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  1. I used the term eFrames because I didn't know of any other term to explain the opening after a dodge/skill. Sure, it is ping related. Infact, I did say that, but it will always be there. So it's not cringy at all in my opinion.
  2. Thanks to everyone who commented! I'm really happy it helped so many and I hope it continues to help people for a while to come~
  3. Thanks guys. Hopefully we can keep this guide Pinned and help out all of the new players with it since it's geared for every class to improve, not just LBDs (:
  4. During the CBT I wrote a small guide on how to play the Lyn BD Class. Now with my experience being significantly higher, I can write an official guide to correct my old one and hopefully help out new players. This will be quite long so please bear with me and read it through before judging. If I make a mistake or leave anything out, let me know in the comments; I'll correct it and credit you. Now, without further adeiu, let's make you a bonafide LBD bad-a**! (This will mostly be a PvP Guide, if you'd like me to make a PvE/Gearing Guide, let me know!) My Qualifications/Who Am I?
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