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  1. Mushin's Tower Floor 16-20

    Just keep running, you'll get it eventually. I had a run where I got 2 bracelets from 2 different floors.
  2. 1 day 9 Celestial Basin Key is it enough?

    You just farmed too much :p. Take it easy~
  3. Just a little bump. We have cleared Stage 3, and looking for more people to join specifically Summoners, Force Masters, and Warlocks. If you're 850+, and want to join along, feel free to message me in game or on here for more info!
  4. It's not cross server. A few months ago, the company merge a few servers together creating a 'Server Group'. So Master Hong / Gunma / Taywong is considered Server Group 1 and anyone in those 3 servers can interact with each other inside open world :).
  5. Well, you're posting in the Master Hong / Gunma / Taywong thread, and so we're in that server group :) Specifically, the clan was created on Gunma but you can be in either Master Hong or Taywong, and still be able to be on the same server as Gunma.
  6. Today's daily challenge - 2017.04.13.

    Think it's a good change. Especially with the utilization of "Normal" and "Skilled" Mode. It forces players to not be scared and to actually play and learn the game. I remember, I see so many high AP players and people sitting at 700+ AP but still haven't DT because they're scared to be a burden to people's parties and so they try to find a clan to teach them (which is still a viable route but good clans are hard to come by at times). Hopefully the game guide will filled out in the near future making it easier for new players to see what the mechanics are. Normal mode is so dumbed down that you can mess up mechanics so many times and still be able to complete. If you and the party generically know what to do, then there's no reason why you can't do some of these harder dungeons.
  7. Soul Fighter Build

    Most of your DPS will come from Melee Stance. You use your elemental stance mainly to heal and some stacks of chi. At 41, you just don't have a lot of options due to the lack of HM skills and skill points to spec into certain things. I would try to ploy through story so you can get more gear and more skill points. Once the patch hits April 12, you'll be locked into Ice or Earth build, so you won't really have a choice to do a hybrid.
  8. Coming back to BnS

    Still the same mentality. If you don't meet people's requirements, then you're not going to get into that particular party. You either A) LFP, B) start your own party, or C) gear up. All 3 options got easier to achieve especially with the new reduction in weapon costs.
  9. [Questions] About KFM and BM

    Well, to be fair, they increased the speed of Dragontongue so it's not that big of a nerf that people think it is. Also in the new patch, it'll be more braindead to tank as BM considering, Lunar Slash/Searing Slash have threat buff for 30 seconds. KFMs is a bit tricky, since you need to block and spec for other things to get the threat buff.
  10. linking the combat record in 6m?

    Current patch, it's only linkable by going into 4-man or certain raids like MSP/DKV/SKybreakSpire. If you say it from 6-man, most likely that person modded the game's files which is against BnS's policy.
  11. Is it worth coming back to the game?

    I'll be real with you. If you quit because the game's repetitive, you'll most likely quit again for the same reason. Just because a game has new content doesn't mean the core of the game has changed. Once you 'catch-up' somewhat to above average gear and content, guess what you'll be doing? The same dungeons over and over again so you can min/max your stats. If you do decide to play again, you'll be spending your time grinding for legendary gear, soul shield, and accessories. And that could be fun, since it is a 'progression' that you can achieve, but to get all that you're gonna be running the same instances/dungeons just to get them. I think the key to having fun with the game is to really have that core group of friends/clans that you enjoy playing the game with and you take joy in not only your char's progression but your friends as well. I personally like the combat, it's not a typical point and click MMO, and I enjoy playing with the friends that I've made so far. And those have been the reasons why I've been with this game for a year now.
  12. How Many Alts ?

    I mainly use alts for a few things: Crafting DKV weekly (To get flowers / gold for my alts that I like to work on later) Cold Storage / Heaven's Mandate (who doesn't like easy and puggable dungeons that require no thought. You have have the worst rotation, and most people won't notice :p. That's about 3g. 3g x alts = profit \o/) Events that have an event daily (You'll never know if one of your alts will be lucky to get a Sealed Item / Costume / Gem) Free Trove Rolls. And sometimes, I'm bored on my main, so I'll use an alt for the day and do daily challenge, or perhaps my clan needs a a certain class more than they need my main, so I switch classes Don't burn yourself doing purple trains and dailies on all of them. You'll quit the game faster if you do that.
  13. Starting BT Group - Group 1 (Master Hong/Gunma/Taywong)

    @iCapsule- The Server is in the title. I'm in NA - Server Group 1. Anyone else in NA Group 1, that possibly might want to group up or know of a clan to collab with? Updated our current progress. We were able to finish Stage 1, with some help from people from different parts of clan.
  14. Is the game still active?

    80% of the game's core content is instance based, so you're not really gonna run into bots in cross server when doing dungeons.
  15. Added you back~ Will try to get you in if I see you on, but if you happen to see other Veteran on, feel free to whisper them for an invite!