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  1. Did you know that if they want their game to survive they have to make old content more accesible for newbies? Did you know that most of games has those "old endgame" (which you did mention bale/seraph) and at one point you can get em for free? Did you know before the "(Peculiar, Lucent, etc)" you actually could make some gold out of it?Since you pretty much need gold for everything not just materials (mw era) Did you know that those boxes didn't improve economy at all? mw stones used to be 4g now they go for 10g because unless you're a VERY GOOD PVP geared player and do 6v6 all day or
  2. I've tried every solution on forum but game keep crashing randomly(not responding) it flashes few times before this happen sometimes and sometimes it just crash,doesn't matter if im in a Raid dungeon or somewhere just by myself. My specs: CPU:Ryzen 5 1500x GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4 GB RAM: 8GB HDD:WD Blue 1TB SSD: Samsung EVO 250 GB (game is installed here) windows10
  3. Hey everyone! Awhile ago i made a topic posting some specs from a pre-build PC i found on amazon,but after asking around i was told to build my own since is cheaper and safer,already have a Corsair - SPEC-03 case and a 25 inch LG monitor(i was told this monitor is not good for MMOs ;/).What I'm looking for is having decent FPS/Fast loading screens (i will be using this PC to play some other games). Budged: 900-1.000 euro Country: Italy Also,i try to avoid AMD stuff since seems like is not one of the best CPUs. Thank you! :)
  4. Hey everyone, I've been away from B&S for awhile due to irl stuff and since I'm getting a new PC i was thinking to come back. Let's say I'm a lazy person and i didn't focus on buying pieces and build it myself (i know is cheaper),i found something on amazon and i really hope you guys can help me out and tell me if it would run B&S with decent FPS/and not 3 minutes loading screens. RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz CPU: i5-7500 ( 4 x 3.4 GHz ) GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 HDD: 1TB (7200 rpm) If this ain't enough i was thinking to order also a SSD (Samsung 250 GB 2.5'') Thank you!
  5. Probably because adding an unique class to a race that is gender lock is a bad idea lol.
  6. Totally agree,Chime,Spring Breeze best costumes tho as far i remember breeze was from RNG packs...
  7. Is all about luck honestly,I've done daily quest on 2 characters only till now did get the "lucky crit" (which is 10x chocolate) 3 times 2 on my main and once on my alt.
  8. You gotto go in this area Click here you should be able to see Talus&Skyhaven NPCs wear your Talus Dominion uniform and start killing Skyhaven NPCs (5-7 i think) Junghado will spawm along with 2 other NPCs pretty sure they are FMs,once you kill Junghado it will drop 3-4 insignias.You need like 80 (not sure) then you buy the outfit from one of the NPCs on the misty woods towers i don't remember the name of the NPC but i do remember is a lyn NPC.
  9. We won't get this in HM store pretty sure,we will get it with lvl 55 patch and new solo dungeon (like mushin tower) and is gonna be drop from last boss(Poh's sister) and it won't be easy from the videos i saw people with 1100 AP are having a hard time killing it,yet for KFMs gonna be a joke first 10 ranks on korea for this dungeon are KFMs lol.
  10. I'm sorry but this made me laugh lol consider yourself lucky if you get 100g I've been playing since last year January (did take like 4 months break) and i used todo DC daily till now i got 100g ONCE.Materials were reduced by ALOT already also from 8th Feb you will need to upgrade your weap only 3 times till legendary also from what i saw on forums they reduced again the cost of materials (except for legendary weap.You still can do some purple dungeons(silverfrost ones) with 400-450 AP I'm sure that are people who don't mind having 1-2 players with low AP in 6m dungeons like Liar,Yeti.Necro,C
  11. Well according to what Nico said you will be getting different weaps during the story quest which you won't be able to upgrade,but they did say at one point once you get into Silverfrost you will get a least weapon which you will be able to upgrade yet you will be able to upgrade it only 3 times and last stage will have same AP as True Scorpion.So even if you wait for new patch you still gonna need to do that 1 last upgrade till legendary.Probably people like below True Breeze should stop upgrading their weapons.
  12. Gunner won't be out any soon since not even Korean test servers has it yet,once Korean test servers gonna add it I'm sure there gonna be tons of youtube videos lol.
  13. Players who never bought 1 time at least NCoins can't mail anything to other players nor their own alts on same account.
  14. Pet is not really important since i assume you're still new?buying those Icy chests is best you could buy with HM coins right now as Zedonia said you can get really good stuff to help you out.
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