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  1. How's your DPS?

    Depends more on ping probably. Once I barely hit 20k with over 800 AP and good gear because my ping exploded. You can only push the buttons but if the skills don't activate it's not your fault. With good ping you might be able to do some more dps for your gear but as I said, ping matters much.
  2. Make Raven Feathers Bound To Account.

    Putting feathers in trove was bullshit, definitely. For me such requests always sound like "I want the stuff from dungeon X but I don't wanna run that dungeons because I don't have time (or whatever)". That's why I'm against such things. We get new content and everything people do is complaining about it. Next will be Naryu Sanctum. People will say that they can't find a group who can clear it. Then they will say the bracelet don't drop. Complaints everywhere.
  3. FM ToI frost orbit bugged?

    Are you sure you know how FM works? I doubt you get instantly frozen. You just get the chill stacks extremely fast. The FM in ToI is very fast and will freeze you very easily. You will freeze yourself, too, if you attack him while he has frost orbs. I dont know much about sums but I think your nettles are an overtime effect. Even if it doesnt do damage, you will get a chill stack for every hit it does. So he has impact you permanently.   I know the Fm in ToI is very annoying on higher floors but what he does (except the cd resets ofc) is legit.
  4. Make Raven Feathers Bound To Account.

    People who dont run BT shouldnt have any BT shields thats why they are BT shields and not DKV shields.
  5. Duelist Bundle

    They are jealous, not more. Typical for humans and it will never change.
  6. Just why??

    That's correct in general but don't forget there are also random parties where someone has to be the leader. There might be no problems in clan runs but beside that, you can't trust anyone in an online game.
  7. kleine Zusammenfassung vom heutigem Stream

    Das wesentlichste wird wohl die Erfolgsrate ausmachen. Wenn da jeder 2. Versuch ziemlich safe passt, wird's ok sein. Ansonsten sind die 8 Ornamente ja schon gut 100 Gold und die kann man dann ja auch nicht besser farmen. Die übrigen Mats sind ja jetzt schon nicht viel wert.
  8. kleine Zusammenfassung vom heutigem Stream

    Die Kugel gibt's ja schon über HE, daher die Anmerkung.
  9. Make Raven Feathers Bound To Account.

    So that everyone can run DKV with several alts to get full BT ss after some weeks? No thank you.
  10. Dragon or Tiger bracelet

    Tiger of course. Dragon is pretty useless for FM after the skill revamp.
  11. kleine Zusammenfassung vom heutigem Stream

    Ist bekannt, ob die Dungeons drunter dann nur den 6 Mann Loot droppen oder droppt dann dort generell wie jetzt in 4 Mann?
  12. They created a stupid gear wall

    Depends on for what it is "too much". To clear the dungeon? Then yes, it is. To have a fast run? Maybe not, but as I said, ping matters much more than AP. It's also important if you have a new player or an alt in your group. People with 800+ mains will most likely playing much better than any new player. You can't see that before or do you ask them if they are twinks? Then for your own gear. With your gear you can many things alone so is it that terrible if the boss fights take 1 min. more because you have some people with 50 AP less in the group? With 500 Ap and siren accs you can deal 10k dps with almost any class without buffs. Now go to F8 and look what the average 600-700 AP people do without buffers in the group. It's not much more.
  13. They created a stupid gear wall

    May I quote our faction chat? "Everyone who wants AP for DKV will be blamed."   I simply can't take anyone seriously who shouts with AP req.
  14. Seraph bangle

    If you wait for resets the fight will take too long anyway. Everything below 6 floors is not enough on later floors so you have to burst them anyway so no time for resets. Against summ you dont even need it. Because he will always attack you, you can spam dragonchar what is better than using short fuse sometimes. If you cant burst him down before the cat awakes the fight goes too long anyway on later floors.
  15. about the revamped skill system and stats

    This wont change and you will need them after the patch.