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  1. Mushin's 10-14

    Hmm, if you could mention what's causing you to lose dps, I might be able to help give you tips. At 50 HM5, this is a viable build to use for F14. I assumed the only HM skill you have is HM lightning draw. What ping do you play at?
  2. battleground is a silly mess

    If you're getting killed by a BM in battleground, 1v1, when you have 2 escapes(one of which puts you in stealth) and stealth through other means to stall for time, you're doing something terribly wrong, or have terribly low cdef, or both.
  3. Someone wanna bet me for this !

    Just have to deal with it (atleast the BM ones) until we get legendary soul shields and more gear. Then the focus will shift away from BMs and to some other class (thank the gods!).
  4. Nerf BM

    See, that's the thing. When a BM/KFM uses a threat skill, the boss thinks they're doing 2.5x the actual damage they're doing. This is stacked with some threat modified skills that makes it seem like they're doing way more. So if they hit for 5k, the boss thinks that they did 12.5k dps. A BM/KFM only needs to do half the damage(even slightly less than half is ok) any non-aggro class is doing to hold aggro comfortably. Even playing with high ping, decently geared/skilled BMs/KFMs should be able to achieve this. A KFM friend of mine playing with 200+ ping from South America easily holds aggro against FMs/Sins 100 AP above him, and I've consistently done so myself as a BM, since launch (although I do have much better ping than he does).
  5. Nerf BM

    You must have run with some terrible, I mean absolutely terrible BMs and KFMs then. A competent BM/KFM, even with 100-150 AP less than an FM can easily keep aggro. Even BMs pre-patch (speaking from experience). Yes, BMs seem broken at the moment cause of NA getting skill patches out of order. That's why you rarely see lightning BMs around, cause lightning BMs need the gear from future content to do as much dps as fire build. And other classes would be doing more than BMs by then. It's kind of sad, there are so many terrible FOTM BMs(with terrible arrogant/cocky attitudes) popping up cause of all these "hold RMB top dps" statements flying around. I can't wait for when we get future content and these FOTM BMs go back to playing their original mains. Forums can finally stop having QQ topics about BM and focus on QQing about other classes like it was before.
  6. Dragontongue REALLY SLOW on higher latencies

    It seems that most players with bad ping are seeing this issue. A few of my friends playing from other countries also have this issue. While it's easier to get 7 dragontongues in one tab now, it also seems to be more ping reliant than before, unfortunately.
  7. Need a rig update

    You might want to buy a CPU that has a higher single core clock frequency. BnS is definitely CPU heavy, and a CPU with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz+ would definitely boost performance more than a top end /newest on the market graphics card would. I would suggest parts, but since I don't have an idea of what your budget is, I'm going to refrain from doing that.
  8. Desolate tomb question about '3'

    During the 2 person chain, it's best to stand on the opposite side of where the marker is. The reason is that the lightning balls will move towards the marker. So if you're on the opposite side, there's no way you'd get the balls or the chain lightning. It also makes everyone's life easier if the marker is able to make the boss face one direction always. If you're doing 6p mechanics, there will be 2 people assigned to just grabbing all the lightning balls on every phase. If you're doing 4p mechanics, the person who's sharing the chain lightning with the marker has to grab the balls. In a 2p chain, the marker and the other 2 grabs them. In a 3p chain, the two 3's grab them and the marker doesn't. Here's a really nice guide posted on reddit by Atoll. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/52ohg1/guide_lord_of_flames_desolate_tomb/
  9. Your overall opinions on BM and KFM ???

    That's because 15-20 of the top BMs exploited the DC bug before the fix was made. If you notice the date of their last played game, it would be around the time of the fix (14th September). Some players queued up a few games after the fix, but then stopped after they dropped rating (as they rightfully should.). It's disgusting, and it's sad that these players are going to get away with it this season.
  10. Your overall opinions on BM and KFM ???

