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  1. BnS gets worse and worse...

    You will find several posters here generally referred to as WKs or white knights. They have taken it upon themselves to defend this game rabidly and will fill any post mentioning the game's flaws with their own negative feedback directed towards the OP or anyone who shares the viewpoint of the OP. They live to argue and tell you to stop being lazy and asking for things to be handed to you and remind you that every game in the universe has the same problems or worse than BnS as well as your need to "git gud" and all your problems will be solved. It's generally best to just ignore them and just continue post your thoughts and constructive criticisms without worrying about what they say or do.
  2. Couldn't agree more. This game does nothing to prevent trolling behavior and AFKing through a dungeon and still getting credit. There absolutely should be a way to prevent toxic players from being in your party. If you are toxic, you should have trouble getting groups so perhaps you are forced to re-evaluate your behavior. You certainly should be able to pick who you party with, even in F8 and not seeing blocked players until you are already in the ready up zone is silly. You must either live in a world filled with unicorns or don't play much in group. Toxic players being allowed to ruin the experience of other players at will is the problem. Not being able to keep them out of parties is the problem. Players being allowed to be toxic with impunity is the problem. Being able to give a small amount of control to your players is a solution. You see a leader in your party you flagged for firewall killing or making ridiculous loot rules, you can leave. You get 2 AFK bots in your party you know won't contribute and will cause your run to fail you can kick them and include players who will. YOU, NC, gave players the power to be toxic, you should also give the players the power to protect themselves from this. Your suggestion of being inclusive sounds good on paper but quite often you can't create a full party with who you have available at the moment and need to rely on the system. The system is flawed and although there is potential for abuse should the requested changes be made, there already is rampant abuse and it gets worse every day that NC stands by and does nothing to fix it. At the very least you should be able to see a blocked player in the queue and not have to wait until the ready up room or the dungeon where you have then lost the power to kick them and simply have to leave and try again hoping the system doesn't put you back with more players who ruin the experience (or more often that very same party).
  3. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    Yup. It's unfortunate that the dev team and NCWest localisation team can't seem to capture the feel of progression from the leveling part of the game. Rewards were dealt out more regularly and you got the feeling every day of accomplishing something even if you didn't spend all day playing. Now it's just endless grind to get itty bitty progress in progressing your gear and even smaller amounts for HM levels. It's been said many times that monotonous, repetitive tasks that give no meaningful progression makes a game feel like work. Not working toward and regularly achieving goals but just endlessly rolling a stone up an ever steeper hill. The WK's will defend it all and say we want something for nothing, but the rest of us know that isn't true. We just want better realized and achievable goals without everything being unnecessarily grind gated to encourage spending money to avoid it. This was a great game for a time, and I feel it could be again but the people in charge are going to have to make more concessions to folks who are heavily discouraged by the current way things are set up. They have made some baby steps like what is planned on the 5th of next month, but much more needs to be done to make this game FUN again. And BTW, there is nothing fun about the way this game handles the many many things that are RNG gated (unless you are one of the lucky few blessed by RNGesus). There is also nothing fun about competing with players who pay their way to the top. This has created a toxic elitist community where the haves constantly exclude the trying to haves. If NC (East and West) can't see that and feel the need to do something to bring these groups together then there truly is no hope for this game's future.
  4. Ultimate Pet - RNG Factor

    The rampant spread of poor odds RNG throughout the game mixed with the gold sink aspect of many upgrades is a disheartening thing to those without unlimited money to throw at the game. Either through gold seller sites or more legitimate means the P2W "elite" have been given many opportunities to rise above the peons less generous with their monetary contributions to the game. I still can't figure out how creating massive gear gaps that have destroyed other games will work in NCWest's favor, especially with the low intake of new players and massive attrition of current ones caused by these and many other problems of NCWest's making. A good way of juggling the handling of rare items would have some sort of mercy rule RNG system that adds additional chances of success to each failure, so even after 20 fails you aren't completely disheartened as you can feel next time your odds should be a bit better. I kind of hope they don't do this though as then the game would be truly addictive.
  5. Quick Fix to get High Population

    If you want to support population growth you need to do 2 things: Listen to the community enough that they don't all head for the doors every time you make a boneheaded decision with the game or make seriously anti player moves in the name of making the company more money in the short term. You will make more from happy customers than ones you bend over a barrel. You will have player churn, it's inevitable that players will leave. You need to be making the game more accessible for new players. Players who hit the level cap and run smack into the grind/pay wall are likely to turn right around and leave, unless the toxic community and RNG doesn't get to them first. BnS could be easily salvaged and keep veteran players engaged and happy while also encouraging new players to join. I haven't seen many major moves so far in righting the ship (lots of little ones that just don't add up to much) but there is always possibility they might get a new creative director other mgmt changes that bring in better ideas and start moving away from the bad ones.
  6. Draw conclusions based on the following pictures

    If they can't even get rid of ppl blatantly speed hacking, packet manipulating, DCing to avoid loss penalties and all the other cheats running rampant in this game that in just about any different game would reward the baddie with instant perma bans, do you really expect someone at NCWest to look at your pictures and be able to determine they are Chinese gold farmers running multibox? It's almost as if some NCWest staff are actually responsible for supplying these cheats and feeding the gold farmer market.
  7. Coming back??

