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  1. Why is my DPS low?

    That's why you have low dps then.
  2. Why is my DPS low?

    You should have 2x or more lightning flash in comparison to flicker.
  3. Why is my DPS low?

    It's most likely your rotation, if you post a screen shot of the dps meter with your skill break down it'd be easier to tell you the real problem.
  4. Destroyer damage the truth...

    You said in your first post that you know at end game they can do good damage. Then you went on about how with equal gear they're on the low end. The gear I'm using is what most people will have when they finish the story or shortly after, I used that gear specifically because that seemed to be the range you spoke about. The facts are every single class will be able to hit 35-45k+ with ending story gear and msp 8 set, which is beginner stuff and enough to do all of the content in the game. Without even entering the end game raid every class can hit over 100k. Destroyer is not the top dps, I've already stated that too, but they are not on the bottom and if they need buffed then so do other builds of other classes. How about you go do a parse on your destroyer and your bm and show us your dps. If you're not pulling more dps on your destroyer with the gear you wrote, than you're doing something wrong. I'd like to see your dps on your bm too, if it's doing more than your destroyer with the same gear I used in my bm parse.
  5. Des vs BD

    The similarities end with grab/spin, if you play either class like the other you're going to be terrible on both.
  6. Destroyer damage the truth...

    The damage every class does in this game is so over tuned that 10% dps difference will only makes a few seconds difference. This LESS gear your talking about... did you even look at the stats? Do you know the difference between a level 5 legendary ring and a level 10? It's almost nothing. The BD also has more crit rate. Yeah the destroyer has some more ap, but the dps difference is miniscule like I said before. I've played in plenty of guilds that went world first in a few games and very rarely is dps the deciding factor in any fight unless you want to do them without skipping most of the mechanics. Here's a new screen shot for you this time with the BD having MORE gear and doing LESS dps, by a lot (according to you). Does that mean BD needs a buff?
  7. Des vs BD

    Every class has enough damage in this game to do anything. They're all WAY over tuned in pve for what you actually need. Destroyer has more aoe dps BD has more single target dps.
  8. Destroyer damage the truth...

    The gear is still pretty equal on most of those. A few k difference on some of them if everything was exactly the same. The summoner actually had the most gear on for those, legendary ring/neck/weapon. 5k is a minuscule amount of dps difference. Blade dancer can use their msp soul shield set for end game and still be within a few k of their bt set, they have a slight advantage there over every class. I do basically the same dps on shadow and earth destroyer at that gear level. Shadow pulls quite a bit ahead as soon as you get the pulse mystic badge. The dps goes up to somewhere around 60k with just that change. Which is a lot more than other classes get from the same badge. Limiting yourself to 1 build and then complaining you're weak when all you have to do to get better dps is change builds doesn't make any sense. Learn to use both. Until end game they use the same gear anyway. Even then it's not that expensive to get both sets of jewelry.
  9. Destroyer damage the truth...

    A while back I was doing some dps comparisons with equal gear, I have every class with no badges, badges, flower/feather badges, but I didn't want to look through thousands of screen shots to find them all so I'll just put a few I had already set aside. The point is, every class is capable of doing nearly the same dps with the same gear even early game. It's nowhere near as bad as people try to make it out to be. Obviously some of these could be a bit higher with rng/player. Assassin bombard build. Assassin lightning build. Assassin Shadow build. Blade dancer lightning build. Blade master fire build. Destroyer shadow build. Soul fighter ice build. Summoner earth build. Legendary ring-5/necklace-5/weapon-6
  10. Des vs BD

    So you are saying that EVERY single top destroyer is not smart enough to use a riftwalk weapon because it costs sooooo much to make even though they would get more dps from it? They spend hours and hours doing the exact same things every day trying to stay at the top, farming extra materials to stay at the top next update, buying things from the trove, but they are to lazy/poor to make a riftwalk weapon to replace their supposedly weaker raven weapon?
  11. Des vs BD

    Because it IS better, look at any top destroyer. What weapon do they all use? There's a very good reason for that, raven is better than riftwalk right now.
  12. Des vs BD

    I like how you put damage during pull like that matters unless you're trying to burst something down in 10 seconds. Then you link some items we don't even have when I say right now in my post.
  13. Des vs BD

    Raven is better than rift right now for either build. Prove your statement, find me a screen shot of an earth destroyer pulling more than 185k in the f12 training room on the longgui.
  14. Des vs BD

    No, Shadow is the superior build right now, even on single target. I've not had my destroyers grab be cut short. The same tactics work vs the same type of skills, ram/rush if you run away from will both miss, luckily we have the daze/aoe version on 1.
  15. Des vs BD

    Shadow build with the pulse badge is currently quite a lot stronger than earth and doesn't require animation cancel, even earth hardly requires it at end game with all the focus recovery you get. Better grab is from testing, the 100% crit rate helps a lot, also if a BD hits their 2 button early the grab gets cut short by a few seconds. Bds grab has a small pro of not requiring a stun on small targets, I wouldn't consider the range long and it also moves the target, so that could be seen as a pro or a con. Double CC doesn't matter once you know the game, a different class such as FM/SF can do a ranged stun for you and you can still grab, some bosses the BD double stun start doesn't work either and requires the same method. You don't have to spin for the full time on either class, and usually it's better not to in pvp. BDs deflect spin is far superior in pvp with it's take flight reset on deflect. In pve destroyer defense spins are far superior. The dashes are far from impossible to see through, same as destroyers gap closers. There are quite a few matchs where you don't use fury and use persistence instead, sometimes it's not a burst game that's going to win it for you in pvp. I don't know what kind of destroyers you play with or are, but the dps difference is no where near 50% more, especially with a bad ani cancel. I won't deny bd has superior single target damage, but not as much as you're claiming. I just gave him some of the PvE pros where destroyer is better, marginal or not.