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  1. Makabe you're missing the point. I've already said XML editing is bad. What I want is different. The idea was that the Global Cooldown value should be locked so that it can't go below 100, but be automatically modified to match the player's ping. This would be an ingame setting, not an XML edit. This wouldn't allow anyone to achieve superspeed, but instead allow high ping players to almost match the speed of low ping players. Again, I oppose XML editing, despite how tempted I am by it, if only for the fact that I'd get banned for it and it's apparently again
  2. As another poster mentioned before, World of Warcraft already matches GCD settings to ping, unlike Blade and Soul. It's a standard step that should have already been implemented. As an Australian player with 230ms to the server and 400ms+ ingame ping, being able to attack at only 60% speed (at best... it's usually 40% because of fps issues lmao) compared to a low ping player is extremely frustrating, especially considering how reliant this game is on enrage timers and stunlock combos. This really needs to be added into the client as soon as possible. When these delays are combined with my fram
  3. The problem is though, that Other Classes vs Summoner matchups are at least "partially" balanced in 1v1 Arena PvP because; 1: The Summoner gets their Tab escape back every 36 seconds only. 2: The cat can be bursted down in a single good combo if you blow the Summoner's Tab escape and sleep them. 3: The Summoner can be bursted down in a single great combo if you've already killed the cat. 4: Player summoners have reliable, predictable cooldowns, don't have 0ms, and don't play frame perfectly because of that. 5: Player summoners typically don't play even close to
  4. It's useful when clearing large crowds of trash mobs, like when you're soloing a lane in Sogun's Lament, or clearing a room in Frozen Lair. I've also heard tales of enterprising FMs using T5S1 Dragonchar in the Sogun's Lament final bossfight against Asura. Apparently, when you pick up a Lifebloom, you get infinite focus regen for a short time. Also worth mentioning, is that Dragonchar T5S1 hits STRAIGHT THROUGH Asura's missile shield. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Kekeke
  5. 7: On getting grabbed; - Don't panic Tab too early! You have other ways of breaking a Phantom Grip. Try them first. Getting your Tab escape is exactly what they want - they'll simply grab you again in another 24 seconds if you're not careful and set you up for a double aerial combo. - Use your Thrall recall (E) to blow away the FM who's holding you if your Thrall is still up. - If the FM dashes while holding you to i-frame the Thrall's knockback, wait until the FM drops you and then Thrall switch to safety. - If the FM has Frost Orbits, do NOT kick them, ever. Each time you
  6. Wrong Hiru. Warlocks have plenty of attacks that go through Veil. I know for a fact; - Dragoncall goes through Veil for some reason. It's got a travel time, but maybe because it also hits in an area effect, it goes through Veil? - Dragonhelix does too, but that shouldn't be surprising, it's not a projectile. - Wingstorm hits through Veil as well. It looks like a projectile but it's actually an area effect ability with no travel time. I haven't played the game in a month and a half, so my memory is a bit iffy. However, I do remember having problems with;
  7. I mainly left because I couldn't stand my 250-300ms ping from Australia. Pvp was challenging but still fun, but what really screwed me is Infinite Tower, which you pretty much can't do well in unless you have low ping and you don't run into AI summoners. I also HATED the addition of the DPS meter - I can't do any more than 15k dps with 687 AP, 61% crit chance and 210% or so crit damage. Meanwhile I've run into warlocks with 600 AP who can do 17k dps easily, and FMs with the same stats as me who do 20-22k dps. It's utterly unbearable to feel so slow and useless even afte
  8. I wouldn't say HM Dragonchar ('2' key, Stage 2) is useless for pvp. It's hilarious watching a guy block spam in front of you, and then you just hit him straight through his block anyway. - At that point, he'll Retreat (backflip with F key) and you can grab or ice beam him when he lands on his feet (tech chase). - It's also useful in reverse - if you double air combo some guy, and he backflips when he lands, you can use Dragonchar to daze him and force him to use his Tab escape, else eat another fat combo. I agree that HM Impact ('1' key, Stage 1) is pretty essentia
  9. Your soul shields and other equipment have no effect on arena pvp at all. Only difference you can make is your skill choices - higher HM level and more HM skills unlocked will give you a decisive advantage of course - but you can't get crit defense, extra AP, extra crit rate etc in Arena. As for Whirlwind Valley, that's another animal entirely. Assassins are so effective in 6v6 to the point of making me sick to the stomach. Everytime my buddy Ice Bombs two guys to take the point with no resistance, or holds off 4 people at once by himself because
  10. Umm, no not quite. Fact is Assassins at a baseline level are actually really strong. Huge range of utility abilities, their unpredictability, large number of ways to open a match and quite nasty damage + their slipperiness makes them a powerful pick against 90% of the playerbase. Their stealth gives them a first strike advantage in almost all situations, and your enemies have to survive your gimmicks first before you have to survive theirs. As I said, it's very skilled players on a couple of classes that make a sin's life hard. Meanwhile, in matchups of even skill they
  11. Having played a little bit of Assassin myself, I can confidently tell you that playing with any real level of competence requires 100ms ping or lower. Fighting Blade Dancers/Summoners/highly skilled Force Masters/Destroyers can be terribly difficult and require quite a bit of brainpower. Yeah, their other matchups are pretty easy for the most part but damn is it hard to beat a good Blade Dancer. The problem is that while Assassin absolutely excels at rolling over weak/high-ping players/KFMs, it's very easy to have a bad time against people who know the matchup. Fig
  12. Oh yeah, and the other guy mentioned, FM's Chill has already been nerfed quite severely. If you think current FM is bad, you should have seen what they used to be like. Frost Fury used to apply *3* chill stacks (one for each time it hit),, so with LMB-RMB-F you could apply 1 freeze 1 chill in one rotation. LMB-RMB-F -> LMB-RMB-1 -> LMB-RMB-1 used to be a really easy double stun, which could be extended with a grab or an aerial without great difficulty. Now I have to work really hard for my freeze stun chain combos. PS: Tell me what class you are.
  13. You made me log in just to respond. 1: Block the Frost Palm, or invincibility frame (i-frame) it and it doesn't apply Chill. 2: When 3 Chill stacks are applied, it applies Freeze. - Chill stops movement abilities (abilities that gap-close with the enemy). Freeze does NOT stop movement abilities/attacks, such as Assassin's Shadow Dash, BM's Flicker, Destro's Knee, etc. - Therefore, you can wait until you get frozen, and then use a movement attack to engage the FM. This will really *cricket* them off. - Don't let the FM Chill AND Freeze you. If you get stun
  14. Azrael you've got it mixed up. I crit for 15-16k damage with Blazing Beam (2 key) but Blazing Palm (Left Mouse Button) only crits for 6-7k. - Blazing Beam is the red laser that does nearly double damage to burning targets - Blazing Palm is just the left mouse button attack that you animation cancel with between every ability (LMB-RMB-2 -> LMB-RMB-2...) for more damage and to apply ember stacks.
  15. Normally it's ok to pop into a 6 man dungeon, not knowing what to do, and just copy what everybody else is doing. Most players figure out what to do quickly enough anyway. THAT DOES NOT APPLY WITH DESOLATE TOMB! You'll get your party killed if you don't already know what to do when you start. Desolate Tomb 6 man alone is harder than the 4 man versions of every other dungeon in the game. If even a single player doesn't know what to do in the final Lord of the Flame bossfight, the party will lose! - 42 million HP. You can't skip boss mechanics by just doing lots of d
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