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  1. Returning player, 9,4G of updates <3

    Is the wardrobe still behind a paywall? Yes, Only accessible with Premium Membership.   Did any other class suffered a nerf after summoner? Since you haven't played since WL released, then the best answer to this is that each class got their handful of buffs/nerfs.  Some classes like BM/WLs got the upper hand while others like Destroyers got shafted mainly because of the way the patches are being implemented.   Can i destroy the useless clothings and other useless items that waste space in bank? (most of them are story related as far as i remember???) You can always sell them to the NPC and purchase them again later on.  There are some costumes that was given out during story quests as part of an event that you might want to be careful throwing away since they are one of a kind.  So check out the clothing merchant or vendors in each town to make sure a specific costume can be bought again.
  2. I need a new Soul Shield, badly

    Well, soul shields will be a majority of your HP.  Remember that these soul shields now rolls different stats.  So even though you might have a good 'critical' or 'accuracy' stat on the soul shield, you might have gotten a bad HP stat on it.   https://bnstree.com/soulshield   You can use that site to see different soul shields as well as seeing what's the max stat you can get from each.  I would work towards a 8 piece yet Set, that would at least push you towards the 55k-56k HP and then you can work towards the Asura/Be Ido combo for slight HP boost.  Once you get into the MSP legendary soul shields, that's when you get into the 70-80k range and then having a max pet will push you to 100k+ land.
  3. Yeti weapon box drop rate in Yeti 6man

    I thought it was intentional for "Boss" name weapon boxes to be a small drop rate for 6-man but higher rate in 4-man.  Seems like it's always been this way since the start.  And couldn't you use Tormented Weapon path to get to Awakened and True Ivorymoon o.O.
  4. doing ec without sin/sum

    Depends on party make up.  You'll either need a BM or FM to use their HM Block/Sheath during the stealth part.  However, you will now miss out on like 24%~ self-damage mechanics towards to the boss, so be aware that you'll need to be on your top DPS game when attempting this.
  5. Returning player

    For fresh characters, best way to gain gold is doing story quests.  By the end of story, you'll have about 50-70g depending if you do all the side quests/dailies or skip them.  I wouldn't put too much effort into crafting.  It's good for 'residual' income, but not a 'farming' technique.   Your older characters are capable of running some easy purples like Lair of the Frozen Fang, Awakened Necropolis, Cold Storage, Heaven's Mandate, Avalanche Den.  That can amount to at least 10g as well as farming some materials that will be needed for later upgrades.
  6. Why isn't there a Tanking/Healer design

    BnS is just a different MMO.  I prefer it not to have a trinity class system.  If I wanted something like that, I'd go back to FFXIV or play some other MMO with it.  BnS class system is fine how it is and it's made for players to do mechanics while being active in combat.  If there was a sole healing class, this game would just be boring since no one would die and people would just brainlessly face tank things while DPSing and bypassing mechanics.
  7. Returning player

