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How the f*ck do you beat Sekjin as FM?


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This *cricket* spams the knockback projectiles nonstop, how the f*ck do the devs expect a FM with zero reliable blocks to survive this? One hit and you're pretty much dead because it knock down and gets hit 4 times in a row, AND pushes you like a mile away from the boss, causing him to use completely OP long ranged moves that pretty much instantly kills. My C/V/Tab are constantly on CD because I have no choice to use them for this barrage of knockbacks. Also he just completely randomly stuns/dazes then grabs you like Zangief and drains half your HP with absolutely no warning. And of course he can't be frozen either so ice attacks are completely useless unless for life drain. Even Naksun can be frozen, wtf?


This guy is literally a clone of Naksun, honestly not easier at all. Who the hell thought it was a great idea to make this guy 100x harder than his twin? Why does his twin even give dodge QTE's while this guy has literally 2x the amount of CC's and gives zero warnings or QTE's?


So f*cking sick of grinding all the way from floor 9 all the way up to this floor, only to spawn a f*cking Sekjin, then completely drain all my weapon's durability. Oh and of course we can't respin the wheel like on floor 7, or even give us a fire to repair our weapon, cause NCS totally wants us to start over from floor 9 just to spin the f*cking wheel again. Just being the usual dicks they are.


There are no guides for this on FM. Yes there are vids on youtube with a FM beating it but they do not show a run where the *cricket* spams the knockback projectiles. The guy in the video was lucky where his C/V/Tab were all off cooldown in time to block those projectiles. Also, it's funny the guy making the guide almost died in the video at least 4-5 times due to this boss' cheap CC's. If he was 1% less lucky he would've certainly died and there would be no guide. It's a cakewalk for literally any other class because all of them either have decoys, reliable CC's or blocks making his projectiles completely useless. FM's have none of the above. Fire tab is completely useless because he fires 4 projectiles, how am I expected to block all 4 when it only blocks 0,5sec worth of attacks?


I have only beat this *cricket* once, ever. That time I beat him I was down to like 10% HP, and was extremely lucky because he actually didn't spam knockback projectiles nonstop, and my ice tab JUST managed to get off CD.


Like Naksun, don't tell me to "go familiarize with his mechanics" because I know exactly what moves he uses, since I've fought this guy countless times and broke my weapon countless times.

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Oh and of course we can't respin the wheel like on floor 7

Yes you can. Zone out back to floor 12 and reenter the room.


Also IIRC he does most of his knockback projectiles every 20% or so.


I'm a Destro so I'm not sure how much advice I can give here, just make sure your defenses against his 4 projectiles are spec'd to have short cooldowns and use your "short" iframe abilities when your big ones are on cooldown. Sometimes he "spams" against me too to the point where he catches me with Stone Shield on cooldown, but at worst I only eat one or two of them.

I'd say he's harder than the floor 14 boss definitely, but saying he's a "Naksun clone" is pushing it.

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25 minutes ago, ChoAniki said:

Yes you can. Zone out back to floor 12 and reenter the room.

Are you serious? O_O

Damn, all this time wasted trying to beat this guy. Well no way I was supposed to know you can reset the wheel since when I saw the wheel was not usable after spinning it once, I just assumed they don't let you respin...

Well that solves the problem. <_<

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Have you ever fought Fujin in Naryu Labyrinth? It's simply a reskin. Last I heard ranged doesn't have much of a problem when it comes to dealing with Fujin. A good number of his attacks aren't targeted so you can strafe out of them. For the ones that are, just iframe, Divine Veil, or freeze yourself.

