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  1. █ |❀Art Shop❀| █

    come to eu :'D
  2. [Quality of Life] Please improve 'F' grouped skills

    So much yes to this. Garbage F key ruining everything from pve to pvp no matter what situation -.- just give us option to link different keybinds to skills that are on same keybind goddamnit -.-''
  3. Twisted Grimhorn wilds

    I find the warriors easier then witches cuz witches have those small mobs that aggro you too and they stack poison like no tomorrow :c
  4. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    Its enough for 1 month I think and even then if you do buy it for 1 month what if suddenly limited costume that you like pops up (since we dont get any news which ones will be in store in advance its hard to coordinate). I would maybe buy 7 day prem if they offered lel, just so I could store my costumes in maybe once every 6 months.
  5. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    My point exactly :D Not everyone can spend for premium and outfit. Some simply preffer to look good over the premium bonuses.
  6. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    Lets say I have budget for games 20 eur per month. Do I buy premium or 1 nice outfit? Fashionista in me says outfit. 
  7. Ap for dungeons

    so any alt under hm10 that is equiped and knows what to do will be kicked as well. hm lvls arent good measurment either .-.
  8. Why Dont You Kill Destroyer's and BladeDancer's Tab Spins?

    Np xD Hope it will help you against des fights o7
  9. Specially love it when I as DES can do KD and Stun np but rest of party cant muster that poor daze that I have abit of problem to do double. Specially when we have FM SUM SIN and similar classes in that can easly do the daze T.T
  10. hqf is high quality fabric
  11. Cobalt Widow Wig

    Even in 4man the hair drop was abysmal so vendor is pretty much the better option here
  12. Why Dont You Kill Destroyer's and BladeDancer's Tab Spins?

    If you hit the spin you give us focus. And fyi 1 focus bar gives about 4-5 normal destro spins and maybe 9-10 red spins abit more if you waste fury buff before just to spin, which should be pretty easy to wait it out and watch far far away from said spinner.
  13. LF> Updated Destroyer Build?

    cuz willpower=/=wrath for that duration .-. read the skill info ingame then lmao it only triggers for 3 sec so this:  Q (only 1 quick click) -------->3 seconds of LMB--------------->E----->6 seconds LMB------->X--------->3 Seconds LMB----------->RMB+F until Q cooldown is over  pretty much just shows u how to maintain wrath on as long as possible (you do need smash badge for it) and then after normal shadow build till your q resets and all over again
  14. LF> Updated Destroyer Build?

    willpower is 15 sec but this only gives u 100 additional focus so u have 200 total for the time of buff. u can easly maintain shadow dps with that 
  15. Female Gon Profiles

    many suffer from costume changing boob size too tbh