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  1. The game is pretty fun. The combat is what initially drew me in, and it's also one of the main reasons why I've stuck around. Being able to respec your skills with no cost is interesting and it allows you to tweak your abilities for whatever your fighting (mostly applies to PvP). Gear progression isn't too difficult at first, but at around level 45 the cost starts to get higher and never stops going higher. At around 550-600 AP there's not much you can't do though if you know how to play your class, but the community sets it own ridiculously high AP requirements. The overall community is. . .not the friendliest. There's also several things that aren't explained well or at all in the game even when they're kind of important which means you'll have to find out on your own. All in all, the game itself is something I'd recommend to pretty much anyone. There's a few cons that anyone who's starting should be aware of, but finding a good clan can help mitigate most of them. When you find a clan that's willing to help out its lower level/newer members then don't become that guy who's always getting help but is nowhere to be seen every time someone else needs help. If anything's going to finally make me quit the game though, it'll be the server instability. I usually don't have many issues with that, but occasionally I'll log in and have ping in the 500-1000 range which is unplayable. This has only been a recent issue though, so I'm hoping it'll be something that gets resolved in the future. A man can hope, can't he?
  2. Help, I don't know what class main !

    Just stick whichever class you enjoy playing. You've gotten multiple classes to 50, so you should at least have a general idea of what you like (such as not liking FM). If you enjoy playing SF, the stick with that. No one can tell you what class is best for you. I love my WL to bits and stuck with her through that painful phase where WLs just weren't very good (not terrible, never that!). A friend of mine with an FM main tried WL out because I never shut up about how much fun they are. He got his to HM5 or 6 before he finally decided he didn't like it. As for the preset: Couldn't find the ponytail hairstyle so I settled for the second one. Even then it's not an exact match; face needs to be thinned a bit, eyes aren't quite the right shape, cheeks are a bit too flat, and a whole host of tiny little things that I'm too tired to try fixing at this point in time.
  3. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    Pretty much what kytt said. The necessity of a scale to do Heaven's Mandate is debatable considering it's already limited to once a day unless you use a reset, but I always just buy scales when they're cheap. Even if I didn't have a stack of scales ready, I'd just buy one from the marketplace before going in because the way I see it, the time spent searching for a party that already has a scale (especially an hour and a half) is time I could better spend making gold which more than offsets the cost of the scale in the first place. If someone wants to bid on the loot, then I first explain what the majority of players are courteous enough to do. If they continue to bid, then I block them and drive the price all the way up to market price if they really want it that much. If I ever run into them again, then I know to just leave the party.
  4. Before anyone comments on the fact that the game isn't exactly known for its stability, I don't mean the issues that many people are constantly having with ping and disconnects. With that out of the way, I'm not one of those people who have never had any problems with their connection; I generally hover at 100 to150 ms with maybe a handful of disconnects here and there. For the past hour or so it's jumped to about 400-800 ms which is, shall we say, frustrating. I'm aware that things get a bit more shaky during the weekends when there are more people online, but even taking that into account it shouldn't be as high as it is (it's normally around 200 ms on weekends). Now if it were just me then I'd chalk it up to something on my end, but there are a few people in my clan who rarely have such issues who are also experiencing the same thing while others are having no such problems. It just seems odd to me since the servers seem to collectively crap out on everyone when this happens, but it's a more isolated event this time. So my question for everyone is this: Who else is experiencing a significant increase in their ping today? Oh, and one last thing, if you were in a Shattered Masts party in cross server about 40 minutes ago with a WL who failed at . . . everything, that was probably me and I apologize. Half the time my skills weren't registering, and the rest of the time I was staring at a frozen screen.
  5. OP thinks Yun are ugly, have terrible animations, and have the worst looking costumes; but he made a Yun character? Yeah, it sounds stupid at first, but that tiny little annoyance when you first make your character that you just decide you can live with eventually just starts to grate on your nerves. I noticed my WL's eyes were just a tiny bit too far apart way back before I even reached Blackram Narrows. I ignored it because I had spent so much time (HA!) on it already, and didn't feel like rerolling just to fix that one tiny thing. A few months and hitting HM7 later I was so tempted to delete her and restart because seeing that every day was just starting to *cricket* me off. Only reason I didn't was because my clan kept telling me not to every time I brought it up. Luckily enough, the appearance change ticket came out and I just bought one of those instead of restarting; spent however much those things cost just to slide the eyes 2 ticks closer together, so it's not quite as stupid as it seems. What I, and it seems most of the people who are posting in this thread, disagree with is the fact that you claim your opinions are facts and demand that changes be made to accommodate your own preferences. This is regardless of the fact that there are many players who chose Yun specifically because they preferred the aesthetics of that race since Yun has no class which is exclusive to them. You're pretty much saying, "*cricket* what anyyone else wants, I want it and that's all I care about." I don't know, maybe you actually do think it would be an overall improvement. I don't know you and even if I did I can't read your mind, but ask yourself this: If Yun really were, as you say, the worst race in every way, why are there any Yun players in the game at all? Every BM would be a Jin, every KFM and SF would be a Gon, and every FM would be either a Gon or Lyn.
  6. Daily Dash will come back when the trove ends. It was like that for the Spring (I think) Trove, and I'm assuming it was like that for the Summer Trove which I wasn't here for. And honestly I'd say the trove is better for both new and old players. Yeah, you have to pay to take items out, but they're much cheaper in the trove than on the marketplace. Stuff you need to upgrade your gear can get pretty damn expensive if you don't want to/don't have time to farm it yourself and a lot of it is much cheaper in the trove if you're lucky enough to have them pop. Even if you only get the bundle of 10 soulstones, every little bit helps. On top of that, radiant energy, honorary ornaments, and other goodies are in the trove for what? 1 gold a piece? You can turn around and resell them on the marketplace for somewhere around 10-13 gold. Not much in the long run, but definitely more useful than most of the stuff in the daily dash. It's a matter of perspective; in my perspective being able to purchase an item cheaply with the option to either use it for myself or sell for a profit is infinitely more useful than a few kind of useful items from the daily dash. From your perspective, getting something for free is better than having to pay for something. Neither perspective if wrong, just a different way of looking at the same thing. Only issue I have with the trove is that it's only available to levels 36+. Do they at least still get the daily dash until they reach 36 or do they just get a giant middle finger?