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  1. Cannot access wardrobe/unable to load friendlist

    maybe your premium ended? you can only use wardrobe if you are premium to store clothes in
  2. weapon skin still be distoryed upon use?

    this was changed. you apply skin and you have ti for that time, then if u wanna change you just reaply another and the old one will appear back in your inventory
  3. Avalanche Den is stupid

    he was sarcastic :D
  4. bloodshade or nightshade

    nightshade does not drop mask tho only zebra and tiger print twins outfit
  5. Why isn't a Destroyer a Real Tanking Class

    bms and kfms got threat generation and block skills to make them a good tank tho 
  6. BnS Pink Tax?

    Can we get ncsoft to answer for this cuz this is just bullshit.
  7. Can we have this hair please?

      not to mention if they selled hairs separatly -.-'' i dont want ur ugly outfit nc i just want the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ hair
  8. Good News has come at last

    i already have headache how to get to 800 ap that fast and be wanted in raid too as destro to get this soulshield set T.T and i really want this one x'D
  9. Needing advice

    depends which dungeons you can do. be ido 3 5 7 and rest asura is good, oblivion 3 5 7 and ebondrake rest is also good, full legendary from msp but thats abit meh for destroyer. you can also get like oblivion 3 5 7 rest asura if you cant do ebondrake citadel yet
  10. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    To add to this why dafak cant we change keybind for bidding. I have keyboard with yxcv not zxcv and i rebinded y key to my first bottom row skill
  11. "Return to Server" from crossserver dungeon

    it is in game as of this patch .-.
  12. Daily aniversary quest

    theres 5 channels only tho xD  
  13. Female gon needs fix?

    eu and na are the same and if you mean twisted pose is the normal stance in game, its same in every region. what we have different from other servers are the number 2-6 poses in character creator which in my opinion dont offer any help with creating gon since they are all twisted in unnatural way 
  14. Someone could make this preset please ?

    I feel sad for person whos character this is cuz someone is trying to make an exact copy. So much for originality.