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  1. Sooo, with radiant energies and mysterious crystals going away, should I hold off on any gem transmutations until after the change? There are hongmoon aquamarines in the shop right now. I was thinking of buying 3 and making a hexagonal one, but with the new system on the way, should I not bother and wait? Thanks.
  2. It really does suck that you get immediately kicked even if you manage to log back in while the battle is still going on.
  3. The cat needs buffing for sure. I agree with the OP; the cat is way too easy to burst now.
  4. I did blackwyrm long ago when Old Man Cho was still crimson paradise. I have a blackwyrm staff. I never figured out what it was for... just cosmetic? It is pretty hideous tbh.
  5. I have 51 dragon ones and I almost tossed them because the small ones were much more readily available. I have 1000 small ones because they only stack to 1k and I was tossing out any over that. The dragons used to drop from what you see on the description, but stopped awhile back because I've had 51 of them for a long time now. I'll be pretty upset if I learn I held onto 1000 small dragon certificates for no reason other than to just throw them away!
  6. Test it again. Apparently it wasn't doing it and they now supposedly fixed it with this latest update.
  7. I just remember it saying it wasn't going to expire until June. I held on to 19 waiting to see if the daily spin would give me more. But, I didn't expect it to go away same day as spin.
  8. I am confused. For me, the Cloud Tokens had said they expired June 2. I still have 19 of them. Why not give people one last chance to redeem them for the actual prizes once they become "antique"????
  9. Ever get tired of pesky blade dancer and destroyers spinning out of your roots? That's what the HM root is for. Other than that, it is pretty worthless because the wording makes you believe that once you land it, your target SHOULD be a sitting duck. However, experimenting with it in ToI, it seems like your target can walk all over it and in and out of it as if it isn't even there.
  10. I've seen this happen before, but when I was leader and I remember the item went to the back of the line, but I had no idea the person making this mistake was so severely punished.
  11. Hmmm, as a summoner, I remember when every other job complained about us and then we kept getting nerfed. Guess what goes around comes around.
  12. So I bid on a mirage crystal thinking I had them in my inventory and they would stack. Oops. Well, because I didn't have inventory space, the game PUNISHED ME by not letting me participate in the rest of the auction AT ALL or give me any of the money from the rest of the auction. What the?!?!?! It didn't work like that before. Is this nonsense intentional? Were too many people bidding with full inventories or something? If we do this by accident, why not have the item just appear in our overflow inventory??
  13. Discount... only if you have male character. Male and female bunny ears cost the same. Did the dark angel outfits have different prices?
  14. Exclusive costumes are fine. The issue is when you have the same costume, but with a huge price difference based solely on gender.
  15. First of all, thank you OP for not mentioning summoner. I assume as a destroyer you probably have no problems against them. However, the rest of you, why drag summoner into this? Forum GMs, are you going to issue warnings for them calling my class "braindead" and "retarded"? I am sick of taking verbal abuse from people scared of fighting kitty cats. Thanks to you people, summoner has been nerfed so badly that it definitely does require skill to win against all you 100-0 classes. Can summoner still win? Absolutely. However, the summoner has to play well and it takes a lot longer tha
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