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  1. Des vs BD

    u do know he was talking about pve des while u went ape shit at him about pvp des .-. ?
  2. XP charm account bound?

    u do know xp charms are only usable after u hit lvl 50 tho .-. 
  3. Best weapon for class

    earth des profits more from rift than raven tho .-.
  4. Trove Key Drop Rate

    I got hm skill 3 repeatedly .-. its in the worst crit (skill if u dont have it is okay but rest in the crit is pretty shitty)
  5. Blade&Soul Support in a nuttshell.

    I asked support about dodge skill and they answered me that I need to make sure to do enough dmg on Pohwaran to get the loot. Thats how good they are :D
  6. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    Ignore the family ties for a moment and just focus on characters as they are. Poh is jin 100% there is no mix on her, the smallest Jinsoyun (silverfrost story and when she is your student) is lyn with 'yun' ears added (and yes there is a mod for this to make your lyn look like that including outfit and hair as well), then Jinsoyun we save (second child form when we purify her from darkness) thats yun on smallest size possible (again you can see it from her face). And for stuff like boobies (Poha and Julia) that was made with outfit which you can test for yourself in wardrobe for Pohwaran and with mod for Julia. No npc in game is mixed race all are made from something we can play with changes like ears (they arent 1 piece with body but more like a hat that creators can change and swap around (and yes you can have lyns without ears/ rest races with ears even lyn and licandi)) or 3d model change in outfit (Poha/Julia boobies, GON GUNNER npc Juna (i think her name is that) scar on her body (its literally part of outfit)). Master Hon has 2 models 1 lyn and 1 gon. Also ignore the height cuz there is literally no consistency in npc heights (ex: Mushin and Junsang) you talk to them they normal height, you talk to them in another area suddenly they are bigger, gotta fight them? oh look they grew taller and so on. I hope this was detailed enough explanation for you to understand how some 3d models work in this game >-< If you want pictures or something included to show you all those points you can pm me.   AND YES PLZ GIVE US GON GUNNER
  7. Show off your characters!!

    1st one is my fave ¤-¤
  8. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    She is 100% gon lmao. Literally you can remake her in character creator (without correct hair and with different outfit but yeah) Its not that hard to see what race npc is by just checking their faces >-< (I dont know how to explain well in english but if you check the face 'texture' you can recognize imediately what race it is >-<)
  9. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    The gunner lady from pirate ship is gon tho so I dont see why they would exclude maestro from gon race -.-''
  10. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    More gon classes please :c
  11. Please add Wild Horse and Bully Wrap to Achievement Merchant

    yes please *-*
  12. Male Destroyer / Pet Location

    my gon has pretty small hands but the axe is still over the pet :/
  13. Male Destroyer / Pet Location

    female gon destroyer have same problem. pet forever hides behind the axe. it would be great if we had option to have it spawned on other side :c
  14. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    not really a reference but korean version also has alot of this kind of references (some dont translate well in english so i guess nc had to be creative while translating xD)
  15. Gunner/Gunslinger class

    ik, i just said u cant get it in character creator xD hae mujin is indeed gon (character creation wise) it doesnt seem to be any rule on family and which race they are in game however @.@ oh well