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  1. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    not really a reference but korean version also has alot of this kind of references (some dont translate well in english so i guess nc had to be creative while translating xD)
  2. Gunner/Gunslinger class

    ik, i just said u cant get it in character creator xD hae mujin is indeed gon (character creation wise) it doesnt seem to be any rule on family and which race they are in game however @.@ oh well
  3. Gunner/Gunslinger class

    both poh and the bomb npc are jins tho (u can make exact replica in creator minus the height and hair, but also npcs heights are inconsistent in game (for example in fight its bigger then when u talk to it for story quest its smaller even tho its same character))
  4. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    ahh ty for clarification ^^
  5. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    if this is for shadow build raven is better, should go rift only if earth D:
  6. Gunner/Gunslinger class

    Korea has this costume in shop already as well
  7. Baleful or Seraph

    https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/65xqdm/destroyer_highend_weapon_question/ enjoy reading and watching ^^ later stages rift will be superior for earth build, choose whatever you want tho
  8. Baleful or Seraph

    depends what build you play and what endgame you wanna do )if u can do blacktower or not) so far ive seen shadow build go baleful and then raven, earth seraph and then riftwalk
  9. Problem with using Emberstomp

    happens with master cleave too :/
  10. Prioritizing '' F '' skills

    not for des. we still have 3 conflicting on f key (knee, master cleave and grab) it can be bad in many situations if u hit wrong one
  11. pls help! some questions about in game.

    hard mode no circles and dps meter yes ^^  (now im not sure for hammers but i think it was 15 @.@ i dont have any old wep to check D: )
  12. pls help! some questions about in game.

    you get 15 hammers from salvaging true scorpion enough to oppen all 6 on ivorymoon
  13. Secretkeeper set

    Will Secretkeeper set be account bound like Pistachio Dream was so we can later mail it to new class?
  14. Grand Phoenix Crown issue

    lets not forget that wig floats above the head like heavens reach instead of sitting nicely on skalp .--.
  15. Pet upgrade

    if i remember correct u need 3 for awakened and 10 for legendary (13 total) to make her shiny and have different look than just normal pet