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  1. Sooo Latency?

    The Real problem for players in another regions is MS, only !!! Bcuz is very hard to play and don't have real time for skills and AoE boss atk.. I love the game but the South America don't have one server, and have much player from SA! Guys, pay for VIP and others things, donate for server and don't have support for Bad MS ?! Please !!! HELP THE PLAYERS OF BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, CHILE, MEXICAN, AND ALL LA PLAYERS !!!! All pay and respect anothers players, and love this game ! My ping "MS" is 245 our More, have times up to 580/2200, idk why ping is so bad for me ?! :/ ^ This is my internet ! I hate my PING, But i love the game... HELP US !! HELP !!!!