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  1. Makabe you're missing the point. I've already said XML editing is bad. What I want is different. The idea was that the Global Cooldown value should be locked so that it can't go below 100, but be automatically modified to match the player's ping. This would be an ingame setting, not an XML edit. This wouldn't allow anyone to achieve superspeed, but instead allow high ping players to almost match the speed of low ping players. Again, I oppose XML editing, despite how tempted I am by it, if only for the fact that I'd get banned for it and it's apparently again
  2. As another poster mentioned before, World of Warcraft already matches GCD settings to ping, unlike Blade and Soul. It's a standard step that should have already been implemented. As an Australian player with 230ms to the server and 400ms+ ingame ping, being able to attack at only 60% speed (at best... it's usually 40% because of fps issues lmao) compared to a low ping player is extremely frustrating, especially considering how reliant this game is on enrage timers and stunlock combos. This really needs to be added into the client as soon as possible. When these delays are combined with my fram
  3. I mainly left because I couldn't stand my 250-300ms ping from Australia. Pvp was challenging but still fun, but what really screwed me is Infinite Tower, which you pretty much can't do well in unless you have low ping and you don't run into AI summoners. I also HATED the addition of the DPS meter - I can't do any more than 15k dps with 687 AP, 61% crit chance and 210% or so crit damage. Meanwhile I've run into warlocks with 600 AP who can do 17k dps easily, and FMs with the same stats as me who do 20-22k dps. It's utterly unbearable to feel so slow and useless even afte
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