    If you dont have a viable main toon yet you had better wait until NCWest shifts the starting weapon and level as NC has in other regions. The pain of starting from scratch in this game is why the community continues to dwindle with no fresh blood coming in and actually finishing to the end game. If you are so easily discouraged that you quit during early beta you will most likely not find the current game to your liking.
  8. Its coming full circle

    I'm pretty sure that talking about new MMOs coming out is just like most negative feedback you see posted here. This is a game many people love or have loved and seeing it head in the direction it has tends to tear them apart inside. They put a lot of time and effort into this game and the thought of walking away from it all seems hard but players posting about other games want the folks behind this one to know they are serious. Likely posting about upcoming competition to this game makes them feel empowered that there is a choice and they are not beholden to this game. Sure the ones they post about are likely no better (at least after the initial subscriber hook and growth phase, same as here) but they want their voices heard that they are not above simply walking away. It is much like a relationship that is breaking apart where they are trying to incite jealously from the other party.
  9. Describe this game in one sentance

    Shame of a game as it once had potential.
  10. why people attack this game all of the sudden?

    I think most of the hate is due to the game starting off so strong and with near zero P2W trappings and having a very positive following of the players. They made tons on premium subs and cosmetic items and had a good stream of new content coming out. Then gradually it all changed. Upgrade paths and leveling became ridiculously grindy and NC started wheeling out materials and XP boosters in the shop to make it easier for those willing to pay. The gold exchange made it easy for those with deep pockets to get the best gear with minimal effort and time. Exclusive items were introduced in events that only catered to those who spent large sums of money and P2W players began leaving F2P players in the dust gear and level wise. It became impossible for even the most dedicated free player to keep up with players who purchased gold and materials from the cash shop and exchange (and ofc from the gold sellers that thrive in a P2W economy). This was only made worse due to the toxic side effects of elitism in parties where F2P players had a harder and harder time getting into groups with the better geared, the unwillingness of NC to do anything about toxic players who AFK in dungeons and PVP, the total lack of in game GMs to deal with the growing problem of cheaters, bots and spammers leading to the general feeling that NC cared less and less about player experience and only about making as much as they could before the whales caught wind of the next "Big Thing" and moved on en masse. NCWest has had many chances to right the ship, and every time they have either done nothing or come up woefully short. Most recently with the 6v6 changes and making it more important for players to take part in it. This is where the P2W player and the F2P player are most unbalanced and therefore you see a great deal of negative feedback about matchmaking due to gear differential. This also breeds more of the toxic AFK behavior as players feel this is a required task, yet they have no chance to compete on a level playing field so simply say "why bother?" and ruin any chance their team may have had. Perhaps they will release a version of 6v6 that has gear balancing but I doubt it. It's one of the only things that truly encourage whales to spend so they can revel in the joy of ROFLstomping their undergeared competition. F2P games must tread a fine line to keep their dev teams and publishers paid and data centers running and stocked with well fed hamsters while not alienating the players. Players must feel they are getting value for money they spend and trust the company running it to not screw them over in the quest for higher profits. NCWest is hopefully learning from what has happened here and perhaps they will do better with the next game they bring over. One can only hope.
  11. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    A personal dps meter that can help you fine tune your build? Good idea. A dps meter that allows the toxic another reason to be asswipes, well...
  12. Lack Of Endgame

    A compelling PVP experience is generally the catch all end game experience. Unfortunately due to the way pvp has been handled in BnS there really isn't much of a community for it. Lots of folks don't like pvp per se, but there are many ways to make a competitive experience fun without making certain players and classes feel unnecessary or bad to have on your team. Sadly NC has only given the most bare bones approach to it and there isn't much hope of this changing this late in the life cycle of the game as it requires actual character balancing which has never been a serious NC concern.
  13. Not sure I understand why ppl even reply to the trolls and rabid WKs that always flock to every suggestion/complaint type post. These guys think they are actually earning points every time they defend the game. It's like some holy mission to them so it's best to just post your suggestions and ignore negative feedback from posters that come in and say stuff like don't be lazy/git gud/ its fine the way it is/stop making complaint threads. You will eventually know them by their tags and be able to skip right on past everything they say or even better just put them on ignore. They are only here to pad their post counts and try to brown nose the NC crowd (gawd I hope that doesn't actually work).
  14. THIS is how you protest P2W

    A certain other MMO themed around a particular colored arid environment recently made it's first baby steps towards P2W and the players ofc lost their shit. Creating protest banners and marching in the street. http://kotaku.com/pay-to-win-protests-hit-the-streets-of-black-desert-o-1784949509 The issue revolves around exclusive cash shop items being sellable at auction laying the bedrock for the P2W player to jump ahead of folks not willing to make such investments. We here of course would laugh at this as our game went full force P2W months ago and we didn't get to do one march through the streets in protest. This gives me a sad.
  15. Another whale leaving

    At least with the rate the big spenders are abandoning the game lately they may finally make the gear upgrade and leveling process less punishing to try and attract new ones. The way it is now a whale has to spend quite a bit just to get into the game before they even start getting comforts like outfits and assortments of pets. It's sad that no-brainer things like in game GMs to discourage bots, cheats, spammers etc. are something this game will never have no matter how bad it gets.