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Mushin's 10-14


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yeah, 588AP is more than enough to do Floor 9-15 especially with Fire Build.  What's your gear at?  But note that you do need accuracy for Floor 14-15, probably 115-120%, otherwise your attacks will start missing.  There's also boss damaging mechanics that can be done in Floor 9-11 and 14 to help with the enrage timer.

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You should have more than enough to clear everything there quite easily actually, I see your soul shields could use a big improvement, but you're definitely geared enough to run the full tower.  Perfect your rotation on the dummy and you'll have it easily.

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How are you getting hit?  He does:

  • Frontal Attack
  • 2x Frontal Attack (that knocksdown)
  • Shoots 2 lines on the floor (that you can stay in the middle or just go behind him)
  • Or Laser Beam (you can go behind him)
  • Then 1 AoE attack.

Once you get him down to 80% or so, he'll go in the air, and then you do AoE attack.  And then he'll launch missles.  Stop attacking and move around so the missles don't hit you.  The missles will leave a fire DoT on the ground, so don't stand on it.


Then he'll roll up in a ball and start rolling towards you.  You need to block this.  After you block, he's stunned and you'll have some DPS times.  After this, he goes back in the middle, and then 3 mobs will spawn but you'll notice you can't hit them.  He'll then launch a red robot (usually just SS out of the way).  You need to burst the red robot (it has the same attack rotation above) and he'll drop a blue orb that you'll pick up to hit Ironheart.  After that, kill the mobs beside them, and then he'll be stunned again, and right after he'll do an AoE attack.


He'll repeat the above pattern until he's dead.


Hope that helps you.


Usually Floor 13-15 have a chance to drop a 10-Naksun badges depending on RNG.  Hope you can get through it.  Floor 14/15 is a great way to make extra gold if you can get used to it :).

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