly 16% which I would say is accurate. The terrible inventory list sucks most of the time which makes it feel even worse even if he does spawn.



It frankly has me tilted. I would love to see developers actually comment on this. I feel like a lot of people are annoyed.

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