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  1. Stop these bad events

    im going to sound like a white knight here but... i have been waiting for this nebula stone event since it was last released... this allowed me to progress significantly last time with the reduced weapon cost.. it does not look like much but it's a lot for newer players. please give it a shot first. As for the event, people are complaining that NS and up are too hard for low-AP players... mind you that: 1. you can NOT do them. At 8 gildstones per day, you're only missing 1 gildstone if you dont do them. you still get 6 from DC and 1 from EC/DT/NF (except maybe thursday NS-SSM but you will still get 6 that day right?). 2. DC you can finish by doing basin, dragon, and 1 super easy DG. if you get "burned out" by doing DC i dont think you will enjoy this game anyway. 3. When ALL dungeons were released, we all HAD to learn and do the mechs. DT/EC/NF mechs were supposed to prep you for NS/IF/EL mechs and so on. However, when they "simplified" the mechs for the lower dungeons, new players are no longer properly prepped to even learn the mechs for the higher DGs. And im not talking about just mechs, also learning how to use your class for those DGs count as well. 4. Old players already know the mechs to these dungeons; it's just that new players don't even want to learn and just want to be carried by high DPS. even when you ask "anyone does not know mech? we can teach you," they just dont answer and go pewpew even if they end up messing mechs. great example is IF, where 1 person's mistake can wipe you 6 different ways. for newer players who dont know mechs, ASK. I also want a 1-dungeon event with level 16 requirement so you only have to do THAT and get it over with. But saying that this event is AGAIN unreasonable and not helpful is a bit too much imo. like i said i have been waiting for this event ever since it was held last; i was able to use 3 nebula stone = 3 weapon upgrade last time and while it does not look like much it was significant for me. please, give it a shot first; then give your feedback AFTER the event, if it really sucked, and why, and what should they do about it. because this event really worked well last time (at least for me). i was on the verge of quitting then because of lack of progression and it really boosted me to the point that i have never stopped playing since. if you are already complaining THIS much when it's not even out yet, i think you will hate ANY event they release no matter how good they are.
  2. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    i think they are justifying this by stating that there will be more sources of blood pearl with the addition of the new 6-man DG and 12-man raid.. but the drop rate for blood pearl is horrible lately and every few people will be able to do the new raid on the first month.. i think the new soul path should require something that drops from the new raid and certain other ways but NOT from 6-man dungeons (like how the aransu orb is). this is impossible though. the blood pearl is supposedly a weapon path for those do not have a VT/TT raid who are willing to grind/farm the newer dungeons. Making it the new soul requirement screwed everyone who went to storm dragon/exalted path since they now have to compete for the loot with people who are better geared and richer gold-wise. they should also introduce in this update the ability to craft blood pearls using bound mats.
  3. it is common expectation for FM to sheath during jumping phase, although nowadays as an FM i have to make a calculated decision. since i (and most) prefer to cast it on the beginning ice phase, i might not cast it during heat phase coz sometimes yeti skips one or several heat phase/s (or not) depending on party DPS. also if other pt members see boss HP draining too quickly they assume that FM will save sheath for ice phase and use their own iframes during heat. However, it is almost always expected that the beginning ice phase is sheathed but even with this players still use self iframes.
  4. Dungeon leavers

    i know OP is pertaining to LFP parties but i just wanna share what happened with our party. Me and my husband (680 AP FM and 690 AP BD) posted a 550+ AP 4-man yeti. We were joined by 580 and 614 AP (forgot the classes). We all pressed ready and entered. Once inside, 614 AP left the party coz there was a 580, even though we posted 550+ AP req. 550 got dc shortly after (non-issue). I can't even begin to comprehend what is wrong with these people. This was a pre-made party; what more for LFP? I LFP most dungeons coz I know I can carry my own weight, I know the mechanics, and I am willing to carry others be that as it may; but other people use LFP to bypass and either go straight to last boss, or expect to be carried.
  5. How the f*ck do you beat Sekjin as FM?

