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  1. Sure why not? Ads on loading screens or even a permanent ad banner at the bottom is still 100x better than RNG bullshit.
  2. Player + fact in reality: your RNG is bullshit NCS: thanks for the compliment. That's great, now we have more ideas for cash shop pay2win items. Happy spending in our cash shop The fate of every "free to play" MMO.
  3. Bottom line, NCS doesn't care about how well the game is designed. Good SSP design = more moonstones for players = less $$$ spent in cash shop from frustrated players. They'd sooner give out free premium than fix SSP. All the whales feeding the troll should think about that for a moment. This is a company that feeds on the frustration of players. The more frustrated and pissed off players are, the more money their pockets suck in. "Our retarded game design is made possible thanks to our generous whales".
  4. Reading is a great skill, you should learn to use it. Lmao at "get new net or quit". Sure fund me a couple million to upgrade NCW's garbage servers, or develop some common sense to realize lag is not the player's fault. I prefer the latter route. And make a video of your 400AP beating Naksun. Can't? Silence is a great skill too, learn to use it if you have nothing intelligent to say. Gotta love these people saying retarded things like "you can solo Asura at 600AP" or "you can beat XX at XX AP", even though they can't do it themselves, they just say it to grow their e-peen.
  5. I've ran F14 at least 15 times since patch and only got 1 moonstone... ONCE. Did you add it to the loot table and made a typo in the drop rate, making it 10% instead of 100%? Is this your idea of "adding moonstones (lol at the plural) to F14-15"? It takes the average player at least half an hour to get from 9 to 14, and what do we get? Nothing except a bunch of useless Naksun tokens. Even running level 45 blue dungeons is more profitable than this (not to mention 10x easier). Is this your idea of helping with the SSP problem? What's next, removing silverfrost trans stones from craft table and
  6. Gloom is the 2nd most boring instance in the entire game atm (1st place belongs to Necro). It's a shameless reskin of Necro and shows you the (zero) amount of effort the devs put into this game. This is why no one does it. So tired of having these retarded "babysit ABC for 2 hours cause we're too lazy to program something that's actually fun" shit. Did they actually expect players to find any fun/challenge in this braindead instance? You literally just have to spam LMB/RMB and still be able to beat it. Honestly this instance, along with Necro, Dark Glimpse or whatever it's called,
  7. Hujikar for some people is harder because there are no people farming this, and it's too difficult to solo at ~level 40. Having a mandatory weapon drop from a boss no one bothers with is just plain retarded, and shows you the amount of consideration the devs put into this game's new players. In other words they don't give a f*ck.
  8. Just spun the wheel 10 times... All Sekjin... what the f*ck? I'm guessing they still don't let you respin it then since it'll land on the same boss every single time? This game is enough to drive people insane I swear.
  9. Are you serious? O_O Damn, all this time wasted trying to beat this guy. Well no way I was supposed to know you can reset the wheel since when I saw the wheel was not usable after spinning it once, I just assumed they don't let you respin... Well that solves the problem. <_<
  10. This *cricket* spams the knockback projectiles nonstop, how the f*ck do the devs expect a FM with zero reliable blocks to survive this? One hit and you're pretty much dead because it knock down and gets hit 4 times in a row, AND pushes you like a mile away from the boss, causing him to use completely OP long ranged moves that pretty much instantly kills. My C/V/Tab are constantly on CD because I have no choice to use them for this barrage of knockbacks. Also he just completely randomly stuns/dazes then grabs you like Zangief and drains half your HP with absolutely no warning. And of course he
  11. A few scenarios can happen, and I see this everyday: a) 400AP person creates a party asking for 500+ b) 600AP person creates a party asking for 550+ and a 400AP decides to join anyways c) 600AP person creates a party asking for 550+ and a 540AP joins What do you do in each situation? I find it funny why a 400 would create a party asking for 500+, does he think no one's intelligent enough to check his own character info page? Even funnier is if he labels the party "500+, fast run!". I guess he means "fast for me" and "slow for everyone else". Honest
  12. Daily wheel. Collecting fragments for the damn bikini. That's about it. Game is a pile of RNG-gated (just about entire game), unoptimized (I live in Canada and I have f*cking 250 constant ping in mushin's tower, a single-player mode, wtf?), braindead-designed (SSP) laggy shit, no other reason to play it.
  13. Windbrand


    Constant 250+ping (even though I'm in Canada, thanks to the garbage NCW servers), is it even possible to beat this as a FM? I've watched countless so-called "how to" videos on this. No need to link me to any video, I've literally memorized the walkthrough by now. He certainly does NOT follow a regular pattern. He simply randomly counters and starts instant kill combo whenever he feels like it, and any countered move = instant stun = instant sky combo = instant death. How in the world am I supposed to know when he's gonna counter an attack or start an instant kill combo? I've had in
  14. Really? Are you forgetting the fact that moonstones are mid-tier upgrade materials? Are they materials for legendaries? NO. Do you think people would even bother with this shit if it was materials for upgrading legendaries? NO. Does it make sense to you to gate mid-tier upgrade materials behind the hardest solo boss in the entire game? What if only Asura 4m dropped silverfrost transformation stones and you can no longer craft it, does that make any sense to you? That's the exact situation mid-tier gear people are having. SSP is pure cancer, WV is just plain retarded to the highest
  15. They put moonstones in 14-15 simply to make their PR look good. "Hey we're doing something to help players! Brownie points please!" You know what it's equivalent to? Building an apartment for a slum area, but then charging the poor $1k a month to rent it, then calling that "doing a good deed for the poor". 99% of players cannot beat Naksun and that's a fact. It's harder than an entire Asura run. Floor 14 is already hard enough for most people, and I'm willing to bet only half the players at reasonable AP and playing experience (i.e., the people who actually need moonstones, so
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