    You conveniently forgot stuff there though. First 1v1 tourney was won by an FM, he went 4-0 against a BM. Final 1v1 tourney was won by a SF, he went 4-0 against BM also. But yeah, KR players do seem to be noobs who can't counter BM. Or maybe, even if they do, we don't want to see it cause otherwise, we can't cry about BM OP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To respond to OP on topic, BM and KFM are the only two classes I've played since I like tanking. Instead of scoring them, I'll go over what I think about both in each category. PvE - I find both of them to be equally demanding in terms of responding to attacks. BM has the advantage of having a block that can be held through multi hit attacks, but have to be very precise in timing iframes cause our Q/E iframes are only about 0.5 long. KFM can't deal with multi hit attacks as well with just counter, especially attacks that don't happen within 1s. They'll need to use their Q/E in addition to their counter. But they have an easier time iframing red aoes since the iframes last a long time. Once boss attack patterns are familiar, they can both deal with it real well. BM provides excellent defensive utility with HM block, warding spirit in a pinch (if they save this instead of using it offensively for max burst), but don't provide an offense boost to the party. KFMs provide multiple offense boosts to the party with Searing palm, Fighting spirit, and can deal massive damage themselves. Here's an example: On a solo basis, a KFM will outdps a BM because of the boosts they have. Even a fire BM will struggle to compete. In a party setting, if the BM were in the same party as the KFM, then the BM benefits from the party boosts also, and that's why they can edge ahead in damage. So if you like providing defensive party utility, you can't go wrong with BM, and if you like providing offensive party utility, you can't go wrong with KFM. PvP: I haven't pvp'ed extensively on either char, but after the skill patch, BMs did get an enormous boost to their burst potential. KFMs can play a better neutral game than BMs thanks to their mobile counter and i-frames that proc stuns, all this without too many HM skills. BMs need multiple HM skills (HM block, HM lightning draw, HM Z) to become the beast that everyone makes them out to be right now. They both have about the same number of CCs, and are equally difficult to play. Prior to the skill patch, BMs only had one source of doing a high damage combo, and that was on a one minute cooldown. Now they have a huge burst in exchange for giving up a CC, but they have to leave themselves vulnerable to being hit by escapes in order to do high damage from that opening. For open world pvp, KFM is simply better. Especially on 1vMulti opponent matchups, their kit is amazing. HM counter gives you infinite i-frames given the number of people who spam into it, and Q/E resists > max agility gives you a lot of chance to escape if there are too many people around. BMs can output a lot of damage, but don't have nearly as much survivability.
  11. Your overall opinions on BM and KFM ???

    I lol'ed. Hard. Ok, I'll remember to ignore or not take any of your posts seriously from now. Then again, this coming from someone who has never played BM, I don't think I should expect better. FMs being easy in pvp though..... wut????
  12. Please tell me this is not happening!

    I understand Destro can't deal heavy damage on a single hit like BM can, but they can keep CC locks for a very very long time and do really high damage. Smash still hits pretty hard. If you look at the modifiers Lightning draw: 6 + 14(on CC'ed targets) - 1 minute cooldown Smash: 12 + 6.5(on CC'ed targets) - 45s cooldown. On a time bases, Smash does more damage than lightning draw. I've been wrecked by Destros when I've blown tab early. Imo, they're one of the best classes, if not THE best class to play in WWV, and a great class in pvp overall. With enough gear, they can stall a point for a really long time while getting some kills (red spin op af) and give a huge boost in points to the team (if the rest of the team pulls their weight). Don't get discouraged by the fact that their damage is low now. It's unfortunate that we got the skill patch out of order and fire BM became the OP meta (though, there are so many awful fire BM bandwagoners out there, it makes me cry). Destros will catch up in damage once NA gets the legendary SS/amulets around which the skill patch was balanced.
  13. Please tell me this is not happening!

    An overgeared BM (stage 6 baleful, oath stage 10, high piercing) can hit for that amount if the lightning draw comes after HM Z (10% AP boost for each target hit. We can get up to 50% if we hit 5 targets. 1 minute cooldown skill). There are other things that could happen in 6v6, like brazier captures, which gives the capturing team a buff. I've hit a KFM for 60k on lightning draw because I used HM Z and lightning draw after my team captured a brazier.
  14. Korean Tournament 2016 Season 2 (August 1st)

    This might help. All tournament videos are uploaded here. https://www.youtube.com/user/plaync/videos