    1) Is there server transfer now? Yup.  As seen in the other replies.   2) I am assuming there are new weapons? I left off on true pirate how long do you think it'll take for me to obtain the latest item? Yup.  Not only there is a new path, but that path also got streamlined and reduced in upgrades as well.  Depending on what you mean by 'latest' item, will determine how long it takes.  But you can roughly spend a 2-3 months of casually playing to get high enough AP to do 'most' end-game content.  Again, depends on how efficient you are farming.   3) Last time I checked summoners were extremely OP and annoying. So are they still op? They got nerfed a couple of times.  I don't PvP specifically so i can't tell you how how good they are still.  But regardless, it comes down to knowing how to play against the class, and it's been a common consensus that they kind of suck in PvP in higher ranking.   4) Population of taywong? Does anyone know? Servers got merged into groups a few months ago combining 2-3 servers into one.  Taywong is now merged with Gunma/Master Hong.  I currently live in Gunma, and I don't have problems finding groups/parties for most end-game 24-mans.  Some of the earlier ones, might require some searching and shouting.   5) How would you rate blade dancer? Are they useful? Blade Dancers are fun.  I used to main one, and I enjoy the fact that they can grab and can spec the most CC without losing too much DPS.  I always prefer to have BD to make a dungeon easier and run smoother.  They recently got some buffs as well, making their class pretty strong in both PvE and PvP.   6) Are players still doing the lower level dungeons? For those who are under geared? If you're talking about 1-45 dungeons, not so much.  Story quests now give items to you to wear from 1-45ish so you don't have to worry about upgrading or farming low level dungeons for evolution items.  It is a bit difficult at first, but since you're pairing up with your gf, questing together should be easy :).   Also some dungeons like Blackram Narrows and Tomb of Exiles are in this thing called "Daily Challenge" which basically is a 'to-do' list for level 50+ players that people finish quests for in hopes of getting gold, as well as getting Heavenly Energies to exchange for high-level upgrade materials.  You shouldn't have problems finding groups in F8 for some of the other dungeons as well.   7) Strongest class to beat at the moment? Don't tell me "it's all about the player" Last time I heard that here was completely bull when summoners were literally dropping almost every player except those who were actually very skilled. I mean, you just said it yourself.  Those who are skilled can beat any class.  PvP is always about the player and knowing what the class you're facing is capable of.  Summoners exploiting the fact that they can annoy people so much to the brink of quitting making them OP.  If you know how to fight them, you'll know what to do.  I personally haven't seen the rankings yet, so I can't say what the meta is.  I think the top 4 of last tournament had a BM, WL, SIN, and DES?    ---- (might as well answer this this)   Well, I just logged in and i am completely lost. Did they increase the exp or something? Everyone's like hm11 now or something. I don't see much blade dancers either? Are they not strong anymore? I see more FM than any other class. I guess they would be the next op class or something? I wanted to return as a summoner, but a player had told me they're no longer strong.    - They increased level cap, yes.  Max level now is HM 15 I believe.  - Tons of BD.  You're just pre-judging.  - FMs has always been OP and still are and still will be.  - Summoners are alright.  They got nerfed, but they are needed in a lot of end-game content.
  8. This clan was created on Gunma, but we are on Server Group 1: Master Hong, Gunma, Taywong so any characters made on those servers will be able to join :).
  9. useless high hm with high ap

    Wouldn't say it's a trend, it's been going on for ages in any game, and it's not just high AP folks, there's also low AP as well.  People in general are just lazy especially when it comes to necro/gloomdross dailies cause of all the unnecessary wait time.
  10. Level 15 and going strong.  Need a new home?  Feel free to PM/Whisper/Mail me in game for more details!
  11. How much do Hongmoon levels matter in dungeons?

    People like to associate HM levels with knowledge which kind of sucks for certain vet players.  I get kicked and bumped just because I'm HM5, but you'll have to deal with it for a while.  Usually around HM 8, you're safe to join a majority of parties without being criticized.   But you really want HM levels because of skill points especially when you start having your HM skills unlocked.
  12. MSP is dying slowly...

    Yeah, the new DKV raid gives 4 flowers per week, and if you have alts, more power to you.  Hopefully you can find parties for DKV that won't care about AP (since it's all mechanics).  I've been lucky to find some parties with no elitists try to cockblock it.  And don't forget to do the daily challenge for the extra 4-5 plants.  Every little plant counts :)
  13. Cross Server Matching Weapon

    Not sure when they will fix it, but it is a known issue.  I believe one workaround right now is to go into the dungeon in open world instead of cross server.  Hopefully you can shout out in faction for a party or gather some friends/clan mates to run it with you.
  14. NEW 24-men raids - suggested AP/crit?

    There's two 24-man that have weekly lockouts:   Dawn of Khanda Vihar - You can literally go there with a fresh lvl 50 after doing KV side story quests.  You have to know the mechanics or else it's a wipe regardless of AP.  If mechanics are done right, then there will be no wipes and you'll consistently have 200% AP Buff.   Skybreak Spire - Have to achieve consistent 25k DPS for Stage 1 and 2.  And for stage 3 and 4, I believe you need a consistent 35k with soulburn and buffs.   AP is really just a # now, and it's all about how much damage you can output.  
  15. I don't think you should worry about end-game items and catching up.  Remember the trend in this game is the longer you wait, the easier it is.  So if you can have fun progressing slowly, then you'll eventually find/get new and cheaper ways to get gear.   I remember seeing a tweet from Jonathan, saying there will be a non-raid way to achieve some of the things.  I am sure they are coming up with a way as well as delaying it for a while because they want the 'current' end-game players feel like the work they put into grinding was worth it.