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  1. Want balance ?

    Then you were the one who ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up. There is no "he wasted my tab" against a FM. A FM has only 1 good stun and this skill has 36s cd. Your tab has 36s aswell. See the problem? You can spin out of every freeze so no stun is possible against a BD who doesnt waste all his focus for spinning. It's impossible to freeze a BD in place if the BD is not lowest skill tier. You took a frost tornado? Just use Z and resist the shit out of the FM while cc him and that's it. BD hard to play ... please, not in pve and not in pvp.
  2. Trove Entschädigung

    Kurzfassung: Da du vorher nicht wusstest, dass die Keys erstattet werden, konntest du leider nicht mehr bescheißen. gg
  3. Trove Entschädigung

    Da gibt es gar nichts zu diskutieren. Du hast bekommen, was du gekauft hast: Schlüssel. Ist schon sehr dreist, dann noch dem Support ungerechtfertigter Weise auf die Nerven zu gehen. Natürlich bekommst du keine extra Schlüssel, wenn du deine nicht benutzt hast.
  4. FM Soul shield question

    If you say it like that then 123 MSP and 4-8 BT (for fire).
  5. FM Soul shield question

    MSP is probably better now because you can reduce dual dragons cd with blazing beam on every hit. If you can, get MSP 8 but the difference is not really big.
  6. Was tun wenn frisch lv 50

    Du hast offenbar noch alten aufwertbares Gear. Check mal die Infos auf deiner Waffe, die sollte zerlegbar sein, damit du eine neue + diverse Sachen bekommst.   Dann solltest du die Story durchspielen. So bekommst du erstmal noch besseren Schmuck. Alles bis auf deinen Ohrring kannst du dann erstmal in die Truhe packen. Außerdem bekommst du so ziemlich alles, was du brauchst, um deine Waffe auf Stand vor der Legendary zu pushen. Mit knapp über 400 AP bist du selbst als Neuling im 50er Bereich viiiieeeel zu weit unten. Unter 600 nach Storyende sollte man kaum noch sein.   Zwecks Dailies solltest du dich dann erstmal auf die leichten beschränken. Yeti, Reißzahn, Nekro, Kältelager, (Altar). Die mittleren Dungeons Asura, Nexus, Maste, Düsterschlacke kannst du nach der Story auch gehen. Das ist alles zu einfach geworden als dass du da mehr Gear bräuchtest. Ansonsten beliebige Dailies machen (blaue Dungeons z.B.). Mushin Tower 1-8 sollte auch gehen.
  7. Frost/Ice PvE Rotation Patch 3.0

    Pretty much this, yes. You should add that the rotation depends on your used gear. In the video you are using a bad combination of gear.   If you dont use the frostball badge (which reduces coldsnap cooldown on frostball) you dont use BT ss but MSP 8. This way you never uses frostball in your rotation because the damage will be lower than glacial beam.   Your rotation is correct if you use the frostball mystic badge (+3000% damage within cold snap).
  8. The people who dont have time get less boxes, that's it. Farming the boxes is easy enough. And btw. for what do you need 9 boxes every day? With 6/day you can get the big gem using only 1 character. If you want the outfit, just collect some more. There is no need to increase the amount of boxes.
  9. How to beat Destroyers as FM in TOI

    That's all true but you might forget one thing: ToI is about speed and Destro is either burst-it-down or waste-much-time for FM. And there are still problems with the cc. Destro has way too many cc and in ToI they never run out of focus and they got too many resets. Of course you can escape everything but he will cc you as soon as he can and you can't wait out every cc not using an escape because he will hold you in an long cc chain every time as long as you dont escape and that leads to my first line: You will lose too much time.
  10. Current Daily Dash

    That's because we still get updates pretty fast and new gear always boosts your dps by alot. Alone the difference between baleful 10 and raven 1 is more worth than between baleful 1 and baleful 12. There is no use in stacking AP and more AP if you dont have the newer gear. Even with 1200 AP you would not be able to keep up with someone with 900 AP but raven gear. And that's why it's not possible to keep up with so many chars.
  11. Ah this. Ok, already forgot it. No one needed it and I think everyone is happy that they removed that skill. But they should buff chi bomb seriously. This skill is so useless I have no idea who came up with that shit skill.
  12. FM didnt lost double air combo. Or do you mean windstorm what was useless since restrain skills were available?
  13. Current Daily Dash

    If you play that many chars and if you want to gear them all thats your own problem. Everyone knows it's too expensive and time consuming to do that unless you are a big whale.
  14. Frost build op?

    True but that wont happen. Upcoming patches will boost ice pretty well. Fused badges and the vortex ss 3 pieces effect is great for ice and better than the same things for fire.
  15. Frost Build Rotation & Badges

    You need the magnum badge (blue) from ToI. Additionally either the mystic badge for dual dragons or frostball. Frostball only if you have at least 3 ss pieces from BT. I think dual dragons is better currently anyway.   I leave the rotation up to you but keep in mind that you want cold snap up as often as possible.