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  1. Long story short, 860 BM that has done Stage 1+2, and current BT pug group has been disbanded.  And now most of my guildies are reaching the gear point where BT would be the next upgrade for them and so we're starting our adventure to learn and complete it.  Our clan can currently gather a range of 12-18 people for BT depending on schedule, but we're missing the other 6-12 people at times, and so we would like to extend our invite to anyone else that's patient enough to go through the wipes and struggles that BT has to offer.   The average of the group is about 750AP+ with most having Stage 6 legendary and legendary accessories with upgraded pets.   We are currently looking for tanks, WLs, and good DPSers to help us out.  Our current progress is Stage 1 at 48% with around 15 people and 1 WL before people started dying and we eventually hit the enrage timer.   Our bidding will be open to the public and there's no clan priority and so items will go to the highest bidder.   Our raid time has been usually Friday/Saturday around 8/9PM PST and onwards.  Depending on where we are, we normally attempt for 2-3 hrs before we call it a night to prevent burnouts.  If you're someone that can join us for the run and want to learn while working up towards completing BT, then you might be our best fit.  If you just want a hit it and quit it raid,  then you might want to hold off before joining us.   If you're interested, please feel free to reach out to me!
  2. Another bump.  Currently looking for some awesome WLs and Tanks for the clan!    Also, we're still rounding up for BT, we currently got to 48% on Stage 1 with 15-16 people, and so we're looking for more static people to join the learning experience.  If you think you're geared enough for Skybreak Spire and want to learn with us, send a PM.  We accept outside clan members, and even outside faction people that are patient to learn mechs and go through countless wipes.   If you're interested, just send me a PM and we'll exchange discord and information if our time fits.
  3. Tormented Weapon Drop Rate

    Continue spamming.   Game will progress.
  4. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    Just like food festivals.  You pay an entrance fee to get in and then pay more to eat the food inside.  It's nothing new, and all MMOs tend to have something like this.  They want to make it worth for the group to gain money for the time spent.  Obviously this isn't targeted for the normal players, so I don't see the problem with that.  It's the same concept as if someone were to ask me to teach them how to draw or do design.  I would charge for my time/skill spent.
  5. Soulshield

    Legendary Soul Shields actually have a Min/Max stat on them.  The stat of choice like (HP, Crit, Accuracy, Evasion) is random when you first unseal them.  And the number you get is also random.  However, there's a Min and Max number to that state.    In order to increase the stat to the Max number, you need to level it up by using the same piece soul shield.  So if you had 2x Soul shield piece #1, you can use one of the Soul Shield piece #1 to enhance the stats of the other one.  It'll only enhance the stats are the same.  So if one piece had accuracy and the other had block.  Then most likely it'll increase the HP since all legendary soul shields have that in common.    
  6. need your thoughts please ^^

    A lot of things can affect your DPS.  Soul Stage, Elemental Damage, etc...I have a fellow clan member around the same AP, and does as much damage as you as well.  But most people in dungeons don't realize the benefits of having other classes in the party.  Summoner heal is really nice to have.  So if your dmg is low, but you help the tank and other classes survive, then that's more DPS for the whole group since no one dies.  If you're doing an important role like marking, or luring, then of course your damage is going to lose out, but you're ensuring that the party survives.   Hard to tell if you're doing anything right or wrong without a video or at least screenshot of your exact gear and DPS details to see if you're utilizing everything correctly.
  7. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    The point of the alternative route is that you can still compete with Raven users without doing BT.  The damage difference isn't that signficant, and I even heard certain classes want to go to Void weapon instead of Raven.  Let's say Raven does 50k.  Void will probably give you 40k, while staying at Baleful will net you 30k. (Obviously, I'm over generalizing numbers, but that's what the alternative route is supposed to help with)    And when going to Void, you can still go directly to Raven when you have the mats.  Looking at TW's upgrade path, it shows that you can convert your Void Stage 6 weapon to Raven Stage 6 when you have the mats available, just like you can go from Baleful Stage 12 to Raven Stage 3.  So it's not really that big of an investment loss when considering the gains you get by not being stuck at Baleful Stage 10/12.   I know a lot of clan numbers and people that are going to that path, because A)  They can't do BT cause of schedule but still like to do harder dungeons.  B)  By upgrading to void, they can potentially make BT even easier by skipping some mechanics using the High DPS strategy.    
  8. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    Not sure if it's mentioned here yet, but there is an 'alternative' catchup legendary that allows player to gear up past Baleful/Seraph without feeling stuck and still able to better their AP/DPS.  It's not as comparative to Raven of course, but it's a good placeholder so to speak.  The legendary uses fragments that are bought with peaches that are farmable in the new Celestial Basin content coming up.  Whether they release that weapon on the same day or not, I can't be for certain.   Also with the conversation about BT grouping.  It definitely is hard.  Currently, I've been trying to get most of my clan into it, but even with a full signup sheet of 20-24 people, almost half of them can't make it due to scheduling or special events.  That is the main thing that's hard with BT.  Forming a static is really tough but there are a bunch of discord groups/clans willing to accept people into their raids.  You just got to look out for them.   (Sidenote:  For anyone interested in BT learning group and on NA Group 1 feel free to PM me~)
  9. Faction Insignias?

    Hmm...Oblivion weapon is only used to get your Legendary weapon from stage 7 > 8 if I'm not mistaken.  What you probably meant is the "Soulstone" Weapon which turns your True Ivorymoon Weapon to Baleful.   As far as other uses for insignias, it's mainly used for clan stuff.  You can also use it to buy Breeze Bracelet or Belt, but it's probably easier to farm that from regular content.    I believe the Terrors in SSP are the ones that drop chests to have a Soulstone weapon box.
  10. Ap for dungeons

    It's all relative to the content/patch.  Don't think it matters too much.  With HM levels giving extra AP, shouldn't be too hard for players to reach the 'new' threshold.

    The skill point system is totally gone after this patch.  HM levels is strictly giving points for PvE and owPvP use, and has nothing to do with Arena PvP.  It may not say directly in the letter, but these are changes that KR has had for a few months now.
  12. A few questions about clan outfits

    Face/Head adornments have to all be contracted together with a clan outfit I believe.  I don't think you can do it separate.  So if you already crafted an outfit, then you need to create another outfit that will have the head/face which in turn means we had to be an expansion.   So our first clan outfit was basic.  Our 2nd clan outfit had the head adornment.
  13. Clan chat is not working~help pls

    Ah, sorry.  Can't exactly help you then.  Usually VPNs, destroys chats but relogging and restarting client usually fixes that problem.  You might have to do the same for your situation.
  14. New players

    This is where the newer players need to step up and form a new trend.  I think we all can agree that some of the requirements are a bit ridiculous for the dungeons, so the new players with pinnacle accessories should start forming groups/parties in F8 with lower requirements since there's obviously people in the same shoes as you.  You can comfortably start farming for your legendary accessories when you're at 600 AP as long as you do mechanics and know how to work as a party.
  15. Clan chat is not working~help pls

    Are you using any VPN like WTFast/Mudfish/Pingzapper?