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  1. Sooo, with radiant energies and mysterious crystals going away, should I hold off on any gem transmutations until after the change? There are hongmoon aquamarines in the shop right now. I was thinking of buying 3 and making a hexagonal one, but with the new system on the way, should I not bother and wait? Thanks.
  2. It really does suck that you get immediately kicked even if you manage to log back in while the battle is still going on.
  3. The cat needs buffing for sure. I agree with the OP; the cat is way too easy to burst now.
  4. I have 51 dragon ones and I almost tossed them because the small ones were much more readily available. I have 1000 small ones because they only stack to 1k and I was tossing out any over that. The dragons used to drop from what you see on the description, but stopped awhile back because I've had 51 of them for a long time now. I'll be pretty upset if I learn I held onto 1000 small dragon certificates for no reason other than to just throw them away!
  5. I find this topic funny considering they nerfed Zulia's boobs. Seems NCSOFT is headed in the opposite direction.
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