    i was only able to kill him once after dying 5 times in a row, then afterwards whenever i get him i just go back to 12th floor coz he's too much of a hassle. Just do the usual dodging of attacks or circling around. the only problem is his attack that if you dont use divine veil, you die. before this particular attack though, he kicks his leg left and right then he would do that deadly ranged attack, so when you see him do this cast your veil.
  6. iksanun red here. pre-link, we mine 2 channels constantly but if ceru has enough number they can take 1 channel easy. it may be mindless grinding but there are some who do SSP just to finish their daily quest (myself included). Post-link, you can't even get a full decent mining on either side due to the griefing. it's like we gave up taking a channel for mining because YOUR SSP way is to farm only the terrors and the ceru mining NPCs. maybe it's a server animosity thing but you brought nothing good to us. you're too happy griefing while we're unhappy with the state of the game. i mean i even see iksanun blue complaining, it's that bad.
  7. Looks like they only looked whether which server was dominated by which faction, then decided to merge 1 crim + 1 ceru. They did not bother to check the actual population size of each server. I mean by numbers alone, even if you take faction out of the equation, any math can tell you that if you merge iksanun and poharan, we would be consumed. it's like iksanun disappeared and poharan replaced us completely. Yes, we only have 2 SSP channels; yes we're low in numbers, maybe revenue-wise we don't have a lot of whales.. but being the low pop that we are we know almost everyone at least by name, by clan, by costume, by their unique appearance, by faction chatiness. now i don't recognize anything i see; it's like everyone/everything is new. it feels like i was server transferred to poharan, rather than my server being merged with it. as for SSP... i feel poharan brought cancer to us. they brought their SSP summ bots (i swear we never had bots in SSP before the merge), they brought their griefing to the point that no one can farm (it's ridiculous), and they brought their ruddy alliances that personally i don't want to be a part of (as it requires hours and hours of PK and no actual mining getting done). We even placed an alt on ceru since we anticipated that crim won't be able to mine; our mighty alts than can usually get loot from the boar but now due to the massive amount of ceru on every mining (that wasn't destroyed by crim) i can't even get prestige. I wish we had been merged with a 2-channel-SSP ceru server than the 5-channel-SSP ceru that we got. forum people was asking, even spamming, these forums asking for a server merge because they claim their server is dying. Now that it happened, it is evident that the majority never wanted it. a silent majority who hated the idea of the server merge is now actually suffering from these vocal minority who thought they had the best of the game at heart. we were playing at peace then you brought us despair. I mean look my post count. i was too busy enjoying the game to whine here. but now my beloved server is gone, and i hate it, and now i rant.
  8. Clan Name: Resistance Clan Leader: RenCheszerlane Clan Adviser: LeaCheszerlane Clan Level: 15 Faction: Crimson Server: Iksanun/Poharan. Perks: Clan members with complete crafting professions, clan costume, doing daily challenges, 24-mans and dungeons, discord Pinoys and people who can converse in tagalog are welcome; NO REQUIRED LEVEL/AP Contacts: Just whisper/send mail to our clan leader/adviser with above IGN We're a tagalog-speaking clan in Iksanun/Poharan. time zone is SEA; also accepting non-pinoys as long as they don't mind us chatting in filipino.
  9. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    did you have 2-step verification? most people that got hacked failed to use this feature and the hacker beat them to it. it uses google authenticator for OTP in-game instead of your non-changing 6-digit pass. if you dont have 2-step, they will create it for you through NCS (they only need a few details) and since they're using google auth they will have control over your e-mail as well (assuming it's google).
  10. The 8 masters

    from what I watched in youtube (someone complied the cinematics in korea i think), the eighth master is a guy in a red suit similar to that worn by the yes men. you will meet him in your quest to find Yunsang. But the storyline is a LOT different compared to what we have now. The storyline back then was that Yura will guide you through your evil path where you will absorb all your friends' chi (because they are all strong fighters). this includes yehara, jiwol, yunsang, soha, and one of the eight masters. by the time you reach the monastery, you will have to choose between continuing on mushin's path or return to the hongmoon way. in choosing the latter, you will return all the chi back to their owners, then the remaining 7 masters will sacrifice their lives to remove the rose mark. (did not show what happens when continuing mushin's path tho) They changed the storyline in future patches wherein the choice at the monastery was removed, and following mushin's path in the beginning is not as evil (taking your friends' chi is like, too evil). I think in changing the storyline they overlooked the 8th master that you were supposed to meet in the beginning and totally forgot about him. *edit* apparently they made yulia the 8th master (although i really thought yulia was a new dark emissary)