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  1. The letter is over there at the lower right of your screenshot. You see the Yellow quest arrow (Chapter 7: The Proving Grounds). There is a letter there for you to click. Edit: It is blocked by the hongmoon store window in your screenshot. Close that and you can see it clearly.
  2. My mistake, it is really hard to tell because the video did not show the his characters queuing for matches. With all these movements and camera zoomed out, I am not sure but maybe it is this one? https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/silverfrost-gauntlet/ Edit: Or are you talking about the one in 17:10? That is the golden deva gauntlet. https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/golden-deva-gauntlet/ Blue Color Version https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/frosty-gauntlet/ https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/dark-pirate-gauntlet/
  3. These two? https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/wind-gauntlet/ https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/eidolon-gauntlet/ I prefer the gold version though. https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/lycandi-gauntlet/
  4. Yea, I think so too. Before this patch, I always use King Fist Move 2 and Dragon Fist during Focus Chi, feels much faster and more efficient. But now I am switching back to Move 1 since the damage is now a lot more than dragon fist.
  5. Additional 3AP when critical during king fist, only applies to Move 1, applies to all 3 hits. If unlock HM version, deal additional 5AP when critical.
  6. @6m6 Press J to open quest menu. Then click the letter tab. There should be a red quest for you to accept. Follow the quest instruction go back to bamboo village to join a faction.
  7. I think you need to choose a faction first before you can continue. Crimson or Cerulean Order.
  8. @PestiferiusSorry I looked under the wrong category, the buff from 50% to 85% is for the pvp soulshield. You are right, they only mentioned increased additional damage if critical, but no exact value was given. Sorry for the confusion haha.
  9. Looks great on Destroyer & KFM. Imagine spamming cleave with that guitar. KFM is just perfect, imagine punching somebody with that LOL.
  10. @SoraTokonome Calling people names does not really encourage them to buy the packages. In fact it will backfire and cause them not to. Next time think before you post, thanks.
  11. First you have to check their level, if their levels are 5 or more higher than yours, chances are their gear totally overwhelm yours. Even if they stand there and let you hit them for hours, you still can't kill them. If their level is same as yours, use the parry spin. Using lightning build C (shortest cooldown, generate 3 lightning focus) & V (pull and stun). If at the start they randomly hit you, spin and parry stun them, C draw stun and spam F & LMB they will die instantly. If they are cautious and not attacking, use V pull them in, C draw stun and spam F & LMB.
  12. It is a common issue, they never fixed it. No idea why. Happens often in Mushin Tower, Tower of Infinity, Arena.
  13. Level up your HM level to get those points. You will be HM1 when you reach level 50.
  14. Click the seraph weapon, there will be a pop up menu. Choose the alternate one to switch to baleful.
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