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  1. @nottonystark im agree with you on some points :) Ok, a mmo without mounts (what is kinda weird), ok we can run super fast but.... for a very short time, when our energy is down we're super slow and have to wait long for get this energy back. I just find this stupid, if no mount at least it would be better to let us run fast longer. Anyway i stoped the game and go to revelation online !
  2. Hello Said ! Im not playing destro (my main is fm), i just tried one time the one of my boyfriend in few dungeons. Actually it was not hard because there is really not a lot skills :/ I found the dps not really good, as everybody say, and a lack of iframes. :( So after this, i dont understand why there is a such difference between Destro and others class, and i find it very unfair for you and others players of this class. For me its absolutly not a reason to dont go in 4 men with a destroyer because i play almost all time with my boyfriend, but he start to really dont enjoy the game... Af
  3. Absolument pas d'accord ^^ Mais de toute façon quoi qui se passe, cela conviendra à certains et non à d'autres. Je peux comprendre que le fait de ne pas partir en guilde à 6 ne soit pas super plaisant, personnellement je trouve que le fait de pouvoir tag à 1 ou 2 permet de ne plus rencontrer une full team +700ap legendaire 2000 def crit. Car pour mon cas, c'est ce qui se passait constamment avant. Avant la maj tu ne pouvais tag qu'à 1 ou 6, au moins maintenant je peux jouer avec mon copain <3 (bon ça c'est l'argument perso x). Tu me diras que j'avais qu'on avait seulement à constituer
  4. Bah justement l'op voudrait des explications sur les strats donc une vidéo, bien qu'en français, sans explications je vois mal comment il pourrait comprendre.... x) J'irai voir la page :)
  5. Im not p2w player and i win most of my match aroud 2 on 3, even more :') But the good thing now is even if you lose the match you still get points, so at least you dont use your time for nothing ^^ I dont know if the op have crit def but if not he should think about it, and of course maybe his gear is not enought hight. But those i dont know ^^ Until now i didnt had problem with match making, maybe you were just unlucky :/ But compare to before battleground is better, and op team cant join anymore as 6 so for me its perfect ^^
  6. I dont understand why they said we will get griffin + otter as special pet for the arrival of those guardians in NA/EU, and until now still didnt got otter :o but i saw today that it can drop in this new dungeon, thats joke x)
  7. i can understand it but they should think about it before and not say 1 day before patch "hey you upgraded your accessorie for nothing :D" My question was about if its worth to get 30 legendary gem from python necklace ^^
  8. im happy too about that, its a little more worth compare to before x)
  9. hi guys, i dont understand why they did that. Legendary accessories are certainly very good stats and all, but i used materials for nothing (or its how i feel it). Is it worth to get 30 legendary gem from true python necklace ?
  10. yes its all gone :'( i find only the option for unistall it so i did This was not working too, i will install again the game now, thanks guys x)
  11. hi, as i wrote in title after my update today of windows 10, bns seems to have dissparered :( if i can get any help here it would be nice, thanks <3
  12. Hi ^^ I was wondering if in future it will be possible to change clan name, thx
  13. I totally agree :) if they want to add alice in wonderland outifit, i find this one much better ^^ Hope we will get it cause i dont really like the winner's one x) But the hairstyle with the outfit will maybe look good :) @Babbletr0n said on twitch chat that its the director art something, well anyway its ONE PERSON who decide for ALL the community ! x)
  14. 10 minutes o_o i can do it in 5 minutes !!!! :D No seriously, if i dont kill naksun in my 1st to 3rd try i start to get upset, as said @Mucski you lose your concentration and motivation. ^^' So i can do 9-14 certainly in 10 minutes as you, but naksun will take the double for of this, and the best i get until now is 1 moonstone. So... I lose my time and its totally not fun, and i just stop to upgrade my equipment too xD I can do ssp but this last time i get no keys, this last days only 2, with 30 minutes to 1h time playing in ssp (with killing this flower yeti, board, konta [at least this
  15. Some exemples of my creations, dunno if others people can find them pretty x) im not interrest by trade btw i find my jin more pretty x)
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