  • Rotation:
    1. Hook punch -> straight punch. Both you can just walk out of.
    2. Leg sweep inducing knockdown. Just walk out of it.
    3. Counter. Don't hit into it or he'll stun you and then grab you and smack you around a bit.
    4. Repeat.
  • Randomly he'll backstep and he's immune while moving. If you're too far he'll do a targeted rush that dazes; iframe it.
  • When he waves his hands, he'll summon a launching tornado that ping pongs around the room and goes away on its own. Keep fighting Sekjin but be mindful of the tornado.
  • Special rotation:
    1. He casts a 360 aoe that causes knockback and knockdown. It has a very long cast time so just walk out of it.
    2. He sends four energy wave kicks that home in on you. These are all projectiles, so just cast Divine Veil on its lowest cooldown.
    3. At lower health, he'll send a large wind energy wave. Has a long cast time so strafe out of it.
    4. Four energy wave kicks again. Freeze yourself or something.
  • At lower health he'll perform a four hit martial dance combo. Freeze yourself or something.
36 minutes ago, Randomonium said:

I made a vid a while back that might help you with this one:


1:17 that's actually not a "cheap shot". That's a counter and you carelessly hit into it.

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i was only able to kill him once after dying 5 times in a row, then afterwards whenever i get him i just go back to 12th floor coz he's too much of a hassle. Just do the usual dodging of attacks or circling around. the only problem is his attack that if you dont use divine veil, you die. before this particular attack though, he kicks his leg left and right then he would do that deadly ranged attack, so when you see him do this cast your veil.

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He is really not that hard (but harder than the other one, yes).


- don't use ice build for a moving target like that, the video shows very good how low the dps is

- dps him in the beginning

- move around him thw hole time, he won't do anything special

- for first range attacks, use veil

- for second range attacks, use V (maybe your veil will be ready again if you have low damage)

- for the next range attacks, your veil should be ready again if you don't have very high damage (I have to use tab here because veil and V still on cd)

- you can also take one hit and iframe the res with tab, q and e, not even need of a potion for that but it will solve any problems

- just repeat that and iframe the combo you see at 2:23 in the Video or take one hit, use tab and iframe the last hit, or block with fire tab, so many possibilities, fm is the best pve class, don't forget that


There are 2 possible ways the fight may be: You can easily block all his skills with V and Veil with lower damage or you use veil, V, tab, veil and he will be dead after that. Just always move and remember that he will the Long range aoe after the second range attacks but that won#t hit you if you move. Q or E solves that, too, if you want it that way. If you stay near him, he should not be a big problem.

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Well personnaly i find him ok, but yea hes a little bit harder than his "brother". Just continue to practice, you learn his moves and it will be better ! :) Its about your luck too :p

But i think this one is a lot more easier for rangers than melee so if you play force master you have your chance ^^

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Sekjin is nasty, I'll give you that, but he's much easier to kill than Naksun.


Don't bother using frost build - best way to stay alive is to kill the boss faster. You can walk straight through Fujin to dodge some of his melee attacks, and use Q/E to i-frame his dash attacks, which he'll try to do every time he backsteps.


Don't hit into his counter - this'll require quite a bit of restraint on your part, but at least you won't take 50% of your hp in damage.


Don't use Divine Veil, Frost Sheath, or Frost Armor for any other reason than to save your ass from his missile attacks (or the three hit combo he does when he goes down to 30% hp).

Same goes for your Tab escape. Your Tab escape is your emergency lifeline if you get hit by his projectiles. If you get hit and it's down, you lose.


Consider taking Backstep T2S1 so you can recover from knockdowns and start casting again if Tab escape is down. I've never had to do it against this guy but it's saved my ass dozens of times against Naksun - it'll probably work well against Sekjin too.


When Fujin swings his leg back and wobbles like he's a bit itchy, he's going to kick projectiles at you. Use T4S1 Divine Veil - I wouldn't recommend T2S1 or T1S1 because you want to keep the heat on him and end the fight as quickly as possible - plus the projectiles healing you instead of killing you is also amusing. Don't take T4S2 (moving Veil) - 45 seconds is too long a cooldown considering what this fight is like.


I used to have serious trouble beating Sekjin but now I typically don't die unless there's some hot girl moaning in my ears in Discord (which is highly distracting and not recommended when doing Mushin's Tower).


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