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  1. If they happen to disqualify her, I hope all those lost votes go into Blackmoon :) P.S: Phantom flower looks ugly and the only way to redeem itself is to actually be changed in design when it gets implemented into the game. Btw, they were supposed to draw a jin female and male, drawing a yun (male) because it suits your design could be considered as cheating.
  2. Blackmoon definitely. It looks badass on males (I don't care tho because I don't play a male char, but many do actually care) and super cute on females. That cute, classy, armored navy commander style makes me go crazy, I'd seriously pay for that costume. Divine beasts would be my second favourite. I hate Phatom flower. The end.
  3. Yeah, phantom flower looks ugly for me aswell. Male looks like a clown and female looks like Revealing outfit Nº 5835.
  4. I think it would be nice that the most voted outfits besides the winner were put into the game at a later date for hm coins just like they did with Bamboo spirit. There are some cool designs that should be put into the game regardless of winning or not. There might be plenty of people that aren't happy with the current vote leading outfit being the only one who makes it. Tl;dr: BLACKMOON HAS TO BE IMPLEMENTED, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!! I WANT MY FEMALE JIN TO DRESS AS A CUTE ARMORED NAVY COMMANDER. P.S: Divine beasts would be nice aswell.
  5. You're mostly correct, althought I have to say female gons idle pose ruins like half of the outfits. That pose is just crap. P.S: BLACKMOON BEST COSTUME!
  6. Blackmoon is obviously the best one.
  7. I don't understand what's so offensive and wrong about OP's post to even judge the person behind it.
  8. As a suggestion, I hope the devs consider increasing the drop chances of Ghost in the shell outfit in Sundered Nexus. I really want it and I opened around 32-35 boxes already, to no avail. Just the same shitty loot as ever (1 Stinger, 1 Naryu coin and 1 stylish fragment pouch). Also, most of people are running shattered masts and gloomdross incursion so almost no one runs either Nexus6 or Nexus4. That makes it even more difficult to farm this outfit. Or They could add GitS to the achievement vendor like they did with pirate princess and other outfits. What d
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