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  1. Was haltet ihr vom FM nach Patch ?

    FM sind aktuell irgendwo bei Stock 85 ganz oben dabei. Zwar kein Vergleich mit Sum und WL, die schon 100 haben, aber dürften sich nicht vie nehmen zu anderen Klassen. Es kommt nach wie vor auf die Gegner und Buffs an, aber es gibt nun 3 Klassen (BM, WL, BD), die, sofern man es richtig macht, 8+ Stockwerke bringen. Auch der FM ist jetzt viel leichter machbar. Diese 4 Klassen gehen jetzt ohne wirkliche Probleme auch in Trial komplett bis Stage 10 (sofern man genug Gear hat, um die schnell genug runter zu hauen). Sin und KFM sind deutlich schwerer als vorher. Gerade der Sin ist nicht mehr so dämlich, sondern alles andere. Destro und Sum sind nicht viel anders, machen nur mehr Schaden. Mit den richtigen Gegnern, Endgear und Buffs sind 90+ sicherlich machbar.
  2. Frost build op?

    ...and doing no damage probably with it.
  3. FM class after patch

    Exactly this happened. The extra focus on crit was moved from fire soul to the HM skill. If you dont have it, you gain less focus than before.
  4. Was haltet ihr vom FM nach Patch ?

    Nene, das war nicht gemeint. Ich bezog mich nur auf "Wich burste mal eben die Katze down und dann den Sum. Das geht und ging auf höheren (unter 50 ist halt nicht hoch) Stockwerken nie schnell, weil HP und Kritdef viel zu sehr hochgehen bei den Gegnern. Sum ging mit Dragonchar immer besser. Die Katze burstet man auch nicht down sondern legt sie schlafen. Dass man mit Frost auch gewinnt ist eine Sache, aber in ToI gehts halt um Geschwindigkeit und da gewinnt Feuer halt auf jeden Fall.   Wenn wir noch die alten Skillbuilds hätten, wäre es in ToI jetzt noch schwieriger. Gegen WL ginge gar nichts mehr mit Frostbuild, da hättest du nur deflect den ganzen Tag. WL und BM sind jetzt zwar die leichtesten Gegner für FM, aber die muss man so machen, dass dir die Vorteile vom Frostbuild nichts bringen.
  5. Skill list Disapointment

    These nolife arguments, holy shit. You need the blue badge from ToI. Do here and there a run (once on saturday/sunday for DC should almost be enough) to improve your rank to get at least 2 tokens/week. Then the season reward will give you maybe 10. The 2nd mini season ends soon so you would have over 40 alone from the rewards. At the end of the last mini season you should definitely have it. Or just do some runs sometimes to get it earlier. The mystic badge is even easier to get. Just do peach quests for some hours and use 50 msp flowers. Thats really easy. No whale and 24/7 needed for anything. Have fun.
  6. Was haltet ihr vom FM nach Patch ?

    Wenn ich sowas lese, fällt es mir echt schwer, noch was zu glauben, was von dir kommt. Über welche Stockwerke reden wir hier? 30-40 max.? Frost Build war noch nie wirklich gut in ToI, weil man mittels der Buffs viel viel besser mit Feuer zurecht kommt. Das ist jetzt nicht anders. Frost ist super aktuell, aber in ToI und auch F20 regelt Feuer einfach besser.
  7. Skill list Disapointment

    Start using badges... Your cold snap downtime is always <10s if you can do your rotation (enemy doesnt jump away).
  8. No Daily Challenge again today

    If you cant do DT after finishing the story the dungeon isnt too hard but you are too bad or too lazy to understand the mechanics. You never needed top gear for anything. You can also do NF after finishing the story.   And if you are a really new player, just skip DC sometimes if you think you cant do it. All dungeons in DC are really old now so it's ok to have them there.
  9. Make Jin Playable as Force Master

    Yes, because these things can be done by one person within 30 minutes. To change races and outfits and so on it might take some time longer and thats too much probably to do it "just because some people want it".
  10. Force Master - soul and mystic bagde

    This should be possible with the release of automaton lab. Maybe in 9-12 weeks if they dont release stuff too fast. I think automaton is the next content we should get so it might be in the not too far future.
  11. It's old content what do you expect?Everything before tomb (without necro) can be done solo easily without reaching any enrage timers. This has nothing to do with the update, it was like that before. Tomb/Cita/NF normal mode is easy and for the new and weak people. Hard mode is the same (or almost) than before. Sanctum and BT are endgame and only these dungeons matter for difficulty.
  12. As FM it's not worse overall than before. FM are pretty easy now and BM is always free win 9 or 10 floors. BD is also easier. SF is almost the same and not too hard. Destro is shit as always but with good buffs they can also die in seconds. Sums are not much different than before. Bursting them down got harder and they also got more damage.   Worse setups are SIN, WL and KFM. SIN is really annoying now but is doable with patience. WL blocks every blockable skill almost always with parry block. No human would react like that. I lost some progress against them but they are still doable. Really retarded are KFMs now. I simply cant beat them fast or even within the time without the right buffs. They either resist or counter almost everything. Freeze is almost impossible and even if you freeze them and stand behind, they will ss out.   There is still no balance between classes as always.
  13. Frost build op?

    Ok, because ToI went good today I did a few more runs and bought the badge. It's as I said. You use cold snap and get the 6s magnum effect once. It's pretty good and increases burst power of frost build. It also boosts awakened ice rain if you might ask. The loss of cd reduction from snowball is not too bad and with some lucky weapon resets it's no problem. The blue badge is definitely better than the green one. Together they will be great.
  14. Force Master - soul and mystic bagde

    For fire use inferno badge (-20s meteor cd) and meteor mystic badge (+3000% dmg on 1st hit). For ice use cold snap badge (dragonfrost buff and buffed glacial beam) and dual dragon mystic badge (8s cd reduce for cold snap).
  15. Frost build op?

    Ah I see how you mean it. Hm, I dont think it is like that. 6s should start after initial use. I couldnt test it yet but I will on wednesday (could farm enough today but I dont like that ToI shit).   Watch the video. After using cold snap he has the 6s badge icon in the bar. And when it's gone the damage reduces by more than 10k/hit. Thats the magnum effect. Having it the whole duration + 6s after cold snap ended would make frost build so much better than fire.     Btw: I just saw that the AP modifier on bnstree for LMB on frost build is wrong. It's not 3,2 without burn it's much less. Without elemental gear my RMB deals almost 4x the damage of LMB without burn. And even with burn it's only around 60% of RMB damage. That makes the uptime for cold snap even more important.