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  1. Depends. Usually dungeons like Heaven's Mandate or Cold Storage have a hidden code where the person that uses the 'White Orb' receives the loot, since White Orbs are valued at 2g or so. For all other dungeons, feel free to bid at your heart's content as long as it's not an annoying copper war.
  2. With the skill revamp, you can easily PvP with some classes without having to farm Hongmoon Levels to get skill points to use skills. Now, all the skills are available at your disposable after level 50. The only caveat is that some Hongmoon skills that certain classes need to PvP efficiently are still unlocked and so you can either PvE or PvP your away to achieve the skills. As far as balance in PvP, there's still a hierarchy, but in the end, if you know the matchup, you can probably outplay the opponent. As far as Bots go, there's still a few of them around in both P
  3. Just keep running, you'll get it eventually. I had a run where I got 2 bracelets from 2 different floors.
  4. @iCapsule- The Server is in the title. I'm in NA - Server Group 1. Anyone else in NA Group 1, that possibly might want to group up or know of a clan to collab with? Updated our current progress. We were able to finish Stage 1, with some help from people from different parts of clan.
  5. Awesome. I sent you a PM. Would be great to link up with your clans!
  6. Long story short, 860 BM that has done Stage 1+2, and current BT pug group has been disbanded. And now most of my guildies are reaching the gear point where BT would be the next upgrade for them and so we're starting our adventure to learn and complete it. Our clan can currently gather a range of 12-18 people for BT depending on schedule, but we're missing the other 6-12 people at times, and so we would like to extend our invite to anyone else that's patient enough to go through the wipes and struggles that BT has to offer. The average of the group is about 750AP+ with most havin
  7. What the books says: Hotkeys for the use of rebinding keys to ONE action is allowed. I.E Rebinding "2" to your mouse side buttons. Hotkeys for the use of performing MULTIPLE actions (i.e. macros) may not be used and accounts may be banned if detected regardless if used for PvE or PvP. In reality: It's your choice :) I've seen people use them and get banned, and I've seen people still using them to this day.
  8. Cost of legendary dropped in half. Although, there has been some nerfs that made it a bit more harder to achieve in some areas. I think the hardest part now is getting the 10 flowers of lament. I could have sworn before Daily challenges patch, the petals and flowers used to drop liked every 2 Cold Storage runs and every so often in 4-man Asura parties, and now I barely see any on my alts.
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